Awesome Stroller! Armadillo Flip XT Stroller Review

Many parents use Armadillo Flip XT Stroller, and they found lots of benefits. It is an excellent travel system stroller having loads of wriggle room to keep many things. The wheels of XT stroller are chunky so move smoothly on the terrain. The handles are telescopic, so it makes the traveling experience pleasurable. However, you may know details about it to read Armadillo Flip XT Stroller Review.

Parents say that the folding system of the stroller is very simple and easy by using one hand. You can see the baby through a peekaboo window. Parents are satisfied with the stroller. One of my relatives said that he had bought it and found the stroller is very useful. He suggested other to buy XT stroller for their baby.

Armadillo Flip XT Stroller

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  • Excellent stroller to look at
  • Huge sunshade
  • The spacious basket under the seat of the stroller.
  • Seats are fully reclined- to walk with the infant is great and has head support cushion.
  • Simple to storage and compact design
  • The seat can see back and front and can switch it easily



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  • The stroller has a standing fold. You must have the handlebar extended, and the wheels accurately straight for it to maintain balance upright


Features that you have to consider

Huge canopy

Armadillo Flip XT Stroller Review

Like other products, All Armadillo models have an excellent canopy. The canopy is made of UPF 50+ fabric and ensures full phrase coverage for the baby.

I absolutely can say that this is the largest and best canopy on the market now. The stroller has a nice size peekaboo window made of pure plastic with having the magnetic closure.

The additional feature is the canopy is that it contains a zipped mesh panel at the back which helps better air circulation during the hot summer day. The Armadillo is the most sensitive complaint from the parents’ side coming now and then. The canopy contains a toy loop which will entertain your baby.

Adjustable handlebar

Like the Flip model, the Flip XT comes with adjustable telescopic handlebar measuring 38 inches to 41 inches from the earth. The cover is made of foam instead of leather like materials. Both taller and shorter parents may use the stroller.

Reversible seat

The bassinet is somewhat shorter than the Urbo two but that I found it comfortable and easy to use for bub. I adore the ventilation flap in the back which cooled down it through the heat of the summer.

My little guy is BIG and continued inside till four weeks, but I’d say most bubs would get six weeks of use from at which point they will likely need to be sitting up anyhow.

The pram may be used from birth with no bassinet because of this entirely lie reclining chair, but I am not sure I would feel like a toddler was comfortable and stable enough in the large chair, so I do prefer the bassinet for a child.

Very deep recline

I like the recline most. There are three positions and one-hand lever recline and the flat position fit for a newborn. You may keep the young to the fixed position. I like to use the bassinet or a car seat for first few months of the baby as the little kids are weak and need all kinds of support. There are some recline positions.

The seats are pretty upright and the parents like the stroller most. I am doing a job here for more than five years. I found that the parents are happy with the stroller. I have got emails from parents who like the upright seat most. They suggest us to use the most upright seat stroller. It is not the main criteria, but I think the feature is exquisite. My daughter likes to use the upright seat stroller as they are very safe to use.

5 point harness

The stroller has five points harness having a puzzle like a buckle. Many parents claim that the buckles are very long to keep together as the harness pieces. I also agree with this point. The most unusual feature of the stroller is that the waist straps start closer together that nicely fits the newborn baby.

Adjustable leg rest

The stroller has an adjustable leg rest which gives little peanut with offers more space to sleep for the baby. Quickly you can change the diaper. To raise just push the footrest. It has underneath lever that helps to squeeze to draw the leg rest back down. Very simple.

Large basket

The basket of the stroller is large enough to keep the necessary things for the babies. The basket is made of elastic mesh and simple to get in. If the legs rest on up, you can even get into from the front.

Flip-flop friendly brake

It does not require shoe scratches. One step will help to lock or unlock the rear wheels. I like it very much.

Larger wheels

The wheel of the Flip XT is little larger and having threads on the tires in comparison to Flip models. The front tire rolls 6.5 inches and the back tire nine inches. There are six tires on the front, and the back tires are 7.5 inches. The fronts wheels are swivel and locked straight. The stroller is suitable for flat surface because it has large wheels. It can move well on grass, gravel, and playground. Parents may take it for long walks without being tired after using it for 15 minutes in the parks.

All wheels suspension

The suspension benefits to ride a bit smoother captivating huge small bumps.

One-hand fold

The Flip model has the system of folding the same. You can set the folding according to your need. Papas said that it is the best compact fold. The dimension is 30″W  x  22″ L x 10″H. I was very much pleased to see the large wheels. The folding dimension is the same for the Flip model. It has a standing fold and automatic lock system.

What about assembly?

The assembly is very excellent. It will take only 15 minutes to set the stroller. Within this time, you can take a cup of tea with a smiling face. I again say it is very simple.

Tell us more about the seat

Armadillo Flip XT Stroller Review

I have used other buggies, and I found it has the multi-positional system. You can handle it with one hand through the baby is sleeping.

It can adjust itself though I do not desire so. It may happen many times at the date of pulling the hood forward.

The hood of the stroller is fine, and inside the stroller the baby is safe. He can sit, awake wide, and take more air for the kidneys. I found the techniques are simple.

The seat is adjustable and can carry a child of 15 kg or the year is three. The seat is big and probably remains for four years. The matter seems to be a bit confusing.

How comfortable is it?

I like the comfortable harness and bouncy seat base that makes the cushion soft. The covers are made of soft sponge, and Roo’s place feels a bit of fluff magnet. It seems that the older child loves the front-facing mode and calf rest. You will be able to use the stroller even after eight months plus.

You can use sitting up flat, half recline and fully flat as forward and backward facing. Therefore, we like lots of options, and the suggestion is to use for the babies though you do not purchase the carrycot.

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What about the folding action?

Armadillo Flip XT Stroller Review

The stroller is very simple to use for the beginners. The folding option of the stroller is simple and can move smoothly.

The folding is simple and after folding it is small. The shape will be just like the hand luggage. There is a handle on it to provide it easily. The device is the excellent bit of kit.

What about the basket?

The most attractive thing about the stroller is the basket of it. The net is big, and I like it very much. The stroller is a lifesaver for the busy mothers. It can fit a box of 82 nappies.

The fabric net is fashioned and cannot bear weight more. It has a natural Blue Peter style fix concerning few cuts to craft size paper sheltered cupboard to streak the basket, and it disturbs the weight better. The problem is solved in this way.

What The Video Review Says on Armadillo Flip XT Stroller

They suggest the parents use a front seat or bassinet just as the insulted stroller. The seat is reversible and can fold easily. The seat has reclined position. It has rear facing and forward facing. The stroller has footrest. It will get straightened out.

The seat belts are adjustable for the child of different ages. It has the large canopy and a reversible seat. It comes with a superior ventilation. There is a rain cover at the beneath of the stroller. Moreover, it has an excellent shopping basket. It moves smoothly and freely on the road. The stroller has a telescopic handlebar and a parking brake.

Product info – Armadillo Flip XT Stroller Review

Product Size                    31.1 x 22.4 x 39.4 inches

Item Weight                    30.6 pounds

Batteries required           No

Item model number       225935600

ASIN                               B00RHA3JG8

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In a short view

I love the Armadillo Flip XT much, but I think the stroller is not fit for me. The hood’s size of the stroller is good; the compact folding is awesome. It should have the ability to recline the seat which is a bonus for me. You push it all kinds of terrains.

Even the rough terrains are not fit for the stroller. Though you push the stroller on the loose stone or in the wood is not a factor. I think the Armadillo will do more job than the Flip XT and would be for suited. I am not an admirer of the unprotected nature of the seat. But the shoulder straps are loose even for the tightest settings.

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