Armadillo Stroller Review A Best Stroller For You

Mostly two greatest features make the great stroller one is Maneuverability, and the other is the superior suspension. The Armadillo stroller is simple to use in towns. Besides you can use it easily in the countryside through the roads are not smooth, easily collapsible.

The folding option is very easy. So one can fold it very easily. You may learn many expertise techniques to read the article on Armadillo stroller review.

The stroller holds a high hood, a big size basket and an adaptable foot and seat. The setting is tightest and may be enormous and fit for a baby aged six months.

The addition of close magnetic features of the stroller makes it enjoyable. It is a bizarre product.

The stroller is designed with a large hood, a big basket, and a footrest as well as the seat. The straps are little fiddly and the tightest setting may quite large, fit for a 6-month baby test.

Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller

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    • Have got good customer consent
    • The suspension is good for the baby and practical for everyday use and comfortable for it.
    • Folding and unfolding are very straightforward and little footprint as folded.
    • Suitable for normal jogging

Adjustable footrest – Pulling up and down is simple and my baby like to adjusted fofootrest

  • With a large basket in which you may keep heavy shopping, but simply contains a couple of bulky winter coats.
  • The sun protective system is well and has a viewing window. The canopy is rain protective. The canopy is large, so it can easily save the child from the rain.
  • Overall we can say it is well, but we do not use it a day out and day in



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  • The back of the seat is inclined. Some children may like it, but my kid does not like it. He is straining at the straps and attempting to sit up tall and look more to know


Features of Armadillo Stroller

Large canopy

This has a large canopy which protects the child from the sun. Along with it, Armadillo stroller has a small peekaboo window made of clear plastic to see the baby inside. Besides, it has a toy loop inside of the canopy where you may keep the baby’s toys. The Armadillo has one of the best canopy settings. Parents are happy with such large canopy. They are totally tension free.

Non-adjustable handle bar

The handle bar is not- adjustable and high is 40 inches from the ground. The bar is covered with foam. In the middle of the handle, there is convince grip and has a runaway strap for more safety.

Roomy seat

The width of the stroller is 12 inches and with 20 inches seat back. The measurement of the seat is 24 inches from the top of the canopy. The capacity of the seat is up to 50 pounds from the birth of the child. The back seat of the stroller is made of hard plastic for the safety of the child. This will give your stroller much support. You should have applied both hands to carry the seat back. You simply can bring the seat back with one hand by drawing the straps.

5-point harness

The stroller has five points padded harness by the side with center release buckle.

Adjustable footrest

Pull the lever underneath and the stroller will automatically stand on it foots. There are two positions one is angled down, and the other is horizontal. The feature is perfect for the baby. They can sit comfortably and create a bed like an environment if you baby like to have a nap.

Large basket

The stroller has a big basket, and you can access it from four sides. The sides are simple to get in as it is made of stretchable mesh. When you keep the foot rest is up, you may get into it from the front. You can fit a diaper bag facing no problem. Parents are happy for having long legs as the crossbar is added much higher.

Parking brake

It has a single pedal added on the right rear wheels. This is flip-flop welcoming. By pressing the pedal automatically will lock and unlock the rear wheels.


It has Eva tires measuring six inches in the front, and the back is 7.5 inches. The front wheels are swivel and can stop on the rough terrain. The small wheels are fit for moving on the flat surface and excellent for running errands around the shopping mall or town.

All-wheel suspension system

You may able to avoid some accidents as the stroller has all wheel suspension to move it smoothly on the grass, sand or mulch.

One-hand fold

The folding system is super simple. There are two steps in it. But you can do it only using one hand. At first, push the handlebar forward. Then pull on the strap sit in the back of the seat and it will fold easily. The compact folding dimension is 21.6″W x 28.3″L x 11.8″H. The city mini is 24″W x 31″L x 10″H.

You can keep the stroller in the smallest trunk very easily. The stroller has the automatic lock and remains stand with its own. This fold is better than the B-Agile and City Mini as the folding system is inside and no possibility of catching dirt or mud.

Rain Cover

The more additional thing is the rain cover with the stroller. If there is unwanted rain, your baby will remain safe from rain. The rain covers snap onto the stroller. When you fold it, it does not take much space to keep it. The stroller is good indeed.

Things to Consider

If you Are looking to click a car seat on this, it Merely Accommodates the Mamas & Papas Aton, Maxi Cosi Mico, and Chicco Key Fit 30 automobile chairs with an adapter (sold individually)

The wheels are not Going to be good on most of the terrains   I presume they exchanged inflatable wheels for A milder stroller. So If You Believe you are likely to be on stable ground, Running, at a whole lot of snow, etc., you might wish to think about something different.

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Why you choose armadillo stroller

Smooth Ride: The stroller ensures easy and smooth rides for the baby. So thanks it very much. I push the stroller on the hard surface, dirt and over gravel and found all are simple. I have the height of five points five and the push bar has fine height. If you slide the lock mechanism, the wheels will stand instantly. If you like to lock both wheels push down it. The top of your foot underneath will help to relieve it. The brakes will be easier and are flip-flop compatible.

One-handed Opening and Closing: You are a little one and your both hands are free. I admire the Papas and the Mamas who thought about the opening and the closing of the stroller. One hand is enough to handle it, and it is simple to use. If you like to fold the stroller, engage the button located on the push bar, after that twist the center of the push bar. For doing this, the stroller will fold automatically.

The stroller closes automatically and locks to a fixed place. At the same time, the seat folded inward meaning that the seats remain clean at the time or storing or traveling. If you like to unlock the stroller, pull up on the push bar as long, the stroller clicks to a place. The system is not much easier.

Easy to Transport: The stroller is very simple to carry for the mamas and papas if they like to carry it. The Armadillo holds a handle that creates carrying a breeze. It has a tether strap added with a push bar. The size of the stroller is small and you may able to carry it on a minivan. The handle is of the stroller makes the carrying system easy. The weight of the stroller is 17.6 pounds and helps the users to bring it simply.

How about comfort?

The seats are simple to raise up and down with the help of a pull cord. The footrest is adjustable. So the stroller is a comfortable thing for baby’s nap. It lies comfortably. There are more rooms for the kid’s safety and the straps are safe and sturdy.

I have a Striped Armadillo having padded liner for my baby to sit on. It offers a warm atmosphere inside it during the cold day. The buggy is less expensive and does not appear with a padded liner. You can buy for your baby any time with reasonable price.

What People Say About Armadillo Stroller

Better than expected

I have purchased a Silver Cross Surf for my six-month son and feel problem to fold it. I had used m&p Luna prams and had not got an impressive result. The Armadillo is different. I bought the blue pram; the color is very amazing, simple to push.

Moreover, one hand is enough to fold it. I have a two years old kid, and the pram is serving well. When folding it, it takes small space and becomes large when up. The stroller is great for his long legs. The surf is kept in the loft as it is small yet. The stroller is greater than my expectation.

Lightweight and spacious

The pushchair I have got is lightweight and a competitor for the Bugaboo Bee that likes. We have bought the stroller for my child, and the result is fantastic.

The stroller is fit for the car seat too. Very simple to fold it and spacious enough. My child is 18 months old, and he is tall. The stroller has a plenty of room for him. The other feature of the stroller is that it has a large hood.

The rain cover of the stroller is large to protect the child from the sun or rain. The special feature of the stroller is that it adds a new thing named footmuff. Other competitors do not have this feature.

Extra features

The additional feature of the stroller is the shopping basket. The basket is large, and it is a plus for me. It is like a big shopping bags and adjusted with close to the underside of the seat.

The other thing is the peekaboo window through which I could see my baby through the set is bending front facing. The flap is a nice touch.

The large hood ensures safety from the sun’s heat and my son feel comfortable there. He likes the stripe pattern of the stroller more than me.

What media review says about Armadillo Stroller

The stroller has a black steel frame, black seat. There are other colors also. The stroller is tall and great for the child. You can use the stroller for your newborn baby. The stroller has a metal bar protection. Besides these, it has a large canopy to save the baby from the sun.

The basket below the seat is easily accessible. The weight of the stroller is 17 pound and very simple to carry it. The stroller will take very small space to keep it. Along with there are suspension brake and simple to stand in a position.

Product Info

ASIN                                                      B00SYF8GM2

Product Size                                          36.2 x 21.6 x 39.4 inches

Maximum weight recommendation     33.1 Pounds

Item model number                              2241H5402

Minimum weight recommendation      6.6 Pounds

Specification Met                                   certified frustration-free

Item Weight                                           17.6 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Armadillo Stroller Review

Question. Which car seats are like minded with the armadillo?

Answer: Armadillo is travel system well-matched with the Papas & Mamas on, Maxi Cosi Pebble and Cabrio and Chicco Key Fit thirty car seats adding with adaptors (sold separately).

Question: Is it possible to use Armadillo without a car seat?

Answer: If you desire to use Armadillo except for car seat for your newborn baby, you need to be sure the seats are reclining to lie flat position.

Question: What is added to the Armadillo package?

Answer: In Armadillo, you will get a shopping basket, a rain covers and extra-large hood.

Question. Which liners or footmuffs appropriate the armadillo?

Answer: The all seasons footmuff is made and personalized to fit armadillo, however, most Papas & Mamas liners/footmuffs will also fit.

Question: Will a pushchair board appropriate armadillo?

Answer: You do not need to fill the stroller with the heavy load as this may affect the stability of the stroller. Overloading will also influence the pushchair of the stroller.

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Help me to benefit you

If you look at the Armadillo closely, you will see it has 2D fold pushchair. I like the chair most like other moms and papas. I am sure you will also like it. Armadillo stroller is made with high-quality materials. The pushchair does its function without fuss and will last for a long time.

The basket is small comparatively, but we have no objection to it. The access is the bit hard. We are not the enthusiasts of the strap recline. The stroller is heavier than other competitors, but the works it performs is a matter.

The Armadillo indeed an excellent product. It contains a large seat and folds truly small. You will love the protection system of the stroller when it is folded. If you are very much tried to use massive travel system you can use the Armadillo.

The product will not make you hopeless. I am selling the product for a long period. All the users have got the good result, and they suggest other to buy the product. I surely say that the product will ensure you positive result and in future, you will fall in love only with this product

Razaul Karim

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