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How to Attach The Nuna Car Seat to Different Strollers

The search is overwhelming because there are so many different brands, types, models of strollers, and combinations that can be used with other products such as baby carriers or joggers.

This article will present 12 pieces of information about how to attach your car seat safely and correctly using three different ways for front-facing or rear-facing infants.

How Do Car Seat Adapters Work?

If you have a favorite stroller and a favorite infant car seat made by different brands, it can be a little difficult to decide which one to choose. It’s often possible to buy a car seat adapter that makes one brand compatible with another (adapters can cost between $10-$80) if you don’t want to compromise.

In some cases, infant car seats and strollers are not compatible, so you’ll have to make sure that the stroller you want is compatible with the adapter you want to use.

Is there a stroller that works with every car seat?

It is important to purchase an adapter that perfectly matches your infant’s car seat and stroller (including the model and year). Unless it clicks together safely, it might not work.

The following is a quick rundown of how some popular stroller brands are compatible with different car seats. You can read the complete information from the manufacturers by clicking the links below. There are brands out there, but Nuna is one of the best, which is easy to use. 

Nuna Infant Car Seat Adapter History

Infant car seats were introduced to the United States when car seat adapters were first developed. Those days, there were only a few major manufacturers of infant car seats, each with its own connector and adapter. Because of this, parents had difficulty finding an adapter for their car seat and even more difficulty finding a stroller compatible with their car seat.

Several companies began making adapters that work with multiple car seat brands in an effort to make things easier for parents. There was, however, a limited number of car seats that could be used with these adapters. In addition to being very expensive, they were not very popular.

In recent years, adapters have gained increasing popularity as more parents use infant car seats instead of convertibles. Several new adapters have been developed as a result, including the Nuna PIPA adapter.

Not only is the Nuna PIPA adapter compatible with the Nuna PIPA car seat, but it is also compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP, Nuna 4, and Nuna 5. It can be used with car seats of various types, making it a versatile adapter.

Using an infant car seat with a stroller is made easier with the Nuna PIPA adapter. Their car seats can be connected easily and safely to the strollers without worrying about compatibility issues.

How to attach Nuna’s car seat to the stroller

Now that you have your Nuna car seat, it’s important to know how to attach it to a stroller. This is easy enough to do, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, you will need to remove the car seat from the stroller in order to install it in either the LATCH system or with the seat belt. Second, follow the instructions found on the Nuna PIPA car seats’ website for how to tighten and loosen straps and how securely to strap them.

To attach the car seat to the stroller, thread it through the straps and pull down until it’s tight. Finally, To secure the car seat using lower anchors, you need to open up your vehicle’s attachment hooks and figure out how they work on your specific make and year of car.

Once you have done all this, congratulations–you have now installed your Nuna PIPA car seat!

Which strollers are compatible with Nuna PIPA?

In the following list, you will find the strollers that are compatible with the six Nuna PIPA models, along with the links to the car seat adapters that you will need:

  • The PPP and PEPP Next (with adapters included) are compatible with the Nuna Demi Grow, MIXX Next, MIXX, TRIV, TRVL, TAVO, TAVO Next, and the PEPP.
  • (with adapter) Agio Z3
  • In addition to the Z4, there is an adapter available.
  • Inexpensive, stylish, and stylish (with front or rear adapter) Austlen Entourage
  • City Selects, Luxes, Premiers and 2s (with adapters, discontinued) by Baby Jogger.
  • (with adapter) Babyzen YOYO+ and YOYO2
  • Rambler and Revolution Flex (with adapter)
  • In addition to the BOB Alterrain, the BOB Alterrain Pro is available with an adapter.
  • (with adapter) Bugaboo Ant
  • A mono or twin adapter is required for Bugaboo Donkey, Donkey2, Donkey3, and Donkey5.
  • (With adapter) Bugaboo Fox, Fox2, Fox3 and Lynx
  • (with adapter) Bugaboo Cameleon3
  • This is a list of Bugaboo Bee3, Bee5, and Bee6 with adapters (with batteries)
  • (with adapter) Bumbleride Era
  • The Bumbleride Indie (with adapter) and the Bumbleride Speed (with adapter)
  • Twin Bumbleride Indie (with adapter)
  • (with adapters included) Cybex Gazelle S
  • An adaptor is included with Joolz Aer (with a battery).
  • It is compatible with the Joolz Geo2 (with either the upper or lower adapter)
  • Day+, Day3, Joolz Day3 (with adapter)
  • Hub+ (with adapter) and Hub (with adapter) from Joolz
  • (with adapter) Mima Xari
  • It comes with a Mima Zigi adapter.
  • (with upper or lower adapter) Silver Cross Coast
  • (with adapter) Silver Cross Jet
  • (with upper or lower adapter) Silver Cross Wave
  • Scoot*, Trailz*, and Xplory (with adapter)
  • (with adapter included) Quinny Moodd
  • (With adapter) Thule Urban Glide 1 or 2 Single and Double
  • The adapter for Thule Sleek included
  • An adapter is included with Thule Spring (with a spring)
  • A ring or post adapter is required for the UPPAbaby VISTA, VISTA V2, CRUZ, and CRUZ V2.
  • UPPAbaby MINU adapter included.
  • All-Terrain Veer Cruiser Wagon (with adapter)
  • The Vidiamo Limousine (with adapter)

Can Nuna PIPA be used with double strollers?

The Nuna PIPA series of car seats are compatible with several double strollers, including tandem strollers and side-by-side strollers.

Are you searching for a stroller with a convertible seat so that you can fit your newborn in the Nuna car seat and your toddler in the stroller seat? Please find out more about strollers that can grow with your family in our post about convertible strollers.

We’ve listed below the double strollers compatible with the six Nuna PIPA models and the links to the car seat adapters you’ll need. Two Nuna car seats for twins can be used with strollers marked with an asterisk.

  • (with adapters included) Nuna Demi Grow
  • It comes with a double adapter and an adapter for Agio Z4.
  • Adapter included with Baby Jogger City Select* and City Select Lux
  • It comes with a mono or twin adapter for the Bugaboo Donkey.
  • With or without twin adapters, the Bumbleride Indie Twin** is compatible
  • With twins, add a second set of adapters for Cybex Gazelle S* (with adapter included)
  • (with upper or lower adapter) Joolz Geo2
  • With upper or lower adapters, Silver Cross Coast* can be used
  • The Silver Cross Wave (with or without the upper or lower adapter)
  • An adapter is included with the Thule Urban Glide Double
  • Sleek* from Thule (with adapter)
  • In many double configurations, upper and lower adapters are also required for the UPPAbaby VISTA* (with ring adapters or post adapters)
  • A Veer Cruiser All-Terrain Wagon with an adapter (with an optional wheel).
  • (with adapter) Vido Limo

The Nuna Pipa: Which Base Is Best?

A popular infant car seat for newborns and infants is the Nuna PIPA. For parents on the move, it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Your child will also be comfortable with the PIPA’s adjustable harness system and padded headrest. Several bases are compatible with the Nuna PIPA, including the Nuna 4, Nuna 5, and Maxi-Cosi Mico AP.

Types of Nuna car seat:

The Nuna PIPA is available in two sizes: infant (0-6 months) and toddler (7-36 months). The infant seat has an integrated cup holder and a removable tray table for easy access to bottles or snacks. It also features a recline function and a one-touch buckle adjustment mechanism. The toddler seat offers a larger tray table and a more upright position. Both seats have a five-point safety belt system and a three-year warranty.

Nuna PIPA Car Seat Adapter Options-

There are several options for attaching the Nuna PIPAs to different strollers. We’ve provided links to the adapters that are needed for each type of stroller.

Double Strollers

For most double strollers, there is no need to purchase additional adapters. Simply use the ones that come with the stroller.

Bugaboo Donkey

For the Bugaboo Donkey, you’ll need to purchase the Nuna PIPASet (sold separately) and then either the Nuna Mono or Twin Adapter Set (also sold separately).

Bumbleride Indie Twin

For the Bumbleride Indy Twin, you’ll need to buy the Nuna PIPACarrierSet (sold separately), including the Nuna Mono and Twin Adapters.

Silver Cross Coast

You’ll need to get the Nuna PIPAMono Adapter Set (sold separately) for the Silver Cross Coast.

Thule Urban Glide Double/Urban Glide Duo

For the Thule Urban Glides, you’ll need to order the Nuna PIPADouble Adapter Set (sold separately), which contains the Nuna Mono Adapter and the Nuna Twin Adapter.

Vidio Limo

For the Vidiamo Limo, you’ll need to purchase the Nuna PIPATwo Adapter Set (sold separately) and the Nuna TwinAdapter.

Single Strollers

If your single stroller does not include a base, you may want to consider getting the Nuna PIPABase (sold separately). This base attaches to the back of the stroller using suction cups.

Bugaboo Bee

You’ll need to use the Nuna PIPAFull Carrier Set (sold separately) for the Bugaboos. This carrier set comes with the Nuna Mono and Nuna Twin adapters.

Bugaboo Cameleon

We recommend ordering the Nuna PIPAPortableCarrier (sold separately) for the Bugaboos. This portable carrier can be used as a standalone unit or attached to the Bugaboo Cameleon.

Watch: What strollers are compatible with the Nuna Pipa Lite?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to know before buying a car seat?

Before purchasing any car seat, make sure you read the instructions carefully and understand how to install the car seat correctly. You may want to take some time to practice installing the car seat on a dummy baby. This will help ensure that the car seat fits properly and securely.

When should I start using a car seat?

Infants under 2 months of age should always ride rear-facing until at least 1 year of age. Infants between 2 and 4 months of age should ride forward-facing until at least 8 months of age. Children over 4 months of age should always use a booster seat until they reach their full height and weight.

Where should I put the car seat?

Car seats should be installed in the backseat of a vehicle. Ensure the adequate room is behind the seat for the car seat to sit upright. Car seats should be installed above the floor to allow for easy access to the child.

Should I buy a new car seat every few years?

No. A car seat should last for several years. If your child outgrows their current car seat, simply purchase a new one.

Is it okay to leave my infant in the car seat when we go shopping?

Yes, leaving your infant in the car seat while you shop is fine. However, keep in mind that the temperature inside a parked car can rise quickly. When you return home, check the interior temperature of the car. If it feels warm, open the windows and turn on the air conditioning.

Can I use a car seat belt as a harness?

Yes, you can use a car seat belt to secure your child in a car seat. Some car seats come with a built-in harness. Others require additional straps. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding which type of harness is needed.

Does a car seat protect against sudden stops?

Yes, car seats protect sudden stops. They absorb energy during a crash and reduce the risk of injury. In addition, car seats prevent children from being ejected from the vehicle.

Do car seats work well in cars with automatic transmissions?


How do I connect to the stroller?

Cleverly connects to the stroller with just a click. Easy release buttons Create a safe and sturdy connection. Compatible with all Nuna PIPA™ series infant car seats, cleverly connects to the stroller with just a click release buttons make switching between stroller and car swift, smooth and a snap.

What is a ring adapter?

The MIXX series ring adapter creates a secure attachment between the car seat and stroller.


The Nuna car seat attachment system has been around since 2007. It was designed by a mother who wanted her child to travel safely in their car without worrying about safety belts and harnesses.

It works by attaching the car seat directly to the back of the vehicle via two suction cups. This means you won’t have to remove the car seat from the vehicle every time you stop somewhere. I hope this article has answered all your questions.

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