Awesome! Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Review

The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller helps you much, and as a parent, you feel easier. The dual seat stroller is perfect for two babies’ weight up to 50 pounds. The stroller is ideal for you to keep your babies inside it and you can do other jobs at that time.

There are many useful features with the stroller. This is the thing that you like to have. You may feel comfortable and enjoy it. The Trend Navigator has rubber tires. It moves smooth well on the road. You may take the stroller on any trains.

The stroller may roll exactly with you. The stroller has a rear brake for easy and quick when you desire to make your hands free. The stroller is fit for the newborn’s babies for ensuring comfortable strolling.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

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Features of Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller

  • Normal colors are Baltic, Vanguard, and Tropic.
  • The weight enduring capacity is from five pounds to hundred pounds.
  • Product dimension is 33 x 16 x 33.5 inches
  • Designed with double Front Swivel and tires are filled with air for easy movement.
  • Five points harness, large canopy, two large baskets, paddle rubber handle, parking brakes
  • It has one or two Flex Lock Infant Car Seats for various places like hospital and homes.
  • Seats are reclining and simple to wash.
  • The frame is very attractive
  • Large cup holders for two babies, large trays
  • Much storage space to keep things for the baby as well as the parents
  • Easy folding system, front wheels are swivel and pneumatic bicycle tire to move smoothly
  • Has parking brake system
  • It comes with parents and child trays
  • Move smoothly on any terrains
  • Seats are padded with and simple to wash
  • For the safety of your child, it has an individual canopy and five points harness to protect your kids.
  • At the time jogging or walking the stroller is very light
  • The craftsmanship needs to upgrade the stroller
  • Large size if unsuitable for moving through the door or heavy to lift on it on the stair.

What do you have to consider before purchasing stroller

Long foot rest

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Review

Most of the double joggers have an extended footrest and a tall foot for the child. This may not happen for other strollers as only it has long and wide food rest for the taller kids.

It has more space on the footrest. Also, the third child can ride on it if she or she likes.

Two separate cup holders and shade covers

Baby Trend Navigator comes with two cup holders. As a result, the children do not like to argue for over sharing of the snack space or cup. The stroller has two individual shade covers to save the baby from the sun and rough from the different angles.

Safety Mechanism

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Review

You can get so many good features of the Baby Trend Double Stroller. The tires have a locking system which makes the stroller static if you like to stop anywhere. In an inclined location, there is no chance to move away from the stroller for losing locks.

If it looks well, you can keep full confidence on it. The materials are used fabrics of this stroller and comfortable, safe for the babies.

The frame is made with a soft protective fabric to save the baby’s head from the clash.

The outer inside contents are made from high-quality cotton materials look like pads and bedding for the safety of the baby.

Lots of Storage

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Review

If you are the parents of two babies, you need to bring many things. In fact, the stroller has the good option to carry many things as it has a good storage to keep things.

The most important feature of the Baby Trend Navigator Jogger is the Vanguard in which there is much storage pocket.

In the storage, you may keep diaper, toys, towels, snacks, bags, bottle and so many things. This feature you like most of this stroller.

The other double strollers do not have the same features. Above all, people like to buy this stroller for their babies.

Folds Effortlessly

You’ll appreciate how Baby Trend Navigator Double Running buggy works when pushing.

Not exhaustion on the hands, palms or wrist when pulling forward this stroller. The stroller’s handlebar is padded for comfort. Folding the buggy for storage or transport is fast and effortless. The carriage has a cause which makes folding simple.

It dries readily and supposes a compact form that’s simple to store or transport off. The buggy is hefty and big, but it might fit in most automobile trunks without consuming much space. Though, I commend it for parents that you seldom use the vehicle.

Smooth, Easy Pushing

Do you think about maneuverability? The stroller rolls well as if in the air. It ensures safety ride for the baby. The features of the stroller are that it has front swivel wheels having pneumatic bicycle tires which move smoothly on gravel, sand, rocks, hills and even on the dirt roads.

You can move the stroller pretty well on any terrain. The stroller ensures smooth riding for the baby. The kids will not be able to know that he is going forward with the stroller. If the baby is tired, he or she will sleep well on it. The frames of the stroller are safe enough.

For which age this stroller is suitable?

As this is a double stroller, you may carry two children simultaneously; one is aged, and the other is the child. If the age difference is not more, you may buy the stroller for your babies.

Now the question comes the Baby Trend Navigator Double Stroller is perfect for the children of different ages? The maximum weight enduring capacity of the stroller is 100 pounds. So it is simply that you may carry an old baby aged five years with this stroller.

The individual canopy and double strolling off the system make it great demand to the parents having two children.

Extra Benefits of Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller

There are some other benefits of this stroller for which parents like the stroller very much. There are more space or room in the Baby Trend Navigator Jogger, Vanguard in which you may keep the necessary things.

Moreover, the stroller does not feel lopsided. Though you have two babies having different weight, you would not feel any problem after buying this stroller. With them, you may easily push it forward.

The seats of the stroller are adjustable and may be used for the child naps as changing the diaper. You may lose the straps back side of the seat as on your baby may feel relax and comfort.

Fantastic purchase! Easy assembly

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Review

We have bought the stroller for my newborn and 18 months old children. We spend two months. But I like the stroller. The Graco car seat is a good stroller, simple to push and smooth ride. We use the stroller for walking not for jogging.

Our babies also like the stroller very much. We may call it the Cadillac of the stroller. The stroller is large and heavy. We face trouble to take it to the zoo. We unloaded the baby then fold it to take it to the zoo.

For each kid, there is equal space. Each feels comfort on it. The stroller has an MP3 option that you may not like. But your young kid will enjoy it much. The volume of the speaker is not high and added to the parental tray.

People who bought it, enjoy it. I have enjoyed the stroller much, but I never wrote the review about it.

Excellent Stroller

I purchased a stroller one month ago. I like it very much. I like to take it with me at the time of going to shopping or camping or with other works. Doubtlessly, I would like to say that the stroller is wide enough.

I use the stroller when I think to go out for shopping. I had done to a campaign last week with my one-year twins. We enjoyed the camping. The stroller is good for us for hiking. We have lots of things with us. The storage is great as I manage to keep all things inside the tray.

My husband and I remain far to see the child. Most of the jogger does not have the snack tray. But this stroller has the snack tray where I can keep the snack.

Overall, I can say that the stroller is perfect. The price of it is very reasonable compared to the other jogging strollers. The service is more than the price.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Review

Product Info – Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Review

Item Weight                43 pounds

ASIN                            B01AZ20LDI

Product Size                46 x 32.5 x 43 inches

Baby Trend Stroller Replacement Parts

Buy a big section of Baby Trend Stroller parts. It will work great for your pushchair or Baby trend stroller. They are very simple to use and appear to you with everything you desired to replace the part.

2 x Baby Trend Expedition REAR Inner Tubes 16″ (Schwalbe)

2 x Jogger/ BABY TREND EXPEDITION Stroller/ Push Chair REAR Inner Tubes 16″. Though they are not the original tube, they are upgraded alternatives. Rubber sealing inside, super air tight, puncture resistant ensures better air preservation over plastic cap.

2 x Baby Trend Expedition REAR Tire set – 16″ x 1.75 (Duro)

Baby Trend stroller is made of high-quality rubber, having excellent grip and rolling; tread pattern moves around both side wall to ensure extra protection. It has super air retention on the plastic caps. Tires are not branded with model/ make since they are OEM products to fill title model or bands.

Inner tube for Baby Trend stroller Rear Wheel (Lineament)

Tube enlarges to adjust the baby stroller. Have long lasting pneumatic tube. Well-matched with all Baby Trend strollers Expedition series.

Baby Trend Stroller inner tube (front wheel)

  • Compete with all Baby Trend strollers expedition series
  • Heavy duty pneumatic tube
  • Vigorous front wheels
  • Valve Type: straight valve
  • The tube extends to adjust the baby stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Stroller Replacement Ring Bearings

Change the damaged bearing of the front wheel. These bearings are desired for use in the front wheel and are not desired to use for other application. It will fit for the Expedition stroller but will adjust with other Baby Trend models also.

Baby trend navigator double jogger stroller car seat adapter

Think, what type of jogging stroller will be fit for infant car seat? See our charts to know which brand is fit for your use. Many strollers may need a car seat adapter piece. The adapters are very simple to install and would ensure safety for your baby’s car seat with the stroller.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Stroller

ALL Baby Trend Strollers are suggested to use with the Baby Trend for a secured fit. It is sure that the Baby Trend does not make any car seat stroller adapters.

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The Final

The Baby Trend Navigator double jogging stroller is a good alternative for busy parents with twins or 2 kids with a snug age gap. The baby car seat compatibility ensures the Baby Trend Navigator double jogging stroller may be used from infancy to early toddler era, which adds value for wellbeing.

There are numerous characteristics which may be interesting for busy mothers, such as the MP3 speaker, big parent and storage tray, as well as also the pneumatic bicycle wheels for additional maneuverability and stability.

Even though it’s still relatively cheap, the Baby Trend Navigator double jogging stroller is comparatively pricey for Baby Trend normal. It’s clear because of the additional features in contrast to the Baby Trend Expedition double stroller along with other goods. On the other hand, the significant size and heaviness may be a deterrent for some parents.

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