The Best BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller Review

The BOB Ironman stroller has 16 inches air filled tires to ensure high stability at the time of running or walking. There is excellent suspension system which is adjusted to the weight of the baby. It can smoothly move on the rough surface or the even surface.

The seats are well padded and ensure safety for the child. Read the article on BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller Review to find out the detail on BOB Ironman stroller.

There are lots of attractive features with the BOB Ironman stroller. The frame of the stroller is lightweight and simple to carry and fold. It has five points harness for the safety of the baby. There are lots of space in the stroller to keep the necessary things and snacks.

The price of the stroller is not much which is pretty cheaper than the other products on online. If you like to buy a quality stroller, then you can buy a BOB Ironman stroller. The stroller is built with high standard and quality.

BOB 2016 Ironman Duallie Stroller

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  • The stroller is sturdy look; the Ironman has a fantastic lightweight, simple to fold, compact and for storage or transportation.
  • Large pockets are fit for keeping lots of necessary things, easy to access for more convenience.
  • Seats are comfortable and recline comfortably to sleep the baby well inside the stroller.
  • It has a suspension system which smoothens riding on the bumpy surfaces for the child.
  • A good combination of hand and foot breaks that is uncommon in some other brands.
  • The BOB stroller features with a large canopy window from which parents can see the child at the time of jogging or run


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  • The handlebar is not adaptable

Features of BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

Huge, Full Coverage Canopy

The canopy of the BOB stroller is very fine. It has five position toggle system and a 125-degree range coverage. The stroller has a peekaboo window through which you can see you baby is running or jogging.

Extra Back Support

This is an important thing to ensure safety for the child at the time of jogging or running for a long distance. There is much extra back support of the stroller?

Extra Padded Seat

Extra pads included with the stroller to give comfort for jogs or long runs. It ensures the back support of the stroller.

Reclined Seat

The seats of the BOB stroller simple to recline. There is deep recline. Note that the seats are not totally flat. The baby takes a nap as the stroller is designed with deep recline seats.

5 Point Harness

The BOB Ironman Duallie stroller is designed with five points harness for more safety for the baby. The harness is added with pad for more comfort.

Two Step Folding Mechanism

The folding option of the BOB Ironman Duallie is very simple, and I have not seen such kind of stroller. The folding and unfolding are also very simple. The weight of the stroller is very light so very simple to carry at the time of tour or storage.

Front Fixed Wheel

For this essential characteristic, the BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller is a great jogging stroller. It has a 15-inch front wheel to increase stability at the time of jogging or running. The stroller moves on the way simply.

The stroller has fixed rear wheels to move the stroller to ahead. If you desire to turn the stroller, you need to lift up the front wheels then pivot turns the stroller on the rear wheels to turn the stroller.

Lightweight Pneumatic Tires

In the double jogging stroller, there are lightweight alloy wheels along with pneumatic tubes and tires that are durable and fast.

Adjustable Suspension System

For smooth ride for your baby, the BOB Double Jogging Stroller comes with core shock absorbers or coil springs. It has an Adjustable shock release knobs which permit two shocks positions. It depends on the weight over the stroller. Position one is perfect for anything below 50 pounds, and position two is perfect for anything ranges from 51 to 100 pounds.

Rear Brake

The metal rear brake bar is simple to access with the foot, and the stroller will stand on a particular place instantly.

Wrist Strap

The stroller is designed with a polyester fabric wrist strap. The function of the strap is to ensure extra safety.


When I first time saw the stroller I was sure that the stroller is made for jogging or for running purposes. There is a hand brake with the stroller close to the handlebar. It helps to decrease the speed of the stroller at the time of running.

Numerous Storage Areas

The stroller contains four interior mesh seat pockets. At the back, it has two large pockets and under the storage, there is a fairly large storage basket.

Adjustable parts

When you are going out for jogging the stroller will respond to you. In such case, the Bob Ironman Double Jogging Stroller will do a great job. The stroller has an adjustable suspension system.

The parents can alter it according to their need. The front wheel of the stroller will work as a parking brake and handbrake. The adjustable reclining seat will ensure the safety of the baby.

How Easy to Fold & Carry an Ironman

The BOB Ironman has the lightweight frame and simple to carry and store. So most of the parents like the stroller more than the other strollers. This has two compact steps to fold it and can easily put in the trunk of the car.  To store the stroller, you do not need much space.

Ease of Setup

For setting up, the BOB has got six and tied the lowest score in the metric with four other strollers. It is not hard to put together. The set up will take only 13 minutes whereas the other stroller will take more than that. It needs a little screwdriver to handle the wheels.

Some other strollers need more tools to set it up. Comparatively, the setting is simple. I have done it in my stores for a long time, and the customers are much pleased to see the quickest setting system of the stroller.


BOB strollers are the great stroller and people like the stroller much. They have used it and got the positive result. They are much pleased to have such kind of stroller.

The BOB has got nine in the metric with the Thule Glide has secured ten. It has got the highest score in the market for the metric tests results.

The lowest quality stroller in the market is the Schwinn Arrow as it has got five out of ten. They fail to get the matching kind of quality compared to the other strollers in the market.

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BOB Ironman stroller weight limit

The main components of the Ironman are just the same as of the old version, and the stroller would perform well no doubt.

A great change you will get in the features of the stroller like a basket with 15% more storage, one-handed recline, etc. The weight limit of the stroller is 75 pounds. But the overall stroller weight increased bit up to four pounds.

Are there any Weaknesses?

It brings a non-adjustable handle- surely it is a disappointment. Some conditions are very frustrating than attempting to do a decent run along with stroller handle which may not fit your height. C’mon may not compromise with it.

The space to keep the child’s leg is somewhat narrow. It is kept in a higher place that does not permit the child to expand the legs and placed them on the footrest.

The height of the seat is short- 21 inch versus 24 inches for the Baby Jogger FIT. Give attention while considering BOB for bigger kids. When you keep a diaper bag with the handle, it can fall back- but it is true for all jogging. It has no cup holder, but you can purchase a cup holder individually.

Bob Ironman weather shield has no covers on the sides of the stroller. Suppose you are in the midst of heavy rain or the strong cold wind, there is no other option except freezing rapidly or wet.

Another misfortune: You are not permitted to use the weather shield while you are in a sleeping state, just sitting. Therefore if rain comes suddenly while your baby is sleeping, you have to head for home for keeping him waterless.

Parents say that the kids like the Ironman though the price makes them astonished. The require high-end features.

Ironman Baby Safety Features

The chair has 5 points safety harness. So you are sure that there is no possibility of your child falling. Suppose you are running or going out for jogging, the baby will remain safe and secure.

You have no way to worry more about the safety of the child. The harness is adjustable and well padded to fit securely and snugly round the changing size of babies when they grow.

The stroller comes with a handlebar which helps parents to keep it with the wrist. It aids the parents to keep the stroller from straying away or running from hands on hilly terrains.

There is also a foot brake to prevent the stroller secured. Moreover, it has an adjustable canopy along with big viewing window to save the baby from rain, wind, and sun.

Best Benefit is Baby Comfort Feature While You Jog

The BOB Ironman stroller is a lucrative stroller for the parents who like to take the baby at the time of going out or jogging. The seats are padded softly and maybe reclined up to seventy degrees from the vertical position. The stroller may convert into a sleeping angle when your baby feels asleep at the time of running or jogging.

You can push a stroller on the rough surface smoothly with efficient shock absorbing system which is given by elastomer core or coil spring. The absorber helps 3 inches of wheel travel if the Ironman pushes over bumps on cushioning the force or your jogging track. The suspension is tuned well to 2 positions to make it fit for the weight of the baby.

The handlebars are soft, and you can grip it without causing any hurt to your palms. The stroller has two cargo baskets with easy access. There are lots of space in the storage. At the back of the seat, there is enough space for keeping necessary things. The internal pockets of the stroller are a nice place for holding snacks or toy which will entertain and engaged the baby to do its work.

By the help of the accessory adapter, you may use the BOB Ironman or the Baby Travel System to an Infant Car Seat Adapter or a compatible Car Seat. Parents can use the stroller for the newborns baby at the time of jogging as it has the features of Ironman


The BOB stroller manual suggests that all the parts of the stroller are washable. To rinse the fabric, eliminate any solid debris first. After that weight the sponge with mild soap. Softly scrub the soiled area with a sponge until the fabric seems to clean. Wash the sponge and wipe all kinds of soap on it. Make the allow the fabric air dry.

Fabric Cleaning Precautions

At the time of cleaning the strollers’ fabric be careful. Maintain some information carefully. The temperature of water over 100 may degrade the stain resistant coating. Do not put the fabric in a washing machine as it may damage the stain coating or may damage the materials.

Do not use detergent to wash the BOB stroller. The detergent may eat away the stain resistant properties. Scrubbing the stroller with more pressure may cause damage to the stroller.

Do not keep the stroller fabric in the dryer. It may cause the damage of the materials to break down. It may be fraying of the straps or may tear the fabric.

Keep it in the air to dry. Do not keep it scorching the sun to dry. The overexposure to the sun may cause discoloration, or the stroller may break down over time.

User satisfaction and review

Great for travel

The stroller is perfect at the time of making a tour. The users are much pleased with the service of the stroller. I used the Maclaren Volo stroller, and my son did not feel comfortable or relax in it. He always tried to get out. In the Armadillo, my son falls into sleep very quickly. All the features are well planned and simplest to handle.

Best running stroller out there

The price of the stroller is reasonable. I jog about 3.5 miles five days a week. I take my three years old and one-year-old with me. They also enjoy jogging. The feel comfortable and never complaint against it. Sometimes my sons fall in sleep. I have been using it since he was a week old. I apply for neck support around the head and recline the seat.

I did not run behind it until he was two months. The stroller is simple to push even at the time of jogging. It only adds times for my running. If you use the stroller rather than running, you will see the revolution of the swivel wheels.

The tires of the stroller are tall, slick and slim. So the stroller is awesome for running. I have decided to buy the Revolution Duallie for my walks… but would not like to jug with another stroller. I like the stroller very much. Buy from the authentic shops as they offer satisfactory warranty policy. If you feel any problem, they will replace it or will solve the problem without charge.

Media review what people say about this

This is a running and jogging stroller. The stroller can endure 70-pound weight and wide is 15 inches and 21 inches at the back. The canopy from the back seat to the top is 23 inches. It has a back support and five padded harnesses. It can move ten inches leg drop. The stroller is especially for the older boys. The stroller is three wheels jogging stroller.

The wheels are 16 inches diameter, and the front wheel is fixed. It has an adjustable shockproof suspension. So the baby cannot shake or harm at the time of jogging. It has a good storage basket and a useful parking brake. Inside the bag, you can keep two medium size diaper bags.

Along with the large canopy, it has a fine ventilation system. On the cover of the canopy, there is a viewing window. In the hand holder, there is a hand brake. The design of the stroller is done only for running or for jogging I think. Many users have got many benefits using this stroller. They also advise the new parents to use it for baby.

Product Info – BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

Item model number            U561856

Product Size                        49 x 30.6 x 44 inches

UPC                                     652182723569

Maximum weight recommendation    50 Pounds

ASIN                                  B01BSPDQH4

Item Weight                     33.1 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller Review

Question: Does the stroller have a child snack tray or parent organizer?

Answer: No. It has an accessory adaptor that may connect with such accessories. You may buy them separately.

Question: Does it fold compactly or does it carry handles for traveling?

Answer: Yes, folding of the stroller is simple, easy and compact. There is no handle with the stroller. The stroller is simple to keep in the car trunk and to move it up to the stair.

Question: How Effortlessly Can You use the Brake?

Answer: If you like to use a gentle stroll or like to use it at the time of running or jogging the best option for you is to use the BOB Ironman stroller. The braking system of the stroller is very effective in all situations. In the front wheel, there is a caliper hand brake along with the control lever conveniently adjusted within the easy reach of the handlebar. The handlebar can control the stroller and make it slow down or bring it to a place to stop. At the time of going downhill, the handle brake has much control over the stroller.

Question. What is the starting age of using the stroller?

Answer. The age of my son is one and a half years old. He can handle the stroller easily. Moreover, you can use the stroller for your babies more few years without any tension. To learn more, you should consider the height of your babies.

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The final

Do you like to have a double stroller for your everyday life? If so, this stroller is a great jogging stroller that you desire to have. As you would like to have this as your regular companion, you need to know that the maneuverability is not good without front swivel wheels. Only two features I like the BOB Ironman. Frist thing I like the comfort riding.

The seats are added for extra support and more back support. Then the stroller is suitable for jogging or running. The BOB stroller is a good double stroller that you must love it more. As you are a hardcore runner and hardcore jogger, the stroller will ensure you all the desired things. For running and jogging the stroller got 4.5 or 5 from me.

Razaul Karim

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