BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

The modern features are added in the BOB flex stroller. The FLEX is the most popular experience in the sporting event. It has two seat models. The REVOLUTION FLEX stroller’s handlebar is adjusted to the height.

It has nine positioned operating system for all parents. It has a front swivel wheel perfect for moving ahead.

There is a lock on the wheel at the time of jogging. Read the entire article on BOB revolution flex stroller review that would be helpful to take proper decision.

The frame is lightweight, and 3 step folding systems are in for travel and storage. The stroller is excellent for smooth riding. The REVOLUTION STROLLER is the great choice for your baby at the time of using BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter and comparable car seat.

This is the suggestion that the babies must be aged up to eight weeks before riding in a stroller without a compatible car seat and Infant car seat. The stroller is perfect for babies having 70 pounds.

The BOB has got inspiration from the customers, employees and the appreciation by getting active and outside viewings.

BOB ensures you the full freedom to share your feeling with the baby. All the accessories are superb for the parents and babies.

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

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Features of BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

  • Brake-activated by foot ensures instantly stopped options.
  • Pneumatic tires along with high impact polymer composite wheels and tube handles are tough terrain.
  • Front wheel swivels are adjusted to move ahead and look forward to developing stability at the time of jogging or rough terrain.
  • The five-point harness is secure enough for the babies.
  • Big window to see the babies. The canopy is adjusted to five positions and range is 125 degrees for protection.
  • Elastomer core shock and coil spring absorbers give three inches of wheel motion.
  • Accessory adapter permits you an easy and quick attachment of the Snack tray or the BOB Car Seat Adapter.
  • Has low bag cargo basket to ensure keeping accessories in the storage.
  • Internal pockets hold toys and snacks.
  • Big seatback pocket gives extended cargo room.
  • Ensures handy locks with the wrist strap secure stroller


  • The big front tires are good for moving up and down on the stair or over the curbs. For the passengers, it has a minimal bump.
  • With the help of easy adjusting knob, you can move it straight ahead. Simple to stop it in the mid-jog, tweak it lightly.
  • Has wrist strap that is good from up and down on hills.
  • It has a handle brake if you like to handle in the hilly areas. The price is a bit more. I would not like to have the handle break.
  • Wheels are detachable for your need if you go to the tight spaces or at the time of folding it.
  • The canopy is big to offer a lot of space. The other strollers have not the same options.
  • It has a peekaboo window to see the infant or to see the world.
  • It has a good space to keep few things. This is not super spacious but serves the purposes.
  • Cons
  • There are no cup holders. You need to purchase it separately. Do plan to spend more 20 dollars on the BOB Handlebar Console, single.

Safety Information of BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

The highest weight capacity of the stroller is 75 pounds. And maximum child height is 44 inches. So better not to exceed height or weight, as stroller may become unstable and tip resulting in severe injury.

Do no hang bags, or parcel with the handlebar or the frame of the stroller except the necessary thing suggested by BOB Gear by Britax, as doing it makes the stroller unstable as well as tip over.

FALL HAZARD – Wheel can cause a tip-over of detach. Draw the wheels to be sure it is secured well.

Do not overload the boy cargo basket. The limit of weight is ten pounds. Fall danger from tilt over- prior jogging, running or walking fast, lock the front wheel from swiveling.

Keep away finger injury or entrapment. Be sure that the bystanders or occupants are far away from the stroller at the time of unfolding or folding.

The parking brake is not same as the stopping brake. This type of brake may be used to stop or slow as doing it may cause the stroller to stop suddenly, resulting in the loss of control.

Notice the quick release lever every time prior every uses it to be sure that the front wheels are well secured. Failure of quick release may cause the wheel to wobble, vibrate, or disconnect from the stroller.

Do not use deflated tires or low tire pressure as it may result in the loss of control. Inflating tires embossed on the tire may damage the tire or rim for which one may lose control and fall in injury.

What you have to consider before going to purchase this stroller

Roomy seat

The size of the seat of the stroller is 23 inches high and 14.7 inches wide just close to the canopy. There is enough cushion on the seat, so your baby will get comfort and relax. All the materials are durable and simple to wash. It can go to the flat position for having a deep recline.

In the year 2016, the recline has been developed. You can handle the recline with one hand instead of using both hands. You may use both hands to bring the seat to the backup; it is simpler. All you need is to pull on the straps, and this may go up.

Expanded canopy

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

In the Revolution Flex Stroller, there is an expanded, wide and oversize canopy just like the model of SE. It has a pair of panes that can be folded downward to offer wide space and save the baby from the wind, the sun or other elements. The stroller has a peekaboo window to see the baby.

You can see your baby well through the plastic materials. To shut off the canopy, you should deal with the noisy Velcro. This is the best kind of jogging stroller canopies available in the market now.

Storage Options

Using the stroller in everyday life is very simple. It is more convenient for your use. Honestly speaking, when you keep your babies in the stroller, there is no reason to think of dropping out from the stroller.

There is a big size basket under the seat to keep the necessary things for your babies. Behind the seat, there is a zip storage in which you can keep sun cream and sunglasses or gloves or a hat. The zip is a secure area to keep the keys of your car.

There is a storage pocket in the seat. There are two mesh pockets within the seat that you can use for different purposes. We use our mesh pocket to keep a sippy cup, toys, snacks and some other articles like mittens and hats.

Adjustable Front Swivel Wheel

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

The front swivel wheel helps the stroller to move smoothly over any terrain. The wheels can be locked instantly to any position to develop stability at the time of faster speed, and easily you can keep it to the straight line.

Adjustable Suspension

The flexible features of the Flex can move on the road smoothly and fastest. The suspension will help to move ahead easily though the road is smooth or rough. Adjustable suspension is a great advantage of the Flex stroller.


BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

I used a stroller in the past. The stroller was tough to fold. It took the hard effort to lift.

The weight of the Revolution Flex is light and easy to fold up.

The extra bounce is that wheels can be disconnected easily and to offer space to the back of your vehicle.

Suitable for all age

The stroller is good for the users of all ages. The stroller has infant car seat option. You may buy a BOB B-Safe car seat for super matching, or you can add infant car seat with the car seat adapter. The adapter is available separately.

Think about it?

The BoB Revolution Flex Stroller is an exceptional stroller for the jogging or everyday use. So the stroller saves you from buying multiple strollers that you like to buy. The stroller has adjustable suspension and large wheels which are secured and comfortable for your child. Though you are in the mall or in the crowded place that is not a factor at all.

The storing is very simple. You can easily fold the Flex Stroller any place. It will take only a little space to keep the stroller. You can keep the stroller even to an entryway closet. If you need to keep it for a long time, you can buy a storage bag to keep it. The bag will protect your stroller from dirt, dust, and scratch at the time of not using.

To improve you need to do a couple of things. You can detach seat cover to clean up easily. The stroller has a hand-operated brake at the time of jogging. The stroller may be full as you do not need to like the stroller and groceries if you have the smaller trunk.

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller- Accessories

BOB gives some accessories for total BOB strollers which make it easier to apply or develop adaptability.

BOB Parent Console —some parents claim that a great console is very helpful for them for unproblematic strolling. The BOB console is made well and has deep cup holders and a zippered pocket for keeping smaller items. It keeps tighter secured fit with the handlebar than some consoles meaning that it is less possible to result or change in falling items.

BOB Single Snack Tray —A snack tray is a good thing to upgrade the experience of the passengers, and at the time of outgoing it keeps the kids satisfied. There are shallow snack compartment and a cup holder with the snack tray.

BOB Single Weather Shield — it is up to how you would like to use the jogger; a weather shield may greatly increase the chances you may get out. Or you can save your baby at the time of running from the weather.

Infant Car Seat Adapters —Bob makes different kinds of seat adapters for adding infant car seat carrier for the strollers. If your baby is very little does not matter. You can move along with your baby with the stroller.

What type of adapter you like to use depends on what type of car seat you like to use. BOB gives you a chance to use what type of seat works great for the adapter.

BOB gives you four adapters like BOB 2016 Single Infant Car Seat Adapter for Chicco, the BOB 2016 Infant Car Seat Adapter for Peg Perego, BOB 2016 Car Seat Adapter for Britax & BOB, BOB 2016 Car Seat Adapter for Graco. See more details to know which type of adapter will do best for your car seat.

What People Say About BOB Revolution Flex Stroller

Simply great

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

The stroller is great. Both my husband and I love the stroller. There is a big canopy in the stroller that saves my babies from sun and rain. Here is a lot of space under the seat. There are lots of places under the seat to keep my baby’s leg well.

We are conscious family, and the stroller helped us a lot. The stroller offers great chances for walking and running. My son is not afraid when I keep it. I can make just a complaint that the stroller is heavy.

Not too much heavy, but heavy in a sense to keep it in the car sitting in. The stroller is a good kind of thing for the users though you have a ton of accessories in your house as well.

Got me in shape!

I have got benefit using the BOB stroller after two pregnancies. The stroller is easy when I would like to go out. It does not break down though it moves on the pavement, beaches, dirt paths, even in an airport. I also suggested my friends buy the stroller for the last few years.

I can keep my five years old son in this stroller at the time of running. He falls asleep fast in the stroller. I would like to keep my son in the stroller, and it functions well.

What Does The Media Say on BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

You know it is tough to maintain a family with having five kids. I have no time to look after them. I have a lot of works to do. Need to go with my kids to run behind. I have no babysitter.

I have no super close, so I just drop my son two minutes ago and then go outside for running. The BOB Revolution Flex is the stroller that serves all purposes, and even I can run behind it for jogging.

In the year 2016, they have produced a new red model. There are other colors as well. I would like to bring a couple of features for you. The seats are very comfortable, well cushioned.

I love it and could see my babies from the window. I took my child in the stroller, and he feels curious and excited. For these features, I like the stroller very much. I have got more benefits, and I have posted it on my blog.

Product Info of BOB Revolution Flex Stroller Review

  • Product Dimensions 48 x 25.4 x 42 inches
  • ASIN                 B00KASV8XA
  • Item Weight 26.2 pounds

Final Verdict

Today we can say that the BOB Revolution Flex is one of the most favorite strollers to the parents. I like it as it has done a great job for us. The design is very attractive. The features are incomparable with the other stroller. The adjustable suspension helps the parents much.

The BOB has lots of other features that I like much. I like the two features most. One is the adjustable handlebar. If you are a busy one, I would suggest you buy the BOB stroller for you. This will make your life easy and comfortable. Your kids will feel very comfortable and secure when he or she is in the stroller. There is another stroller in my books named 5/5 BOB double stroller.

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