The Best BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review

The BOB Revolution Pro is the winner for a jogging stroller and has got much popularity. We are now moving to the jumping the BOB bandwagon. The swivel front wheel is the safety stroller to move on all types of roads. The design is excellent for the environment.

There is adjustable suspension with the stroller is fit for the jogging. Most of the strollers are made for the convenience of the Childs, but it seems that the BOB is made for the convenience of the parents also.

BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller, Black

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The BOB is sturdy and will last for a long time. It is stuffed with all features that a parent desires to have on a race day. There is a big canopy to offer safety for the child. You can be gained the vast knowledge to read the whole article on BOB revolution pro stroller review.

Features of BOB Revolution Pro Stroller

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  • The stroller has hand activated drum brakes to stop instantly.
  • It has foot-activated parking brake for instant brake
  • High-impact polymer composite wheel along with pneumatic tires and handle of the tubes tough terrain.
  • The front wheels are swivels, so the motion is smooth and fast locking system to add more stability at the time of jogging.
  • Elastomer and coil spring of the stroller ensures three inches of the wheel for traveling.
  • Two position knobs fine tune the suspension for cargo and varying occupants.
  • Five points harness to keep child secure and safe enough.
  • A large canopy with five positions and 125 degrees for safe against all elements. The big window helps to see the baby inside the stroller.
  • The adapter of the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or for the snack tray.


Pros of BOB Revolution Pro

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  • Adjustable handlebar to cope with various height.
  • Swiveling Front Wheel is good for even walking in a crowded place. The stroller is simple to handle. The fronts wheels’ man lock. It is comfortable if you run on a straight road. If unlocks it, it is difficult to maintain. You can take it all over the places.
  • Hand activated Rear Drum Brake for keeping the stroller
  • Adjustable reclining seat for the safety of the baby.
  • Fold up the stroller is easy and simple to carry
  • Under the seat, there is a big basket to carry things.
  • BOB is ready to offer you lots of things like weather shield, feeding tray, handlebar along with coffee holder.
  • The thing will be last for a long time. You may put BUB until 70 pounds


Cons of BOB Revolution Pro Stroller

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  • The price of the stroller is not low.
  • The stroller is a big one on an average. You can find someone which is little and may keep inside your car. The weight of the stroller is 25 pounds.


What you have to consider before going to buy BOB revolution pro-stroller

Roomy seat

The room of the stroller is spacious in which a child of six months can sit well. Even the weight of the child is 70 pounds no matter. All the Revolution models had all the features of durability and padded the seat.

The stroller is made of high-quality materials, and water-repellent coating makes very simple to clean. You may keep a baby whose age is eight weeks. I would like to suggest an infant car seat for your child through the baby is six months old. It has enough space to keep the baby inside it.


BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review

The BOB Revolution Pro has a foot brake for the safety of the baby on the rear wheel axle. There is a handbrake on the left side handle.

This will give you the extra benefit to stop instantly. It is a jogging stroller we would rather call it. You can use the stroller for your young child to keep onto at the time of going out.

There is no way of slipping your baby from the stroller when trying to move to the slow down.

BOB Revolution PRO Fold

BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review

You may easily fold the BOB stroller. You can keep the stroller to a small package if you remove the wheels from the stroller. The design is very compact.

At the outset apply the brake. Then fold down the handle to a lower position. Press the button on the inside and after that to rotate it down. Then pull up two triggers under the chassis with the handle.

Swing back the seat to the head at the time of folding handle to the lowest position. You will notice a red covered brake cable sticking out of the seat.

The folding system of the BoB Revolution PRO is awkward and bulky. It has nothing to get hold of. The functions of the stroller you like very much. The rear wheel of the stroller helps to roll forward. The chassis in on three wheels, and the pull handle or seat back up, and it snaps into a place.


The stroller has hand activated brake system to stop instantly and maintain the speed of the stroller.  There is also foot activated brake to stop at a particular position if you like to stop at a certain spot. The stroller has a five-point harness to keep the baby safe as well as secure.

There is a strap to maintain the speed of the stroller at the time of running down from the hills or various types of terrain. I suggest you use the straps all the time for some reasons. The straps help to make the stroller folding and help to the locking system. The stroller can hold the child up to 70 pounds. The heavier and the bigger stroller is not very convenient.


BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review

The suspension is well designed and fine tuned to different types of cargo and weight occupants. The stroller has an adapter to attach the Bob car seat and the snack tray easily and quickly.

This keeps the baby still sleeping though you remove the baby from the stroller to the car or even in the heavy noise. The snack tray is a perfect size and simply clipped onto the side of the stroller.

There is an extra cargo room at the back of the seat having a seat back pocket. You can keep some necessary things in the pocket like the bottle, flashlight, smoother, etc. in the internal pockets; you can keep necessary baby things like toys and snacks or another thing.

The babies can easily touch those things and feel happy with easy reaching. The BOB Revolution SE is an ideal stroller as there is no possibility of fall the baby from the stroller.

What media says about the stroller?

To control the stroller well, it has hand activated drum brakes. The front wheels of the stroller are swivels for easy motion on the road and lock for more stability. The adjustable handlebar helps a good fit for the parents.

The stroller has a top window through which you can see your baby from the top position. It has a brake under the seat as well as safety stripe to the back of the handle.

Best Benefits of BOB Revolution Pro Stroller Review

We generally would like to go outdoors, and we like to have a stroller to bring my baby at the hillside for strolls or picnics. The BOB Revolution Pro Stroller is designed well to keep the baby to a comfortable position on a rocky road or rough terrains.

The stroller has drum brakes for the controlling of the speed with the hand. At the time of going through the downhill, the stroller will provide extra safety for your baby.

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What people say about BOB revolution pro

One mother with pussy footed bought and used BOB Revolution for years. I talked with her husband, and he bought it. Then She saw the advantages of the Revolution PRO stroller. She said the stroller ran fast and was very much amazed to see the great speed of the stroller. She could easily chase the stroller as well as understood the merits of using the PRO stroller.

I have more to say about the BOB Revolution RRO Duallie, the other mom commented. She said the handlebar is very simple to push, and the baby feels smooth ride with the stroller.

The BOB helped her to run behind the stroller. This also gears up her speed of running. The mom’s husband is a bit taller than her. Only slight adjustment of the handlebar helps both of them to run comfortably with the Revolution PRO stroller.

Before buying the BOB Revolution PRO, he searched for a lot of the jogging stroller. But he did not find any stroller that could give easy to maneuver. This is the view of a dad. He said the PRO has all the features for the active parents and has a good adjustable handlebar.

BOB revolution pro accessories

BOB pro is filled up with your outdoor adventures. One can easily conquer any steep hill with the Revolution PRO as it has activated rear drum brakes. The stroller is found with Duallie two-seat model. Additionally, it has 9-position adjustable handlebar. Not only that the additional accessories are shown here-

  • Travel bag
  • Single handlebar console
  • Single sun shield- twirl wheel
  • Single weather shield- twist wheel
  • Single snack try
  • Single handlebar comfort with tire pump
  • Single suitability kit

Product Info of BOB Revolution Pro Stroller

ASIN            B00LCEQ8SG

Product size 121.9 x 64.5 x 116.3 cm

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Final Verdict

I must say that the BOB Revolution Pro is a good stroller that saves money. There are lots of positive comments about the stroller. I would not like to spend more money for my baby. He is happy as having the PRO Revolution stroller for going beside the hillside, and for doing some other activities. There is no all-terrain stroller on the market like this stroller.

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