The Best Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

The B-Agile double stroller has the lightweight frame made of aluminum, and total weight is 28 pounds. The diameter of the stroller is 30. 5 inches and simple to lift in and out to a fixed place. You can fit the stroller to the back of van adding with the back seat.

The stroller is simple to unfold and to move from one place to another. Press the button of the stroller on the side and draw the push bar. One hand is enough to steer the stroller.

There is a break with the back of the stroller. One needs to release the stroller on one side. On the front wheels, there is locking system to lock the stroller. Besides the stroller has two ride options. Each child can ride in each seat.

Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller

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The B-Agile Double Stroller is designed with five points safety harness, adjustable features, and reflective binding seats to preserve child inside the stroller safely. You can adjust harness with a quick turn of the hidden knob of the seat.

The seats of the stroller are infinite seat recline positions. In each back seat, there is a button with some straps coming out from it. The button is set to pull the lower seat into the recline position according to your desire.

The other mentionable feature of the stroller is a large canopy. It is large enough for a person. One can expand it according to one needs. You can adjust it according to the amount of shade you like. There is a ventilation window with each canopy that holds in place with the Velcro.

The B-Agile Double Features two flaps that are added with the zipper to the back of every canopy. The function of the flap is to give shade to the baby inside. The flap contains pocket in which you may keep small snack, cell phone, diapers or some other things.

For more storage, the stroller comes with a large basket along with pocket. The basket is added to the backside and hidden zippers at the front.


  • Easy-fold design shuts the stroller.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame makes the B-Agile Double simple to carry. Buckle strap thickness 4.5 inches
  • This stroller has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds (50 pounds per chair). All-wheel suspension system provides a smooth ride over cracks and bumps.
  • Height Adjustable Handlebar generates the perfect match for parents of heights. Frame lock retains stroller closed and compact for storing or traveling.
  • Folded Dimensions:30.5 W x 13 H x 30.5 D


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  • It is lighter the Baby Jogger City Select
  • Child loves it
  • Recline one side if the baby is sleeping.
  • Individual canopy, you can keep it up other and can keep it down
  • The adjustable handlebar is fine and aids to maintain the stroller up though it is closed.
  • Lock with the foot is simple.
  • The huge amount of sun saver
  • The stroller is free from any hassle. My parent’s gate check guy and my husband were astonished to see the easy close or open the system.
  • Create it by the doorway


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  • The small paddles got stuck, and I like to draw them out without fear. Leave indentations

Features that you have to consider Fold

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

The stroller is an attractive stroller for a side by side double. Quickly you can fold the stroller. Forcefully depress a small gray button on the side of pushchair frame, firmly hold the straps set at the back of the seat bases and draw them upwards if you like to pick the pushchair up by them.

The pushchair folds like the book and maybe the lock to its place. You are left with the easy motion difficult folded pushchair which may stand upright alone. There is auto lock system with the hand-operated options to stand in a fixed place.

The Seats

The stroller seats are narrow, but it is not true. They may seem deceptive, but they are big enough. The seats have fine pad along with the hood. The seat is reclining simply. The stroller has no bumper bar. The interaction of the child may be difficult. If they can do so, it is a bonus option. The seats are very simple to wash and remove. The child feels relax when they take it.

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

When the fabric and the mesh are upright from the back panel, it becomes ruffled up at the top of the seat. If your child is old, you will feel annoying, though something tucks it away neatly, not something you like to do it regularly.

The mesh and the fabric will permit you to select to cover the rear of the seat when the seat is reclined. The recline mechanism is toggle style, and one hand is enough to handle it.

A good touch is a small pouch at the back of the seat that you may tuck to loose ends of the recline straps.

The mesh and the fabric will permit you to select to cover the rear of the seat when the seat is reclined.

The recline mechanism is toggle style, and one hand is enough to handle it. A good touch is a small pouch at the back of the seat that you may tuck to loose ends of the recline straps.

The pad on the seat is nice, and large child can sit here comfortably. The stroller has five points harness for the safety of the child.

The crotch strap is lengthened but difficult to move forward and backward. The stroller comes with three shoulder height preferences, offers safety security for all children even the little one.

The harness buckle holds the shoulders and the hand very wonderfully. You need to use more force to push it up though I am a bit careful about the bare legs nipped in the summer season.

The button option of the stroller is large and nice. Even the boy’s finger can stop the stroller in a busy moment.

Sun Canopy

There is an adjustable sun canopy of the stroller. In every canopy has a peekaboo window to see the little babe. The air can circulate easily through the buggy. There is mesh panel in each canopy which can be zipped as well as unzipped which is up to the weather. The Britax has a great touch option. In the cold weather, the air does not flow through the buggy for the warmer weather for the baby.


Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

There is a storage case under the seat. In the basket, you can keep the necessary thing to your child. You can take things from both sides of the buggy.

In the back of the sun canopy, the stroller has a storage pocket in both. The zips pockets are good items to keep the things. At the time of sleeping the baby, the pockets are very useful.

Do not try to take anything from the underneath seat. We like this feature of the stroller most.


I have reviewed double stroller for concerning safety issues. We are trying to find the possible hazard of the stroller like brake attributes, harness features, the propensity of the product, the weight of the product, etc.

The B-Agile has got seven out of ten metrics. Our products have not got score more than eight. The lowest score of the stroller I have made is 6s.


Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

The brake of the stroller is single action brake, add with the back, aids to release and set easily. It has the little play if the brakes are set once, they are sandal base friendly.

The B-Agile requires fifteen-pound pressure to move forward. For the slide backward the stroller needs nineteen-pound pressure. The pressure is less than the average amount of pressure. There are only four products which need less weight than the B-Agile.

Cup Holder

There is no cup holder in the B-Agile. So we are not thinking about the safety concern of the stroller.


The stroller contains five-point harness having an adjustable crotch strap with height adjusting shoulder straps. The buckles on the harness may be stiff to sudden together, and the button is rigid to remove.

You need to draw each side out personally from the buckle to take the harness which may be a sort of trouble if your hand is full.

The system is tough for the child to escape on his own. The shoulder height adjustment is very easy, but a strange knock may be uncomfortable for the users.

The stroller has five points harness that ensures the safety of the stroller. Moreover, it has an adjustable crotch strap or height adjusting shoulder straps.

This easy adjustment is not for fabric covering or for having re-threading in the straps of the hardware. The buckles are stiff to snap, and the buttons are stiff to free.


The B-Agile tips sideways are 33 degrees; only four products have a shallower angle. Meaning that the result is not bad and better than the Editor’s Choice winner the BOB that tipped at 28 degrees.

The capacity of the stroller is forty-two pounds. The amount of hanging is pretty well. There are other strollers which have less weight, but it is not less than 56 pounds as I have got in the register. So the stroller is lightweight in a sense.

Ease of Setup

For setting the stroller, it has got seven out of ten. To make the stroller ready, it will take only eleven minutes. The setting is simple enough. There is a concise text with the stroller. The sentences are elaborated well for the readers. The canopy is somewhat confusing, but the wheels are simple to assemble.

Test Results and Analysis

The B-Agile is considered to be on-the-go useful travel system which works the connectors and Britax click. The B-Agile has auto lock system. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum, and weight is light. The width of the stroller is less than thirty and a half inches and fit through most doorways.

Besides the stroller has adjustable height handlebar. This has a large basket under the seat in which you can store the necessary things within it. Moreover, there are two additional storages at the back of the seat. The stroller has dual canopies, a peekaboo window, enough ventilation for hot days. It has five points harness and head pad with reflective bindings.

It has unlimited recline options on the seat back. The brakes are simple to link for easy movement. There is the wide suspension of the smooth ride and infant car seat receivers. The B-Agile has three different colors and keeps baby from birth up to 50 pounds.

What Features Make Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Special

Side by side double stroller is a little bit complicated procedure to place. The stroller is better than the umbrella stroller but not so bulky as an off-road type. The B-Agile is a fantastic mix of the two.

The reason is for the chassis of the stroller. The stroller has an excellent, slim and stylish design which can support two children at the same time. The stroller is very simple to move on the road and handle in everyday life.

britax b-agile double stroller review

The handlebar of the stroller is made of foam, and one can hold it easily. The height of the handle is comfortable to hold. The folding mechanism of the stroller is simple and easy. You could push the stroller with one hand only. To hold the center of the handlebar is easy. The pushchairs of the stroller are wide enough.

For the longer people, the stroller comes with a wonderful adjustment of height. The handles are set from the back of the frame and offer enough room for the longer stride.

The web sided basket is excellent, fairly shallow but not enormous for double. The accessibility is very simple. Britax has calf rests to unzip to offer you a nice big access hole there. I think walking around the front to use it, the toddlers jerking and the arduousness of the zips might put you off using it.

The mesh sided basket is good as you desire, not a massive for a double though and the little shallow. Entrance is reasonable- from even the side or the rear. The B-Agile permits the calf rests to unzip to offer you fantastic bag. I think having around the front to apply it,

The mesh sided basket is a new addition to stroller, and they are fairly shallow. In the basket, you can keep the necessary things. The space of the basket is very big, and there is the hole in it too.

In the pushchair the stroller has four wheels, having big diameter one to the rear and double to the seats at the front. The wheels are puncture proof and can move on the hard and smooth surface.

Besides, it has suspension at the rear which ensures a smooth ride over the occasional bump. If you go on the rough roads, push with one hand, the front wheel will lock automatically in a fixed position by using a front wheel of each. The wheels are somewhat plastic, and they would cope well with the urban use.

The brake is possible to maintain by foot and takes the position on the right side of a rear axle. If the brakes are engaged for one time, it locks the wheels.

It is simple to put on though not specially flip-flop friendly. You must remove it. Otherwise, it creates click click click when you drive it along.

Britax b agile double stroller accessories

The B-AGILE DOUBLE is proof which side by sides may be streamlined also. The smart double enjoys easy one handed steering. A double travel method in a compressed package, also the Britax B Agile double Stroller equipment are mentioned below-

  • Cosytoes
  • Play tray
  • Pushchair organizer
  • Performance cozy toes
  • Jocky comfort
  • Dual fix

What Do People Think About Britax B-Agile Double Stroller?

Best money spent

I had bought a stroller nine years ago and still not happy with the stroller. I have assumed a lot of experience on it and finally concluded to buy a B-Agile Double. Many features of the stroller I like.

The maneuver is very simple; the canopy is very large, the basket and the pockets are bitten. The folding system of the stroller is very simple. The last bonus point of the stroller is that it is very simple to clean. My kids make the cloth dirty, and I can easily remove stains from the damp cloth. I was afraid to think that the side by side would be very wide. But I have not got an issue with fitting through doorways.

Super compact

britax b-agile double stroller review

We purchased the stroller a year ago and l like the stroller much. The stroller is lightweight and simple to push. I have 3.5 and 1.5-year-old sons who like the stroller very much. We started to use it when the baby was only seven months. We would like to have a stroller with the baby carrier. Also like the stroller very much.

What video review says about this?

The stroller is the special thing for the two kids and is introduced to it. The first thing about the wide of the stroller. The standard size of the stroller is thirty and a half inches wide.

In it, there are two seats and eleven and a half inches wide within eighteen inches deep at short of the seat back. The canopy of the stroller is 26 inches up. The leg steps are ten inches.

It has one touch buckle. It is very simple to use and open. Along with the stroller, there is harness system and a back switch to move down and up the harness.

The stroller comes with a recline system. The recline is little deeper than the other stroller on the market.

The stroller is very beneficial for him a longer child. At the back seat of the stroller, you will find a pocket. It has the large canopy that you can use separately. The handlebar of the stroller is great as you can control the stroller in any unwanted situation only holding the middle of the handle.

The range of the hard rubber is six inches with two of each ensures more stability. In the front wheel, the stroller has a suspension which aids to absorb shock.

The size of the rear wheel 9.5 inches along with one touch system. The stroller has great maintenance system, and you can stop it where you like. So from my viewpoint, the stroller is a great stroller without any confusion.

Product Info of Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Product Size                                  40 x 31 x 41.4 inches

Item model number                      U791896

UPC                                                652182728991

ASIN                                              B06W2MHLQ8

Item Weight                                  26 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Review

Question: Does it require anything else to it?

Answer: No it does not require anything else. The stroller has good maintenance system. The tool is perfect for the babies.

Question: what is the capacity of the stroller?

Answer: It can bear two babies. It can tolerate 100 pounds, and minimum weight is 5

It can bring two children. The weight is up to 100 pounds, and minimum weight is five pounds. The frame of the stroller is lightweight.

Question: what is the reason to buy the stroller?

Answer: The seats are comfortable enough. There is a canopy system. The stroller also has an adjustable handle. The visible window helps you to see the baby inside the stroller.

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The Summary

The B-Agile stroller is hard to handle. All the features that you like to have on the side by side stroller are present here. An only bit different is handlebar is to the central steering area. There is nothing exceptional with the stroller like the side by side double stroller.

All features you will get here for the safety of your child. The seats are upright for the longer child, and most toddlers like to use it for lack of the bumper bar.

The stroller is great in the sense that it has all the features of side by side double and has enough room and simple to fold it. The stroller is more useful than the umbrella stroller in a sense. It has a lot of coverage area on the hood and demandable folding mechanism.

If you choose the tool for your baby, it will remain with you for a long time. So you may decide to buy the stroller just now for your baby.

Razaul Karim

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