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Maclaren Techno XLR is a top of the line umbrella stroller with characteristics of a complete size version. It includes large canopy, adjustable handlebars, a roomy seat, and simple one-hand fold.

The four dual wheels and the all-wheel suspension provides your little rider using a smooth ride so long as you remain on a level surface. Though it does not have all-terrain brakes, it may handle some grass, mulch or an uneven sidewalk.

The narrow framework (just 20.5″) makes it good for public transit and browsing narrow store aisles. However, don’t rely on fitting a lot of groceries within that basket, it is small (medium size for umbrella design) and difficult to access particularly when the chair is reclined.

Talking about recline, it’s one-handed with three places including an almost horizontal one appropriate for a toddler. The comprised chair liner and a mind service referred to as ‘mind hugger’ will give your toddler with lots of support.

It is possible to take advantage of this stroller from birth and up to 65 pounds. Another unusual feature to get an umbrella design is that it takes a baby car seat, so it’s possible to turn into a travel system.

Maclaren Techno XLR Stroller is the biggest umbrella fold buggy at present in the market. It makes life easier for its cozy materials, uncomplicated functions, rich colors and luxe.

All parts of the strollers are removable and washable, simple to clean. Handle grips and wheels are made of high wear items that are easy to replace and ensure the long life of the stroller. All strollers are giving unique Global Safety Standard by the industry and have the best guarantee.

Maclaren Techno XLR Stroller

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Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

What you have learned for Maclaren Techno XLR stroller


To save the baby from sliding out of the seat, Maclaren added head barriers on the top of the seat which you may pop up as well as a foot barrier. The aim of this barrier is to hide mesh for the leg rest which you may add to the frame. The simple method of the stroller will save the baby in the seat.

Huge canopy

In this year, there is a great improvement of the sun canopy of the Maclaren stroller. In the past the canopy was sufficient, but now it is better. It has a zip away panel to circulate more air for the riders.

In the front side, it has a flip-out sun visor for more coverage. When you completely down the hood, you will see the photo that covers half of your child.

Adjustable handlebars

Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

The XLR has adjustable hhandlebarswhich go from 42 to 43 from the ground. The bars are tall enough and great for the tall parents. If your size is very short, test it before use.

Very large seat

It is fifteen inches wide, nineteen-inch seat back and 27 inches from the behind of the seat from the top of the canopy. If your child is taller, you can extend it up to three inches for extra support. I could not believe that it goes up to thirty inches.

The one hand recline can recline only the back seat of the stroller. It has four recline positions. Among them, flat position is the best position to accommodate the newborn.

The capacity of the seat is from birth to up to 65 pounds. People who like the upright seat, the strollers are great for them. You can easily remove the seat, and the machine is washable. I prefer the easy cleaning mechanism.

Opening in the back

The seat will not go with the canopy, so if you recline the seat once, you will see an opening. Through the opening, there has much air circulation for the summer day. One can cover the opening with a cover add to the canopy.

Two storage pockets

In the back of the stroller, there are two pockets to keep items for babies like wallet, chopsticks, lipsticks, keys, and sunglasses.

5 point harness

The stroller has five points harness having center release buckle which is difficult for the toddlers to press. You only need to push the back and in the front button at the same time.

Adjustable leg rest

Truly it does not adjust; it has two small sliders on two sides of the seat which you may slide out to the left leg rest up to obtain the flat surface for your baby.

Medium size basket

The baskets of the stroller are not big and not possible to seat recline to access. You can set a medium size diaper bag with it.


The wheels roll on four double 6.5-inch hard rubber wheels. Its front wheels are swivel and can lock straight to the rough terrain. The stroller is made for the smooth surface and can go over some grass or mulch is required.

All wheels are the suspension. They keep on a jogger; this is not the same for the stroller. This will ensure a smooth ride for the riders.

Parking brake

The stroller has single brake pedal which locks both wheels to a fixed place. It has flip-flop friendly.

Easy fold

Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

One hand is enough to fold the stroller. You only need to lift a red lever added to the crossbar your foot and then unlock the frame by stepping on the side of the pedal.

After that, fold it down. It has an automatic lock. The dimension of folding is 41.3″L x 12″W x 16″H. It has a handle to carry to the stroller.

With very simple effort you can handle the Maclaren Techno XLR with one hand. With the leg, just click the red button at the center of the frame to the upward.

Then go for the release trigger on the right. Normally, the handle comes together and folds down to the front wheels.

The automatic clip closure confirms that the folding frame will not spring open as you hope. The rubbery handle of the stroller aid you to carry the stroller from one place to another.


Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

The seats of the stroller hold four positions reclined. I like the recline as it is made with a one-handed lever; keep your baby without any disturbance him or her, softly push the seat back and recline comfortably.

Do you have any escape artist in your hand? Then you can like the five-point harness of the stroller.

The heavy duty buckles are not made of the cheap plastic piece. This is made of serious pieces of plastic and would not break over time.

The buckle is also childproof. For releasing the straps, only press the outside, and inside of the circular buckle, you need to press quite firmly.

The stroller has seat extender to keep feet of the babies fully lay down. Just pull out the personal extender by the fingers on both sides of the seat.

The seat liners of the stroller are the same color on the side. On the other side, there is soft microfiber. They are washable and good for more padding for a cushy ride. I love it as it supports the seat or saves the seats.

You may replace the liner with other designs or patterns as you love. Select from various Maclaren reversible seat liners to alter and customize the Techno XLR’s look. This is great fun.

One feature makes the stroller up to the luxury category. The Maclaren Techno XLR appears with advanced quilted seat liner along with removable head hugger for the support of the infant. For the winter season, you will get stylish matching winter boot to sleep well for the infant.

What we love

The Techno XLR has fashionable, flashy appearance for travel systems. Cormac ensures a comfortable ride, more safety straps and lots of seat back angles.

Even a Scotland boy can take place inside the rain hood and see the outside. The carrycot helps him snooze comfortably, and within the cozy design, the infant will feel secured.

Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

I like the design most. You can easily hang a changing bag without the total thing tipping over.

The adjustable handle is good for the parents to push while the suede- style fabric creates attractive and hard wearing finishes.

The carrycot is cozy and soft, gives a proper birth to nursery method which would not leave you feeling you have purchased a bad thing.

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Maclaren techno xlr car seat adapter

The stroller and the car seats are not made for one another; the alternation of the travel system is not unproblematic. When I set it, I must add adapter bar and buckle the car seat to the right place.

After that, reverse the procedure if I select head home. The task is not very difficult but needs some minutes to do it. If the car seat is in the right place, it is secured and safe. Moreover, the canopies will do the work successfully for protecting the baby from the wind and the sun.

Maclaren techno xlr weight limit

I like to mention that the weight of the stroller is 17.4 somewhat heavier than the umbrella stroller. It looks to me that there is a trade-off. Though it is lighter, it may not have some of the super features may accept an infant car seat and capacity is 65 pounds.

What others are saying 

The Maclaren Techno XLR has become mixed reviews before, but the newest version is becoming 41/2 celebrities.

A customer from Houston, Texas that gave the XLR 5 stars demonstrated it is the best stroller for taller parents also it is relatively compact. A Boston reviewer commented about the flexible handles that she said, are helpful for the 6’3″ husband.

The recline feature is a clear winner using this gadget and reviewers believe it’s sufficient for napping infants. The chain extender is valued, also, as an essential element for a complete recline.

Another 5-star review cites how fractures and diaper changes are subtle with the entire recline. She slides a changing pad below the infant for its diaper change that’s much superior to using tables that are public.

Steve from Chicago enjoys the horizontal seat recline saying it’s ideal for his kid to nap once the household is outside.

This stroller is a favorite alternative for traveling families moving to theme parks in which they must get in and from shuttles frequently, and for households carrying a plane and do not wish to gate-check their stroller. The urban dwelling parents taking public transport will also locate the Maclaren Techno XLR an obvious option.

A few parents have observed about the fashionable and fashionable color combinations and the modern style of this the Maclaren Techno XLR. They also enjoy the thick padding on the chair and feel that their kids are incredibly comfy.

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Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

Media Review on Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

The weight of the stroller is 7.5 kilograms. It is very simple to maneuver by the help of the front wheels along with linked breaks.

The four positioned the seat to recline fully and went to the flat position for newborns. The baby inside it remains comfortably; the stroller has five points safety harness.

For further safety, a tether strap is added with the stroller. The strollers come with all features like shoulder pads, liner head hugger for more comfort and boot to keep baby cozy and warm.

The stroller has the high adjustable handle. So, tall people can easily handle the stroller. There is a good shopping basket with the stroller along with storage pockets. Inside it, you can keep necessary things at the time of going to market.

The weight of the stroller is lightweight, compact one hand fold. The other features of the techno are wind protection, added the sun, viewing windows, sun visor, rain covers, and a flat rearward for ensuring safety at night.

The Techno XLR is made with advanced technology for global safety, and guarantees for life by Mclaren’s suffer for the lifetime warranty. You will get accessories of the techno XLR separately.

Product Info – Maclaren Techno XLR Reviews

Item model number        WM1Y150092

Item Weight                      15.8 pounds

UPC                                    688222214957

Product Dimensions       21.2 x 43.5 x 31.8 inches

ASIN                                  B017BH662U

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Final Verdict

There is more space to keep leg for the babies inside the stroller named Maclaren Techno XLR. It has five points safety harness for the babies.

There are also reflective accents to aid you can see the baby in dark evening or cloudy days. All the reviews of the stroller are very positive.

Those who used it were greatly benefited. If you once used it, you would not like to use other strollers.

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