Awesome! Maclaren Triumph Stroller Review

The Maclaren Triumph Stroller is lightweight and smoothly moves on the way, and mom like it very much. The hood is large enough, and it has a storage pocket. The area of the stroller is enormous. The stroller features with a new color palette for clear dimension on the way. Read the article on Maclaren triumph stroller review, and surely you will be benefited.

The Triumph Stroller is favorite to the conscious parents. In each Maclaren there is a UPF+50, the hood is waterproof, and wind protective rain cover. All the seats of the stroller are removable and simple to wash the parts.

Handle grips, as well as the wheels, are made of the high graded element that ensures the longevity of the stroller. All the products of the Maclaren have got the standard of Global Safety Standard backed by the manufacturer.

Maclaren Triumph Stroller

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Features of Maclaren Triumph Stroller

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  • Made of high graded aluminum for easy carrying
  • the reclining seat is Multi-positioned
  • One-hand collapse
  • Foots can operate parking brakes
  • umbrella fold
  • under, seat, there is storage basket
  • good foam handles
  • long water resistant canopy
  • 5-point safety harness
  • the washable seat is Removable
  • Got JPMA certificate


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  • The seat is multi-positioned for the comfort of the baby at any stage.
  • The weight of the stroller is very light and made of high graded aluminum.
  • The canopy of the stroller is safe enough for the protection of the child and saves a baby from harmful ultraviolet ray.
  • With one hand you can fold it.
  • The stroller is can and simple to carry it on the public transport. Besides you can easily keep it in the car. The capacity of the stroller is up to 55 pounds. But you have the chance to keep a growing baby.


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  • If fold it wheels touch the canopy.
  • Hoods are not adjusted

Before going to have Maclaren Triumph Stroller, you have to consider this


Safety is evaluated by trying to the necessities of the Federal stroller safety standard, 1112 and 1227, which includes, by reference, the most recent version of the ASTM stroller safety standard, ASTM F833-15. We also set strollers through Stability as well as Braking and other tests designed by CR 16 CFR Parts

Durability & performance

Maclaren Triumph Stroller Review

Parents like to love the durability of the stroller. The frames are manufactured from aluminum, and the weight of the stroller is 55 pounds. The stroller can keep the child from 30 to 40 pounds.

The stroller is perfect for a smooth ride and moves well on the road. You can take the stroller with you for a long walk. The front wheels have the well-locked option to stand in any place. The stroller has more stability on the bumpier surface.

The five-inch wheels help to move smoothly. One mom reported that the stroller is very simple to handle, and she can do, it with one hand. She does not feel any problem to take the stroller to the playground covering or grassy terrain.

Quality Build

The Maclaren Triumph is made of high graded aluminum alloy. You will come to know that it is sturdy stuff when you look it. Pushing it is feeling good and surely seems tougher than other umbrella strollers within the price bracket.

Waterproof Canopy

The stroller is designed with a large canopy for the safety of your child or to save from sun or heat. This type of feature you would do not get with some expensive strollers. The canopy is UPF 50+ sun protection, and there is a storage pocket with the stroller.

Multi-Position Recline

Maclaren Triumph Stroller Review

The most desired thing about the stroller is that it ensures much comfort to your baby for the whole day. The reason is that it has multi-position recline seat. With the help of one hand, you can just handle the stroller.

The stroller is unbelievably simple to use or just to adjust. The parents like to have this kind of stroller for the baby.

The stroller is versatile so that it can offer you safety for the babies. It will keep the baby safe in the stroller.

Besides you can keep your child in the stroller for a longer period. I am sure my son is irritable if he gets comfort for a long time. The stroller will aid you to keep the children within it getting out of your control.

Removable Seat

The important feature of the stroller is a removable seat. So you can wash it easily. This is a plus for the parents as they know the kids makes it dirty quickly. As there is easy washing system, you should not worry about it.

The seats of the stroller are removable, for this, it creates life a breeze. One can remove the seat, can wash it nicely if the children go out for playing in the mud and spill ice cream on it. You need not spend days for scrubbing or should not hope the stains come out.

5 second one hand fold

The producers of the stroller assert it’s a 5-minute fold, their site even has a movie of cartoon mom racing thru the measures in under 5 minutes. Although this item was easy to fold and folded with one hand, people believe realistically you can rely on it taking longer than 5 minutes; particularly if you have to get rid of a baby out of the chair or luggage in the storage bin.

This product has a three-step folding process, that was reasonably normal among these goods in our critique, along with the measures were intuitive and easy to execute.

Additionally, it has an auto-locking attribute to maintain the stroller shut once painted, but it might be well worth noting that there’s a great deal of drama in this lock, so the stroller may enlarge when leaned against the wall.

Maclaren triumph weight

The Triumph arrived at just 13 lbs, which made it one of the milder goods in our evaluations. The lightest was. Thirteen pounds was pretty bland nevertheless when the most significant product we tested came in over 18; this additional five pounds may feel like a great deal when carrying out a stroller for a long space or together with your hands full. The Triumph when folded quantified at 9x41x12, also took four up, 428 cubic inches of space. This made it among the more compact products in our evaluation; just the Quinny Yezz and Chicco Capri C6 Lightweight took up less space when folded, both considered less well.

Extra benefits

Maclaren Triumph Stroller Review

The Triumph is very light. Very easily you can get out with your baby. To enter into a car or to take an out from the car is simple. The other features are very simple to fold or unfold the stroller.

The manufacturer said the stroller is very simple to handle. It is not so easy. You may just flick the clip up, then the stroller collapses down or vice versa.

The stroller has a clip to hold it in a place. Meaning that you can easily unfold it again keeping it straight without fear.

At the time of folding, it is very compact. As for this, you can keep the stroller even a small place of your car.

The handle of the stroller is comfortable and easy to handle. I push it to uphill without any difficulties. I have used some other strollers, but they were tough to push on the uphill.

Even the rain cover is simple to clip on. At the time of raining it is simple to extensive or closing is not difficult. The stroller is a perfect thing to keep your baby dry at the time of raining.

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Maclaren triumph weight kg

The stroller is very lightweight. One can use one hand to steer it and another hand to hold the toddlers’ hand. It is small, folds up easily and good storm cover. As for the weight of the stroller is 6.05 kg and the limit range of weight is 20 kg.

User Opinions on Maclaren Triumph Stroller

Makes life with a toddler easy

Maclaren Triumph stroller is our everyday companion. We sometimes keep the stroller in the car. Sometimes we take it out to walk around our neighborhood. This is a second-hand stroller and easy spare pram. We use it regularly as it is very simple to use.

The stroller is tall enough to use my husband. We can see the child inside the stroller as it has a large window. The basket is hard to, open and we do not open it. Our children Maclaren Triumph Stroller Reviewnap on it sometimes. The stroller is simple to wash. You may use washing liquid to clean it. We have a seven years old child. My husband says the child loves the stroller very much.

The Maclaren is sometimes to look at. The product is really good. That is why people like the stroller very much.

It only takes 2 seconds to fold it. You may keep it inside the car. There is a heap of boot room, and inside it, you can hardly, see it.

We like the Maclaren very much. There is a carrying handle with the stroller. I have some other prams like Steelcraft Phoenix stroller, Steelcraft Agile, a Valco Rebel Q and a Bugaboo.

Instead, the stroller is favorite to me for some reasons. I suggest the stroller for your use. Every family should have this kind of stroller.

“It took a while to get used to the brakes

To use the brake, you need sometimes. Put it up and down; now it is very simple. The stroller is also good to carry it. If I have a DD to nap inside of it.

What The Media Review Says on Maclaren Triumph Stroller

The Maclaren is an old stroller on the market. Besides it is reliable, so the people like it most. People are using the stroller for a long time. The stroller can hold a child from six months to 55 pounds. The weight of the stroller is 12 pounds. The stroller is lightweight and has very nice features. Now I would like to show you the way it reclines.

To the back side of the stroller, you may get a stripe and pull it out. You will get seat reclines. On the backside or to the top the stroller there is a canopy to save your baby from the sun. If you would not like to use it move off it.

You will see the stroller has five points harness. You can raise up the position as your baby is growing bigger day by day. The baby locker option is also very excellent. The basket of the stroller is large enough to keep necessary things. Considering the price, versatile, transport advantages and lighting system the stroller is a good one for baby.

Product Info – Maclaren Triumph Stroller Review

  • Item size 18 x 41.1 x 31 inches
  • Item Weight 10.8 pounds
  • ASIN B017BH60EO
  • Item model number WM1Y030032

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Maclaren triumph vs. quest

The Triumph

The next step up is Your Triumph. Together with the attributes The reclining chair allows your child to sit all of the ways back. This is ideal for kids who like to have a nap in the stroller.

The Triumph has additional cushioned chairs for longer journeys. It Is created for kids that are at least six weeks.

The Quest

The Quest requires a big step up in sophistication in the Triumph. It sports a multi-position cushioned chair. Can the chair Recline all of the ways back, but it might semi-recline into four distinct positions? Besides the feature, you can recline the chair with one hand. The Quest also includes an abysmal Footrest that may work as a little footstool for the son or daughter. This makes carrying a Nap much simpler.

Among the Quest’s Most notable features are the fact that it can chair any youngster, which makes it a suitable Stroller for toddlers. Comes with a toddler security system to maintain Infants safe and comfy for traveling. If You’re in the market to get a stroller for


The Maclaren Triumph feels and behaves like a conventional umbrella stroller and can be likely more of that which parents have in mind if you are searching for a secondary stroller compared to a lot of the other items we’ve tested.

It’s lightweight, simple to fold, and take up little space, and supplies a first storage bin and canopy. All this makes this stroller a fantastic small umbrella stroller for parents searching for this kind of merchandise. But overall this umbrella did not earn enough things to actually wow and provided it scored lower compared to more expensive goods, it’s challenging to recommend it.

There were goods in our evaluations which were easier to maneuver, had more accessories and were on the level for size and weight, but were more economical. In the long run, it is not that people disliked the Triumph, it’s only that we weren’t that into it.

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