Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

The Maclaren Volo Stroller is designed to be used much for the travelers. The design is compact, stylish and simple to handle. The Volo is lightweight so that the parents can carry it easily on the busy streets crowded parks or terminals.

The stroller has breathable mesh seats, large wheels with plush suspension and new color. You may bring it where you like to go. However, you may know everything on Maclaren Volo Stroller after reading the article on Maclaren Volo Stroller Review.

Maclaren Volo Stroller - Charcoal/Silver

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The Volo Stroller is are active for the parents who are conscious. In Every Maclaren, it has UPF 50 waterproof hood along with wind blocking rain cover.

Seats are removable and simple to wash all the parts. Handles and wheels are made of high-grade materials ensure the longevity of the stroller. All Maclaren stroller has uncommon Global Safety Standard backed sure guarantee by the industry.

Features of Maclaren Volo Stroller

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  • One-hand fold and collapse
  • Have foot operated parking brakes
  • 5-point safety harness.
  • Front swivel wheels are lockable.
  • Under the seat, it has storage basket.
  • Wheels suspension rear
  • The stroller is lightweight
  • Removable mesh sling seat is easy washable
  • Waterproof canopies large enough and you can put water on it to test.


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  • Light as well as easy to open, easily collapse
  • Simple fold
  • Takes small space to keep it. Excellent to take it to overseas. Adjustable for all weathers.
  • Superb maneuverability


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  • Nothing at all

What you have to consider before buying Maclaren Volo Stroller


Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

Only Maclaren ensures an anxiety free journey for your baby. The body of the stroller is made of high graded aluminum, so it ensures the long life of the stroller.

The weight of the stroller is 9.5, good no doubt. Besides the dual wheels provides movability on any terrain and move smoothly.

There is no padding in the seats, on the base, there is hard support and back are made of mesh. Inside the stroller, the baby will feel comfort though the weather is sunny.

The seats are removable as a result simple to clean it. Frequent cleaning protects your baby from attacking bacteria or germs.

The stroller has a big basket; inside it, you can store it. Under the seat, there is a big basket to keep necessary things. The canopy is very wide to save the child from the rough weather.

The handles of the buggy are ergonomic. Moreover, the canopy is waterproof. It has UPF +50 for the extended safety against UV rays.

What about the seat?

Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

The stroller named Maclaren has breathable mesh seat. For this reason, I like the stroller very much. In summer the stroller keeps the baby cool.

This kind of feature is uncommon in other strollers. Think a summer trip to Disneyland. The seats are washable, and mom wishes to have such kind of stroller.

The stroller has a sling style seat which means that it has no seat support. But the advantage is that it does not wrap the child. The stroller has no recline feature, and the seat is adjusted about 45-degree angle.

The design is made for thinking the position of a child. This is suitable for the baby. The elder child may not be able to take rest in the stroller as seatback measuring 18.5 inches.

If you require some padding, select from lots of Maclaren seat liners to customize or change the Volo’s look. This is a beautiful thing.

In the recent models, there are combinations of two colors and has a five-point safety harness. The stroller is adjustable for your child’s’ age. You need to press two fingers and press the front and the back to remove the buckle that is good for the little kids.

The stroller has a flexible, sturdy rubber footrest stretches to the bottom, and one mom reported that her child (37″-tall 3½-year) could take rest well inside the stroller.


The most appealing feature of the Volo is that for folding it needs no master, it is very simple. By the foot, flick up red pedal of the stroller in the center back of the frame, then you are free from tension.

After that push down on the black pedal of the right side. Then the handle will drop and move towards the front wheels.

The auto-locking clip works well to keep the stroller under control. For the opening, undo the clip then push down on red pedal up to clicks meaning that the frame is re-tensioned and prepared to go.

Like some other strollers, the Volo has linked brake incorporated red folding pedal. Pressure or pushing to the right side will apply the brake and left one will release it. The concept is very excellent.

Safety Features of Maclaren Volo Stroller

The Maclaren Volo has one step braking procedure for instant unlocks and lock. We get an emergency brake for our emergency period. The Volo has a five-point harness for child safety. So the children cannot open it by himself. There is also tether strap in the Volo stroller at the time of your buggy like to run away.


It has a seat back storage in which you can keep snacks, small bottles, and mobile phone. Under the seat of The Maclaren Volo, there is a storage basket with is fit to keep mesh-like materials. They will hold no crumbs or sand.

The extra benefits

Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

The stroller has five points harness that is sticky. You need practice more to get the wriggling baby strapped in. When we got our third child, we use this as a buggy. Alfie now started to walk but after sometimes he becomes tired.

For a month of time, he tried spending time jumping out and in. And for this, the buckle system becomes exhausted. For any parent, it becomes frustrating to obtain a reluctant toddler strapped in. The Maclaren is only childproof. But we now find that the stroller is parent proof as well as grandparent proof.

The brakes are not always right in the sense. I have got the same kind of complaints from the other parents too. The Volo is not suitable for the child who sleeps in the buggy because it does not recline.

Maclaren Volo stroller weight limit

The Maclaren Volo comes with a lightweight, great performance aluminum frame meaning that your child may ride up to 55 pounds. For such kind of lightweight stroller, holding it is more mentionable.

Maclaren Volo recline

The seats of the Volo are adjusted in a usual recline position. It has no recline, therefore, it is in 1 set position. Remember that this is not an umbrella stroller, so it gives your baby both in recline and upright position. People talk much about the reclining of this type of stroller.

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What the media says about Volo

There are lots of options and this an excellent choice for me I have ever found. The stroller will remain with you for a long time. It is the lightest stroller in the marketplace.

The stroller is light, and it can hold the baby up for six months, and the weight is 55 pounds. The canopy of the stroller is tremendous and covers a good area.

The brake of the rear wheel helps you to collapse the stroller. When you push a little bit the break, the stroller will collapse automatically.

Keep your foot on the small piece of a break then press it down, next press the handle in and collapse the stroller. The stroller has a big basket, and it is very easy to open the fold.

The latch of the stroller is excellent, and you will only find this in Maclaren stroller only. Some people have to say something about recline.

They stated that the stroller is not like the umbrella stroller which offers you to keep the baby to the upright position and the recline.

After all the stroller is versatile, easy to move and simple to transport it and has an excellent strap. Therefore, the stroller is a great stroller.

Product Info – Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

  • Item size 41.4 x 14.6 x 6.1 inches
  • Item Weight 13.3 pounds
  • ASIN B00BH0SP68

What People Think About Maclaren Volo Stroller

Very light and easy to fold

The stroller has four points harness which is a bit fiddly to undo and do than some other models in the market. We use the stroller every day for the baby and keep it to the outdoor buggy store. The stroller is very simple to fold, and it would not take much space for keeping it.

You can put it on the train’s upper rack or the car boot and still leave it for shopping or keep it on a bus or a coach. When you fold it, it becomes slim and tall. You fail to keep it to the vertical racks. The seats are fit to use in the warm country.

There is an excellent UV silver sun visor to save the baby. Wheels are made from hard wearing, and it is excellent for hard surface not for the terrain buggy.

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Excellent stroller and amazingly fast delivery

I have a son aged seven years. He tries easily if we go out for long distance. I was trying to find a good and comfortable stroller without spending many dollars for this. The stroller is good enough. He and I also love it. My husband is tall enough.

He needs not bend down to move the stroller. The handles are higher than the handle of the umbrella stroller. The stroller is not over 6 feet. After giving the order, you will get the stroller at you home quickly. I ordered it and got very quickly. So I was lucky in the sense. It is free shipping, and I order it again and again.

Final Verdict

The Maclaren Volo is a fantastic holiday alternative if you’re traveling to someplace with a hot climate. At just 4kg, it’s lighter than any other stroller that we’ve reviewed. The carry strap makes it more conveniently mobile, however, there needs to be some compromise designed to reach this degree of simplicity.

Just like most scooters, the handle height isn’t changeable, the basket is shallow, and the suspension is more restricted. However, the Volo won’t recline, and the connected steering system is flimsy.

As a testament to their standing, there are the ones who wouldn’t feel comfortable purchasing any other stroller manufacturer except Maclaren because they were the leaders of the genre. At just 4kg and #85, it defeats a lot of this top-flight resistance in weight. However, it’s developed to hit this price.

The Mclaren Volo it is worthy of concern for your summer vacations without chancing that the uber cheap supermarket choices.

We are grateful to those people who have no desire to buy other strollers except the Maclaren. They are the forerunners of this genus. Moreover, attention to aesthetic details is vivid throughout.

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