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The Best Mountain Buggy Terrain Reviews – Expert’s Opinion in 2022

The terrain is the premium jogger for the users who like to get active on as well as off the road. It is made with great engineering. It has water-resistant fabrics, so cleaning is very simple and easy.

There is a peek-a-boo window to see the baby inside. A hand-operated brake will help you to slow down the stroller. The foot brake will aid you in stopping instantly. There are three modes on the front wheels.

Lock forward, lock backward, and full swivel for moving smoothly on the road. The stroller has more space to keep feet for the child. It is made with would one class of engineering. The stroller ensures you maximum control and maximum performance.

mountain buggy terrain reviews

Mountain Buggy Terrain Reviews


  • As we have been told that the stroller is unbelievably sleek looking, this is the narrowest stroller for the top jogging type. There is a lot of safety for the child inside the stroller.
  • The fully reclined seats are perfect for newborn babies. We would not suggest you bring your baby with the stroller.
  • If you like to do so, you need to take advice from the doctors. The other great feature of the stroller is that it stands out in the level to which the handlebar can be adjusted; this is amazing


  • We know the weight endurance capacity of the stroller is fifty-five pounds. This is less than the seventy pounds strollers on the market. The mentioned sites are not our major downsides; we can say they are worth mentioning. Sometimes you need to be more cautious with the stroller.

What you have to consider before going buying Mountain Buggy Terrain


best mountain buggy terrain reviews - experts opinion

The canopy of the stroller is great. I like it most. The canopy is floating so it can cover all the seats of the stroller.

Your son will be protected from the sun at any time of the day. Besides, it has a small pop-out sun visor. It has a peek-a-boo window made of clear plastic along with a Velcro Closure.


The suspension is placed in the rear of the frame instead of the common front position. Mountain Buggy Terrain moves smoothly on the road or on uneven surfaces.


The foot brake of the Mountain Buggy Terrain can engage from both sides. It requires a hard push before unlocks, make it clear whether it is working or not.

The Buggy has a hand-operated brake over the push bar that is invaluable at the time of going out for jogging. You have to press more over the handbrake to stop the buggy. The feature is great no doubt; I found it very useful.

The Mountain Buggy has five points harness that needs 2 actions to unbuckle. My three years old baby can release the buckle. There is a pad over the handle for the baby. My baby likes to play with them.

Easy Ride

best mountain buggy terrain reviews

There are some vivid tracking issues. This is like a dream. The rear wheels are sixteen inches, and the front wheels are twelve inches.

It has a small amount of wiggle room built for the grass or uneven pavements. The riding on the stroller is very smooth. The front wheels are great to stop instantly.

The stroller has wobbly front wheels. So it is difficult to run with it. But running at any speed, the back wheel will remain the same. The price of the stroller is a little bit rigid.

The weight of the Mountain Buggy is thirty pounds that are average four pounds more than the jogging strollers on the market. The tires of the stroller are air-filled.

They grip well on the road and handling is very simple. With fully loaded, you can handle it with one hand. The high speed of the stroller affects the rear wheels, for this, the whole construction lacks integrity.


best mountain buggy terrain reviews

The folding system of the stroller is great. It is very simple to fold it. At present, the system is improved enough.

One hand motion can collapse the stroller down. The developed folding system is a new addition to the stroller. It makes the stroller more convenient.


Together with the Mountain Buggy Terrain Pushchair, you’ll get two sets of back brakes (5 total brakes supplied), that is two 16”-inch air-filled tires and 2 12”-inch air-filled tires for your final places. The Terrain has complete shock-absorbing suspension and ‘curb-pop’ technology. This attribute is adored by us. It creates maneuverability slick.

The two distinct sets of back tires are supposed to provide parents with the choice of getting bigger or smaller tires. Mountain Buggy has branded them as ‘busy,’ and ‘urban’ places, the bigger being busy and much more ideal for jogging while the smaller area far more sidewalk friendly. This is something entirely fresh from Mountain Buggy along with also a characteristic that we wish they’d come up with decades past.


The seats of the stroller are great. The capacity of the seat is from birth to up to twenty-five kgs.

The stroller has a strap recline that can set the child up to any height between upright to lying flat. This is a great feature as you will get any height according to your baby’s height.


Your kid is well-cared-for from the Terrain, but you are not neglected! Among those advantage features both parents like is your ergonomic height-adjustable grip. Many taller parents more than six feet composed to mention that the flexible handle was a massive selling point since most joggers do not contain an adjustable height handle.

Then you’ve got the storage basket under the chair. It is a great size and will hold up to 11 lbs of equipment. I enjoy the zippered covering which holds all of your things inside, that way in case you are running or moving over bumpy paths, your words won’t bounce outside.

Even though there isn’t a parent organizer, you can get bottle holders, likely for your water. It’s attached at an angle, and you’ll be able to view it at the top image. Therefore it’s not acceptable for hot beverages. There have never been any complaints at almost any testimonials about not being able to have a hot beverage cup holder, however.

Maneuverability and safety

best mountain buggy terrain reviews

One of the best characteristics of this stroller is its maneuvers of it. It has the state of art suspension meaning that it can go smoothly on the road with your child.

Several reviews show that the maneuverability is very simple. Even a single hand is enough to handle it on the different types of roads.

It has three positions on the front wheels. Lock the wheels if you are going to rough surfaces. The full 360-degree swivel ensures turn-on a dime performance.

The Mountain Buggy Terrain has air-filled tires. The front is twelve inches, and the two rear tires are sixteen inches.

The large or big tires are fit for moving on any difficult terrains and ensure a smooth ride at the time of jogging.

The Mountain Buggy Terrain is designed with a safety tether to communicate with your child all the time. There is a tether around your wrist all the time to save your child; the stroller will not get away.

It keeps physical contact with your body all the time. I need this connection all the time for the peace of my mind.


The Mountain Buggy terrain seems comfortable to drive. Though it may appear unwieldy and a little cumbersome, this isn’t the situation once you hit the trail. The large wheels cope nicely with the curb pop making it possible to create a smooth improvement over ruts and shrub roots.

If you’re running, you’ll discover that the terrain feels secure at speed supplying you with good confidence. It’s thus a bit disappointing that if you employ the conducting brake, the equilibrium is a little upset since it hasn’t yet been adjusted. It’s not a significant problem, but it’s there all the same.

How comfortable does it feel?

best mountain buggy terrain reviews

The materials of the stroller are comfy-looking. It is nicely padded. The seats are easy to recline by sliding down two straps or releasing two toggles. The seating materials are reversible which is good enough if you deal with it on any sudden push.

There is enough safety for your child at the time of sleeping over it. The stroller has a gate-opening bumper for easy access to the seat from the stroller.

Another great feature- is car seat compatibility

Yes. The seat of the Mountain Buggy is perfect for the infant car seat. You may buy the carrycot. It will attach to the frame nicely, and allow the newborns to use it simply.

This is a new addition and allows you to lie flat or face yourself. It is a total functional travel system. It is also a riding board for the second child.

Why Mountain Buggy Terrain is Different

The new terrains of the Mountain Buggy are great having quality fabric and a sleek curved shiny black frame.

It appears with two sports fashion designs; Solus and Graphite. The Souls is bright canary gray and yellow, and the second one is gray with a white cobweb design.

User Review On Mountain Buggy Terrain

best mountain buggy terrain reviews

Best pram for walkers and light jogs

I have used it for my long tour. The big wheels are great to look at, but simple to maneuver. This is skinnier than my friend’s smaller prams. I face no problem handling it.

I have taken two pictures. The tires are a few flats. Bring a hand pump. This is a tough pram, my husband winched it, reversed over it, and still, it works. He faces lots of troubles.

The only problem is that it is awkward to lift on the boot of the car. It is flat and one though. It seems to me new models are food smaller.

If you are outdoor, you would like to run, walk or take the pram on any surface except asphalt or concrete; you would not be crazy considering a Mountain Buggy terrain.

Be happy with it

The pram is a good pram for walking. You can take it over grass, road, and curbs easily. The stroller is great to jog with. If week keeps the pump within tires, it goes smoothly at the time of jogging- my daughter feels secure.

There is much space under the seat. It is difficult to take a seat out of the car or into the car. I wish the cover would come down more to save my child from the sunlight.

The stroller is great for couple who like to walk over the Blue Mountain. We can simply remove one wheel to keep in the boot of a sedan.

Product Info – Mountain Buggy Terrain Reviews

Dimensions of the product‎15.3 x 24.8 x 36.6 inches
The model number of the item‎TER-V3-49
Gender of target audienceUnisex
Recommend maximum weight‎65 Pounds
Weight of the item‎28.5 pounds

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you run with Mountain Buggy terrain?

Yes, it’s not a problem. The terrain is indeed very easy to run with. Mountain Buggy products are built to last. They can be used on any terrain, no matter how rugged or rocky it is. And they glide through snow quite easily. Mountain Buggy products are built for a lot of punishment, but you need to keep your speed down when on slippery surfaces.

Does Mountain Buggy terrain recline?

Yes, the Mountain Buggy Terrain does recline. The Mountain Buggy Terrain uses an innovative mesh fabric system that allows the seat to recline, from a nearly upright position to a near-horizontal position. This mesh fabric system is also utilized in the Mountain Buggy Terrain’s newborn mode, which allows the seat to adapt from a nearly upright position to a near-horizontal position.

What does Mountain Buggy terrain weigh?

The Buggy measures around 92.5cm x 63cm and weighs 12.9kg. It is not the lightest or smallest buggy on the market, but it is far from the heaviest and has several features that make it very easy to push and turn.

What age can a baby go in Mountain Buggy?

Mountain Buggy recommends that children be at least 6 months old before using their products. However, each child is different, and you should use your judgment when deciding if your child is ready for a Mountain Buggy. Some things to keep in mind are your child’s weight, how active they are, and if they can hold their head up on their own. If you have any other questions about whether or not your child is ready for a Mountain Buggy, please contact our customer service team.

Where are Mountain Buggy prams made?

Although Mountain Buggy was founded in New Zealand, their buggies are now made in China. The company faced criticism a few years ago when it announced that it would be moving production to China, with many customers expressing concerns about the quality of Chinese-made products. However, Mountain Buggy has reassured shoppers that they have thoroughly vetted their manufacturing partners in China and are confident in the quality of their buggies. Despite the controversy, it seems that the move to China has been successful for Mountain Buggy, as they have continued to grow in popularity in recent years.

Is Mountain Buggy suitable for jogging?

Yes, Mountain Buggy is great for jogging! The stroller is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for a jogger. The large canopy provides plenty of shade and protection from the elements. And the built-in suspension ensures a smooth ride for you and your child.

How long do mountain buggy capsules last?

It depends on the model and makes of the mountain buggy. In general, mountain buggy capsules last for 8 years. However, some models have a shorter lifespan. For example, the Mountain Buggy Terrain Model has 4-5 years.

Final Verdict

The upgraded chassis design of the stroller is great for the Mountain Buggy terrain. The change made for the stroller is the biggest difference in day-to-day usage.

Inside the box, the stroller has urban wheels. This is great indeed if you like to commit the buggy only with the pushchair.

The problem is that the harness may frustrate and it seems to be the brake will take a little adjusting to get what you like.

You like to have a pushchair that is not hardcore off and pop down to the shops, and then see the Mountain Buggy terrain, you must like the fold. I think you are living with it.

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