The Best Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Reviews – Reasons To Buy

The stroller came to the market in 1992. Now the manufacturer has 13 pushchairs, one of them is the Urban Jungle. It came to the market for several years; this is also part of the Mountain Buggy legacy.

The company worked hard to upgrade the design of the three wheelers and finally came up with a new version of the original terrain pushchair.

The new one is the stylish off-roader, souped up. The stroller is great for the city people, but the country dwellers can use it.

The product came with a compact box- it has got a shorter footprint- at present 102.5 cm from the front wheel to back, in comparison 113 cm with the old one.

The other features of the Urban Jungle are three chunky 12 inches inflatable tires, a generous hood, a solid, well-built frame, rain cover to save the baby, etc. The new addition will help the parents to go more miles with it.

The sturdy suspension takes exact space up the frame and ensures a smooth ride for my daughter Hannah aged twenty-seven months.

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Luxury Collection Stroller

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Features of Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

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  • 1 step braking system
  • front wheels are swivel locking
  • Twelve-inch air filled tires with the rear suspension
  • Under the seat, there is storage basket.
  • Various position recline seats from flat to upright
  • One step fold
  • Peek-a-boo window and sun canopy with flip out mesh visor
  • Height adjustable handle

What you have to know before going to buy this stroller

Large canopy

The canopy size is excellent and has a dark mesh sun visor which gives more sun protection. This is enough to save your child from the sun.

The canopy is added to the back of the seat and has no floating option. It comes with a big peekaboo window along with noisy Velcro.


Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Reviews

The seat of the Mountain Urban Jungle is great in the sense that it comes with a world facing seat. This type of seat you will find in the common type of pushchair.

You like the parent facing option; you will like the Urban Jungle. The further reviews under the article will solve your problem about the Carrycot plus.

All seats come with recline. All hammock seats have the strap recline of some kinds, in such case, the Urban Jungle is not exceptional. It has two strap toggles on both sides to be loosened to the lower seat.

The good thing is that the seat goes fully flat. To put the seat with a child over situ, you should use two hands.

There is seat apron on the back of the seat. So the child is well shielded. Moreover, the cocooning effect is very good.

The height of the seat back is 50 cm and width is 36 cm. to ensure comfort the seats are well padded.

The liner of the element adds the splash of the design. If you like to clean the spring, you need to keep it inside washing machine with thirty-degree temperature.


Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Reviews

The Urban Jungle comes with the sandwich fold, and putting it back is very simple. To store it easily, the stroller comes with the free-standing fold. You can easily take off the wheels of the stroller; folding is a bit compact or simple for cleaning.

The stroller has the auto lock mechanism to stop coming out of the fold. The stroller is very handy, taking out and in the car is very easy.

You can buy a travel bag to keep more things when it is folded. The stroller is great to carry things for holiday trips.

At first, it seems you have to struggle to give enough cover. But when you pull the front sun shade you will find that there is ample cover. The hood operation is silent.

The Mountain Buggy has a leather covered bumper bar for gate opening. This is a system for which the bumper bar added to the chassis. The fit is tight, so very difficult to handle with cold fingers.

The bumper bars stick out more this is an extra feature of the stroller. This may seem odd, but give more space for your child to keep it in the seat to the place. So do not detach from it.


There is five points safety harness for the child. The child will remain safe inside of the stroller. There is no risk of falling from it.

Some users ask whether the release clips are easy for the older child to undo. The Mountain Buggy confirms that it has enough safety standards to handle the clip.

Maneuverability and safety


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The most important complements this stroller is how it maneuvers. The rear suspension will ensure a smooth ride with your child over the bumpy terrain. You have the option to lock the front wheels straight over the rougher areas.

There are many reviews that the stroller moves easily on the difficult terrain. The dimension of the front air wheel is twelve inch for a smooth ride for your baby. The stroller is simple to push. As the tires are air filled, keeping pump inside tires is a must.

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle comes before you with 5 points safety harness for giving safety to your baby at the time of jogging. It has a tether around your wrist to stop the stroller; the stroller would not get away.

You may always keep contacting your body with the stroller. I keep contact to give peace in my mind. I also like the brake pedal of the Urban Jungle.

The thing you need to do is step down to engage both of the back wheels. Flip the wheels back to go; this is not simple than that.

What parents say about mountain buggy urban jungle

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Reviews

The quality of the stroller has improved, so I like the stroller very much. I am habituated to walk six miles a day and take this buggy with me, and this tackles everything without any problem.

I took the stroller with me in London and found that it is great at getting off and on over the roads, up and down stairs for having huge wheels. The stroller is not great for shopping at a busy place. People will stare at it.

The buggy is big so difficult to boot in a small car. This is a one piece of fold and flying was great. The quality is standard, and it is fantastic.

I have one. I took it everywhere. Everyone told me to stop buying a stroller, has never such thing so brilliant like the Mountain Buggy.

The stroller is a little bit bulky so difficult to take in or out of the car. It is little wear as well as tears. I have also hammered it.

Extra Benefits of Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

Face-to-Face Parent Facing Seat –You may use another optical accessory- Face to Face Facing parent seat. The small seat you can hook with the stroller and can enjoy the moments.

This is best for your baby has grown very big but not bigger in the toddler seat. The stroller has five points safety harness.

How to fold the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

In the bottom of the chair, you’ll come across a flap, lift to expose the fold manage. Press from the button twist the grip and lift the front part of the pushchair. Roll it directly back, still holding the grip and above until the pushchair stays vertical. The auto lock will participate, and you’re finished. To unfold press the gray button twist and then reveal the pushchair on its wheels. The folding mechanism is fast simple and surprisingly streamlined.

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Inspection: Drivability

One thing is for Sure, anybody who gives that the Urban Jungle a move out and about won’t believe It pushes. The weight reduction combined with tire and position Design creates the Urban Jungle feel utterly brilliant whether you’re pushing it off or on the road.

Media Reviews On Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Reviews

Over the years many things are changed of the stroller. It is like a solace stroller. The features are excellent. With the help of front switch, you can fold it easily. The locking system of the strollers is very simple.

The newer model is upgraded and has the very amazing foot brake. This is better than the older version. The plastic of the stroller is a bit costly.

Product Info – Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Reviews

  • Item Weight 24.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 43.7 x 24.8 x 34 inches
  • ASIN B0030EVPU2

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Reviews

Help me to help you

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle All Terrain is an amazing product and comes with all the features that you like for your baby.

The product meets the demand of all safety standards. It is mobile and comfortable. The product is for those who like to have the best line products. The price is a bit higher but a perfect stroller for the babies.

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