Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

Chicco Capri is made in Italy. The frame of the stroller is built of aluminum. It is a great stroller. The weight of the stroller is eleven pounds. But it seems that it has all the features of a full stroller. It has five points safety harness for the baby.

The seats are two positioned reclined, and it is a great stroller. The big canopy, adjustable handle, and removable wheels are great.


​You may extend the canopy well, and the child will be saved from rain, sun, and rough weather. The stroller is great and convenient. Parents like the stroller most for its features.

Features of Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

  • Front wheels are swivel and have a locking option
  • All wheels are suspension and confirm the smooth ride
  • Has storage basket under the seat
  • Folding is simple to carry or travel.
  • Adjustable and removable sun canopy
  • Two positioned recline seat
  • The weight of the stroller is eleven pounds


  • Five points harness for ensuring the safety of the baby
  • Has a peekaboo window to see the infant inside the stroller
  • The frames are anodized. So it has guaranteed to remain for a longer period
  • Has a basket to keep the necessary things.
  • Simple to carry on the car’s trunk
  • The fabrics are stain-resistant, waterproof, and washable.
  • One-hand folding system with auto-lock option, simple to fold
  • Ultra-lightweight stroller. Simple to carry anywhere. The shoulder straps keep the child in its position at the time of changing a diaper


  • Not perfect to carry weight more than forty pounds
  • The harness or crotch strap is not adjustable

What do you think before going to have Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller?

Small Canopy

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

The stroller is designed with a small canopy. Therefore, there is easy of protecting the baby from the sun and rain.

There are some smaller strollers that have very big canopies. If you like to have a large canopy stroller, this one is not for you.

5 Point Harness

​The seats of the stroller are comfortable. It has five points harness for the safety of the baby. It also has suspension wheels for which the baby remains safe even on an uneven road.

There are many strollers that do not have a five-point safety harness. The placement of the wheels is wide and makes the stroller very impressive for the parents. They do not feel pressure to push on the uneven terrains.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Users can easily wash the Chicco Capri stroller. By using the damp and soft rag, you can wipe the plastic materials of the stroller. I do not like to wash the stroller with bleach, ammonia, and strong solution as it may create irritation for the baby’s eyes.

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

The everyday maintenance of the stroller is very simple. When you like to go out, you should better to check all the components of the stroller whether they are working out or not. The swivel wheels are superb, and the tires are very great.

You have the option to change all the parts of the stroller from the manufacturer or the authorized suppliers. If any part of the stroller does not work well, you need to detect the cause. Then use a light lubricant for a smooth ride.

Do not use more as it invites dirt or attracts dirt or dust. You need to clean the seat with a damp cloth. You have no reason to remove the seat.


The stroller is simple and great to move on the rough maneuver. It has a high-rated performance. The design is very excellent.

There is a carry bag with the stroller. You may take it anywhere where you like to go. The wheels of the stroller are charming. Consequently, you can take it on any terrain.

The suspension on the Rear wheels

​There is a suspension to the baked rear of the wheels. For this, the stroller can move smoothly on any road. The baby always remains safe and sound on any road. Pushing with small pressure is simple.

​Extra Benefits

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

If you like to spend the holidays with your family outside the town, you may buy a stroller for your baby. Do not worry to buy it. The frame of the stroller is formed of light aluminum and simple to carry from one place to another.

The weight of the stroller is only eleven pounds. You can take it where you like. The stroller has a fashionable bag to keep the stroller in it. The storage system of the stroller is very simple. You may easily keep it in the trunk of your car.

The stroller is very trendy and perfect for the users, the busy train and plane stations. The stroller is perfect for the parents.

This is the exact kind of stroller that you like to use for your baby. The stroller will aid you in keeping your baby safe at the time of moving on the rough terrain.

From Media Review

The weight of the stroller is much lighter, and it is only eleven pounds. The stroller is having strips in the back that will aid you in an unexpected accident.

Under the seat, there is a big basket on which you may keep the necessary things like toys, bottles, snacks, mobile,s and so on.

By pressing the single button, you may fold it and carry it on your shoulder by the strap. The canopy of the stroller is large enough to save the baby from the rough weather.

The sleeping baby feels very comfortable in the stroller. Even he or she will think, they are on the mother’s lap. There is a baby protector belt with the seat, so your baby is safe enough.

What do People say About Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller Review?

Check the reviews of the stroller very carefully. The stroller has a great combination of durability and design. The weight of the stroller is reasonable, and the folding features are very well. It has all the qualities to store well and bring well.

You may keep the stroller in a small place. Moreover, it is great for busy markets, airports and some other places.

The body of the stroller is made of lightweight aluminum, so it is very light. The capacity of the stroller is no minimum.

Moreover, the stroller has fixed and swivel wheels for the great speed of the stroller. The installation system of the stroller is very simple.

The stroller comes with an installation book on which you will find all the necessary information for simple installation.

​Car Seat


The car seats are wonderful. I rolled my truck in the back with my three-week-old baby strapped into the Chicco key fit 30 Car Seat.

It was fine. At the time of her sleeping, the crash started, and movement raises her up. She was not irritated to cry. If the crash finishes, she will look around.

I suggest this car seat as it is fit for the baby. The baby remains safe inside the stroller.

The seat of the stroller is very comfortable.

I rolled the truck with three old babies into the Chicco key fit 30 car seats in the back seat strapped, and it remains fine.

Product Info of Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

  • Product Dimensions 33.5 x 19 x 39 inches
  • Item Weight 11 pounds

Final Verdict

The straps are more convenient to use and arranged well. In such a case, the little child does not have to use the shoulder straps. If you have faith the child will not fall out; you need not use the shoulder straps.

There is a little storage under the seat which is very useful to bring some necessary things. The stroller has a sunshade to save the baby. I normally do not like to use the sunshade.

I would like to suggest the people buy the stroller. The features of the stroller are lightweight, safe for the child, simple to move, easy to wash, safety harness, reclining seats, etc.

There are many features with the other strollers on the market, but you must buy this Chicco Capri for your baby. The reason is that it has all the features of the great strollers.

Razaul Karim

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