Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller Review Right Now In The Market

The design of the stroller is superb, and it is made in Italy. The frames are made of aluminum. The weight of the stroller is light. Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Stroller is eleven pounds only. It has two positions recline seat, and five points harness for ensuring security for the baby.

Front wheels are the suspension for a comfortable bump. The canopy is adjusted or removed. The canopy expanded at the back of the stroller. Therefore, it is safe enough for the baby from the wind or the sun or rough weather too.

The basket under the seat of the stroller is large enough to hold the necessary thing. The stroller has a quick-release mechanism to make folding it up a breeze. I like it as it has a shoulder carry strap.

I love the stroller to carry with me at the time of going outside. The stroller has a bag also. The stroller is a great stroller for toddlers no doubt.

Chicco C6 Stroller, Black

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Features of Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller

  • Ultralight stroller and the weight is eleven pounds and made of aluminum
  • Secure and comfortable with two positions reclining seat and five points harness for safety
  • Front wheels are suspension and move smoothly on any terrain
  • Carry bag, umbrella-style fold, and shoulder carry strap
  • Large basket to keep necessary things


  • Useful for a quick tour
  • One hand is enough to fold it.
  • One hand is enough to open it up
  • Lightweight not much
  • Large canopy to give more shade
  • Necessary carrying bag for more safety
  • Fits and is slim in the trunk
  • Ensures a smooth ride like the umbrella stroller


  • Being narrow does mean one adjusts their walking or posture to push (but I feel this is to be expected)
  • Pads are not soft enough

Why are you thinking of buying the Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller?

Sun Shade

Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

The sunshade of the stroller is an average size and has a peekaboo window to see the infant. Along with a back flap, it has enough ventilation system in warm weather. The side arms hold the canopy in place.

The sunshade is better than the other options in the market. In the first years, the canopy did not connect to the seat, but now it is expanded.

The C6 has another shade. The shades are included in the Jeep Wrangler All-Weather, First years Jet, and the Quinny Yezz.


The Chicco Ct 0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller is friendly and very trendy. The new canopy protects the baby from the burning sun and rough weather.

At the time of traveling, the stroller is great for the users. For this reason, my wife like the stroller most. The stroller is useful even for the airport, for the gate check, or on train.

Safe Seat

Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

The stroller has five points harness for the safety of the baby. Moreover, the reclined seats are excellent for the child. You may take it easily where you like to take it. The suspension is good, and the front wheels are swivel. It has two points reclining along with five points harness.


The frame of the stroller is made of aluminum. As a result, the weight is not heavy. The design is excellent. You may keep it in the car’s trunk easily. There is some more space for the groceries.

There is a big basket under the seat, and I like this feature most. Instead of carrying the stroller, you can just hand it on your shoulder and make the hand free to do other jobs. The chic has a great demand for the parents now.

I select the C6 in the blue color that is Chicco calls Topazio. I like it as the canvas is durable, rounded, and spacious and the canopy resists the sun and other elements.


The greatest feature of the umbrella stroller is the suspension and the steering of the Chicco C6. The stroller moves smoothly on the even terrains and maneuvers simply.

The stroller may move reasonably on the rough sidewalks. The suspension system is very wonderful, so the baby does not feel uncomfortable when he or she is on it.

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Extra benefits

Another thing that I need to consider about the Chicco Capri is the weight of the stroller. As the wheels are big, the weight may be great. This is a great stroller for the parents.

They can put lots of things in the stroller at the time of going to town. If the kids are not on the seat, you can hand your necessary thing with the handlebar.

I love it as it has the features of a great stroller. It is decorated with sunshade, brakes, an easy folding system and so on. The price of the stroller is reasonable, and the weight of the stroller is light.

Parent’s personal experience

Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller Review


I have had a car accident recently with negligent drivers. The car seat has everything that saves her life. My vehicle rolled my daughter at only twelve months.

She now walks away with a small bruise on her elbow. I suggest every parent use Chicco. I like the buckle and the safely tightening base of the stroller.

Enjoy Travelling

I have a friend. He suggests me to use the Chicco key fit for my baby as it is the best. The stroller is very simple to install and click in and out of the base. It is very sharp too. We have a great fondness for the stroller.

The weight of the stroller is light and spins on a dime. The parts are very simple to open and clean. Moreover, the stroller wheels are scuffed easily. Overall, I am happy with the stroller.

Accessories of Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller

Liteway&LitewayPlus Foam Handle – Black

Restore the black foam handle with the handlebar of your Liteway Stroller.

Bravo Stroller Rear Wheel Set – 2 Pins + 2 Hubcaps

Alter the Hubcaps and Pins of the rear wheels of the Bravo Stroller. Adjust the Wheel with the Rear Axle by using the Pin. Press the straight line of the pin through the hole of the Rear Axle.

The arc on the pin has to bend around the outside of the Rear Axle. Be sure the washer is between the wheel and the pin. Line up the tabs on the Hubcaps with holes in the wheel. Snap the Hubcap with the Wheel to envelop the pin and washer.

Bravo Stroller Rear Axle

Alter the rear axle of the Bravo Stroller. Discard and remove red plastic end caps to the Rear Axle. Add the Rear Axle with the Stroller Frame. The Axle is added when the snap buttons click to the holes on the Rear Axle mount.

Bravo Stroller Rear Wheel Replacement Kit

Reinstate the rear wheel of the Bravo Stroller. Adjust the wheel with the Rear Axle by using the pin. Press the straight side of the Pin by the hole on the Rear Axle. The curve of the pin must curve around the outside of the Rear Axle. Be sure the washer is between the Wheel and the Pin.

Bravo Stroller Child’s Tray &KeyFit/KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat Adapter

Bravo Child’s Tray gives wipeable dual cup holders and a snack trays for your child at the time of riding on the Bravo Stroller.

  • Made especially for using the Bravo Quick Fold Stroller and 3 in 1 Trio System.
  • Removable cup holder tray clicks with Bravo stroller simply and securely.
  • Integrated, click-in KeyFit® car seat attachment for travel system use.

The child’s tray adapter bar may be used for KeyFit 30 as well as KeyFit infant car seat models like the KeyFit 30 Magic, KeyFit 30 Zip Air, KeyFit 30, the KeyFit Zip, and KeyFit.

Cortina Stroller Rear Axle

Alter the rear axle to your Cortina Stroller. Normally discard and remove the plastic end caps and the setup.

Cortina Stroller Basket Stand

Change the plastic basket stand of your Cortina Stroller. Having (1) Plastic Basket Stand- black.

  • Possible to install without any tool
  • Long-lasting plastic design

Activ3 or TRE Jogging Stroller – Rear Suspension Spring

Keep the rear suspension spring on TRE jogging or your Active3 strollers. The Flex Core suspension regulates the firmness of the ride.

By including (1) suspension spring. Buy a quantity of two to replace both springs.

Liteway Canopy – Orion

You can normally replace the hood or canopy of the ChiccoLiteway Stroller. The installation procedure is very normal. Usually, fasten the chips on every side of the stroller to the preferred position. To get more information send ChiccoLiteway to the manufacturer.

What Media Reviews Says on Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller

Chicco C6 Stroller Baby stroller can bring the child from six months to 36 months or up to 37 pounds. I think about a stroller which has all the features. This stroller has all the features that I like to have. Two breaks were added to the back wheels.

The budget is no more, and anyone can buy it. The stroller has classical wheels, but they are not steady. The folding system is very simple. It will not take much space to keep in. There is a stripe behind the stroller. You may grab it on your shoulder or neck.

The unlocking system is also great. Pressing one button, you can accomplish your job. To come back to the previous position, press the red key. Under the baby seat, there is a large storage system to keep the necessary things.

Reclining umbrella stroller

Parents like to take a tour with the child comfortably. Other features may be different, does not matter. But one thing is very common that is reclining in the stroller. It allows your child to have a nap after a long day.

When you spend more time traveling or shopping, your baby needs to use the best umbrella stroller that reclines and allows them to relax and rest.

Recline is useful for that child who is unable to hold their heads up well. If there is no recline in a stroller, you may just use it for six months of the age normally.

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Product Info – Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

  • Product Size    10.2 x 8.1 x 45.5 inches
  • ASIN    B001OM3YL0
  • Item Weight    12 pounds
  • UPC    022792014386 049796603132

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

Question: Does the stroller have a rain cap?

Answer: It does include a sun/shade cover, however, if you are referring to some plastic or something that keeps the kid’s body tender, this stroller doesn’t include that.

Question: Would my tall toddler’s feet slog on the ground?

Answer: The stroller includes a footrest over both front wheels. Our four-year-old is quite comfortable indoors; I would say your tall toddler will probably be beautiful!

Question Is this too little? We love our town miniature, but it is bulky for traveling.

Answer: I think that it could be too little, but above all, it isn’t a fantastic stroller, it broke after only a couple of uses for us. Uppababy is exactly what we ended up with notably from what I heard in other reviews. It’s a fantastic guarantee if you use its new traveler tote.

Question: Just how far back does this recline? On a scale of 1-10, what’s the comfort level for napping?

Answer: it doesn’t recline much I’d say only far enough to keep sunlight out of their face. My daughter who just turned one not had any problems getting comfy or falling asleep she seemed comfy to me. Hope this helps

Question: what’s the weight capacity of the stroller?

Answer: My guide says 37 lbs (16.8 kg).

Question: Why is this stroller comfy to work with for tall men and women? Just like 6ft tall?

Answer: I am just 5′ 4 and do not have any problems.

At the end

One of my friends said that the Chicco Capri Stroller is very lightweight and does its function without whistles or bells. It is very beneficial for the parents who like to use a stroller for fundamental functions- to support the kids from point A to point B.

Though the stroller is in the market for a long time, the stroller is still stronger than the new models. The stroller is very lightweight, and its price is within your budget.

Therefore I can say that the stroller is perfect for your kids and yourself. Otherwise, there are lots of strollers on the market coming with lots of features that may be useful for you, but all is just up to your preference.

Razaul Karim

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