How To Fold A Britax Stroller Step By Step Guide With Video

The travel systems and Britax B-Agile give a safe and cozy to transport your kids. The quick-fold design and one hand of the stroller make it simple to close or store if you do not use it.

To store the stroller, you can fold it effortlessly by following some simple procedures or steps.


Remove Toys and Accessories

If you like to fold the Britax B-Agile stroller, you have to remove all items from the stroller.

Under the seat, you can keep diaper bags and toys. Since the seat is added to the top of the stroller, remove all the things from the stroller to fold it.

Apply the Brakes

Place the linked parking brake to the right-hand stroller wheel that sits behind the storage basket. By using your feet use the brake. The motion removes the lock from the frame, making it fit for folding.

You just press the brake to apply the brake then remove it from the frame. If you do not like to prepare for folding the stroller, using the brake is the best practice if the stroller is not in motion.

Locate the Lift/Fold Strap

Fold the strap or look for the lift to the center of the stroller’s seat. It is adjusted with the buckle of the stroller harness. Hold the strap with one hand and then lift it up.

The two halves of the stroller start to fold down. Do it constantly until the stroller is totally collapsed as well as the chassis lock engaged.

How To Fold A Britax Stroller

Do not pull very hard since it may damage the strap and connected components. If the lock is engaged, the engine is ready to keep in the storage to be tucked.

Consider Lifting Trays, Cup Holders, and Other Accessories

The Britax B-Agile stroller is made for folding flat. But at the time of folding the stroller, some accessories like trays and cup holders may be challenging.

To collapse the stroller, you need not remove those items from the stroller. But you should eliminate those things from the stroller to save space in the cargo area and vehicle’s trunk.

Store Your Stroller

One folded flat, Britax stroller may fit easily in any vehicle trunk. The simple design of the stroller aids you to keep it in any storage area or a hall closet except for taking more space.

Keep the stroller is a good stroller cover, which prevents debris and dirt away from the upholstery and the little one. The travel cover appears in handy as you are noticing the stroller to the airport.

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