Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

Graco’s Breaze Click Connect is the simplest umbrellas stroller found in the market. Folding with one hand is easy. Braeze has all the Graco Click Connection child car seat, required the capacity of holding the child from birth to 50 pounds. One can use it for a long time.

The stroller has a large canopy to UV 50 protection along with pop out visor to see the baby. It saves from the sun and rough weather. It has an adjustable calf support to ensure safety for the baby. Moreover, the stroller has lockable front swivel wheels, suspension, simple folding and a carry strap.

All the features of the stroller are very simple and convenient. The more additional thing is the removable cup holder and extra-large storage basket as well as easy access and full-featured stroller for the babies.

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

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  • Easy to Pack and Transport
  • Seats are comfortable
  • Seat positions are multi-reclining
  • Simple to maneuver
  • Go smoothly on the uneven surface
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  • The footrests are very close to the seat but do not matter
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Features of Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Easy to Fold & Carry

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

If you like to buy an umbrella stroller, you need to find the folding system first. You should select a stroller that is comfortable both for the baby and for you. For the convenience of your baby, the Graco Breaze click Connect Stroller has one hand folding mechanism.

You can fold it with one hand. The folding is simple and easy. You can place it in the seat of the car. For these features, the stroller is favorite stroller to the people. People like to buy it. I have been selling it in a shop for last five years.

I have seen many people are buying it. I have heard from them that they used if for a long time. They suggest other to buy the stroller as they have got benefits of it.

Canopy for the Comfort of your Baby

Other significant advantages of the stroller are that it has a good and large canopy. The size of the canopy is decent. This canopy is not much bigger like the canopy of the strollers. The canopy provides enough security from the sun and harsh wind. The stroller has a peekaboo window to see the baby inside.

Even the baby can see the mother. The stroller has enough ventilation to ensure fresh air for the baby’s comfort for the hot days.

Easy Storage

An important issue that most of the parents like is the easy storage. The stroller is not a small thing that you can keep hiding in the corner of your home. This is essential to keep the stroller in a secure place as you need to save it from the fungus or some other stuff. The stroller is simple to fold, and you may take it where you like to go.

As I have told before that, the Graco Breaze has listened to the demand of the customers. It is both simple to storage and transportable.

If you look at the Amazon, you will see how mom is pushing the stroller at the end of her hands. The mom is holding her baby with the other hands. Here you will see how easily she managed the stroller and handled it.

Super Comfortable

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

The Graco has high features which ensure comfort for the baby. This stroller has some important features that make the stroller different from the other strollers.

This is very comfortable than the other strollers on the market. The materials ensure comfort for the babies. Besides the stroller are supposed to ensure much comfort.

The company is an important feature for which you like the stroller much. The stroller has some special functions like the relax and the recline.

Recline is an ancient method to ensure comfort. The baby feels much comfort with this stroller than the other strollers. The people who have gone through this article will choose the Best Umbrella stroller for their babies.

Great Suspension

The stroller comes with a great suspension. You are not able to see the suspension from the other side of the stroller. You do not get the feeling that you are going something just like a bike.

The task of the suspension is like the suspension of the worldwide. The purpose is to reduce bpumpingand shaking of your stroller.

The suspension of the Graco Breaze has special stability. So it ensures more comfort for the baby on your hand. The suspension will endure all the pressure, at the time of pushing it you will not feel uncomfortable.

Handle bars

The handle bars are positioned and located 39 inches from the earth. This is the average measurement for all the strollers.

They are not just adjustable. If you are a tall man, the stroller might be low for you. The foams are soft and make stroller wonderful to push.

Viewing window

As you recline the seat fully, you may see the opening at the back which is covered with materials added to the back side of the canopy. In a hot summer day, the child will get enough air through the canopy.

There is a piece of metal used at the back which saves the child from falling out. The stroller is safe for the baby, and it will be the good stroller for the toddler as you like to recline the seat. The seat back is eighteen inches, and I would like to have more height.

5 point harness

The stroller has five points harness for the safety of the baby having center release buckles. The buckles are simple to locks but hard for the children.

Multi-Position, Deep Reclining Seat

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

The seats of the stroller are excellent, and you can recline it according to your need or preference. The most attractive feature of the stroller is that it has deep recline seat.

The seats are nearly flat and most recline position.  As it has flat recline seat, the stroller is very comfortable for the Childs’ nap and diaper changing sessions.

One hand is enough to recline the stroller seat. It is also an extra benefit of the stroller.

What is the best demanding feature that you like most?

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

As you are parents, you would like to have built in stability and maneuverability of the Graco’s Breaze Click Connect.

The lockable front swivel wheels are designed with suspension. So you will feel comfort push the stroller at the same time it is lightweight. The stroller has a pop out visor and a large canopy to save the baby from the sun.

Therefore, you will get a comfortable stroller for you baby which provides much shade for your child.

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What do the people say about Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller?

So light

I have ordered one for my three years’ baby. I have no cars for this I use it frequently. I love the packaging system of the stroller. This was simple to assemble.

The canopy has the great capacity to cover a large area, and the sun cannot enter into it. Under the seat, there is a cup holder where you can keep the necessary things for your baby and yourself also. When you push it, you will feel no problem at all. It is pretty light.

This is amazing also. You may keep it any corner of your house. The brakes of the stroller are very good. You may keep it any corner of your house. The materials of the stroller are good so you can easily use it.

You will feel comfort for the stroller. I like the stroller very much. The only disappointment is the delivery. I live in a 12 storied building, and I found it is the comfort. Anyone can have it for the baby. I know it will come at 4 pm as I need to take out the trash.

Super small but still holds car seat

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

I like the umbrellas stroller more. Keeping in the tanks of the car is simple. The stroller is small and simple to hold in the car seat. The folding and unfolding of the stroller are very good. The car seat clicks out and in easily.

The seat recline is flat, and the child may lay easily though there is body support with the stroller. It is difficult to get stuff out and in of the basket as the seats are reclined. The stroller will last for a long time.

I sure can say that if I like to buy a new stroller, I will buy it again. No doubt. The carrying handle of the stroller is very good, and the latching mechanism is right next to the carrying handle.

Product Information of Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

ASIN                                B00UVW3WAW

Item Weight                    17.8 pounds

Product Dimensions        27.5 x 20 x 40 inches

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Question: what is the information about the wheel?

Answer: It rests on four hard rubber wheels and six single wheels to ahead and seven- inches double wheels at the back. The anterior wheels of the stroller are swivel and may be locked straight for the rougher terrains.

You can lock and unlock the wheels by stepping every pedal with the foot instead of touching dirty wheels by your hands.

The stroller is made to move on the smooth surface, not for the gravel or grass or playground mulch. Never try to handle it over the rough terrain by using force.

Question: Is it safe for riding?

Answer: The stroller has convertible harness position from three to five points. The stroller is made for the growing child. You have happiness in your mind as you can think that the baby inside it is comfortable and safe enough. You can take your baby with it over rough terrains without any anxiety.

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The Summary

The people who will read this article will fall in love with the stroller, and they desire to have Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller. People like the stroller much as it has lots of benefits. I have used it for three years.

I have seen the benefit of it. If I buy a stroller again, I will not buy anything but the Graco Breaze. Read the instruction very carefully and if you like to buy a stroller for you, baby. There are lots of reviews on online for the strollers.

Among them, you need to choose the best stroller. The review will help you to know more about the stroller. The stroller is most convenient to use.

If someone like has a good stroller for you baby, you should buy the Graco Breaze. You can visit Amazon pages to know more about the stroller. Do not lose your hope for anything.

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