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Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller Review

The Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller is dear to the parents who have a growing family and have the infant with the older and smaller infant. It has a stadium with a seat for enough babies, they can sit and stand well.

I like the tandem style seating, which contrasts side by side and is simple to move in the narrow space or by the doorways. It has a folding feature and a self-standing option perfect for times if your two hands are full.

The stroller is compatible with the Graco Car seats. The design is perfect and will last for a long time. It will serve at least three to four years in most cases. If you have one child, it changes your lifestyle fully.

Having two children at an equal time is a complicated situation. The stroller makes the job easier for you. I have no previous experience with this kind of stroller. A double stroller makes life easier for you if you like to take two children to the town.

graco duoglider classic connect stroller

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Features of Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller

  • The twin stroller features stadium-style seating, as well as outstanding versatility, and holds 2 Graco Classic Connect car seats.
  • One hand is for the baby, and another hand to carry the stroller
  • The capacity of the Double stroller travel system is two children weight up to 40 pounds each. Two recline seats along with personal canopies.
  • The rear seat reclines are flat as if the babies had more adventure
  • There are parent’s tray and an extra-large storage basket to make it convenient


  • For additional coverage, you can add a summer sunshade
  • Cup holders are very narrow but fit for narrow water bottle
  • Made with great attention, very solid. I feel safe keeping my baby
  • Because of length, the vision is not good, but maneuvers well
  • Suitable for two kids
  • Simple to keep the diaper bags and other items. You may keep a big umbrella by the side of the stroller by sleeping between the bars and the seats.


  • Heavier compared to other models.

What you have to consider


graco duoglider lx stroller review

Graco Seat is a good stroller for twin babies as it has two infant car seats. The seats are expanded and have more space for the babies. If the child is older, he or she will appreciate it very much.

They easily can see the surrounding from the stroller. The stroller has more head support and makes it comfortable as well as safe for the baby.

It comes with five points safety harness for the babies and added belts would ensure more safety. The stroller is perfect for the older child as well as for the infant.


Weight is also an important factor for the stroller. For heavyweight, some people do not like to use the stroller. They like the lightweight stroller. According to the description, the weight of the stroller is 38 pounds. We would like to use a stroller that is 42 pounds with a car seat.

The regular Sit N Stand stroller may not configure like this. The shipping weight of the stroller is 29 lbs. The Jeep stroller is 42 pounds, the Graco Duo Glider is 32, and the Chicco Cortina is 44.7 lbs, the Contours Options is 52.6 lbs. The Ready2Grow LX has a lower weight than the other strollers on the market.


graco duoglider lx stroller review

There is large storage under the stroller to keep many necessary things like diaper bags. You may put large items in this bag. It has a parent organizer tray with cup holders and small storage to keep necessary things like wallets, cell phones, and keys.

The cup holder is deep enough. Besides, there is no possibility of falling the coffee or water from it. Storage is a great factor for parents who have two children.

Inside the store, you may keep our necessary things inside it. If you like to use the car seat, you can remove the tray that comes with the seat

Unique Recline Feature

As it is the best double stroller, it is very hard to make it enjoyable for the babies to the fullest. Luckily, this may do so.

In the back section of the stroller, there is a unique feature. The back seats are fully reclining for that the baby can see the whole world. This sort of feature is not present in another double stroller.

Great for a Growing Family

graco duoglider lx stroller review

As you have a growing family, you need not buy a double stroller for your babies. What is the reason? It is simple to explain. As you have two babies, you do not like to spend more money on your babies.

One stroller may insist you were buying two strollers. If you buy two strollers, you need to use four hands to handle them. This is indeed a difficult task.

If you use this stroller, the whole process will take a much easier effort to do so. So the stroller is a great solution for the growing family. There is no good option like this one.


We have tested many strollers in the market. We have also tested Graco’s Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller. We found it has secured 20 degrees for the braking system.

graco duoglider lx stroller review

The tests are loading with 35 pounds with an infant car seat at the front and 40 pounds in the back. The Graco’s Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller begins rolling at an incline of 18 degrees. A second Grace Connect Lx rolls roughly 19 degrees.

In Graco’s, you will see plastic teeth in the braking system to lock instantly. We have tested the teeth. Some were bent, and some were stress marks.

We have tested the third one in our maneuverability and usability. We use a brake to stop or stabilize it on the level ground. The brakes do not release as some teeth bend earlier. This is a gentle test no doubt.

Easy Fold

The Graco double stroller is perfect for busy moms. It has a one-handed folding system. Busy moms do not need to bend over to fold it. The stroller is self-standing when folded and has much storage latch.

Size, Dimensions, and Weight 

This is certainly not a stroller in the lightweight class, although considering it is a double, I’d not anticipate it to be. The entire weight of this stroller is 35 lbs, so although you can use one hand to hold it, you’re likely going to want two to hoist it in your trunk.

Dimensions are 38.5″ x 19.7″ x 13.6″ (Length, Width, Depth) if constructed. The maximum recommended weight for every child is 40 pounds, for a total of 80 lbs. The highest elevation recommendation for every youngster is 43″. This is only one of the stronger and more durable scooters available on the market.

Use for Years

If you have two children, you must have bought this stroller for your two children. For many years, you can use this stroller. The bench seat, the front seat, and the standing platform can hold weight up to fifty pounds.

The rear seat of the stroller may endure a weight of up to forty pounds. The Ready2Grow will last for a long time which is also a great feature for the baby stroller.


The Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller is padded well for the comfort of the baby at the time of moving it. This special stroller is compatible with the Graco infant car seat, though you have bought them separately. The babies are more comfortable and secured inside the DuoGlider LX strollers. For many reasons, the stroller is dear to the parents.

Why you choose Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller

I like the stroller much. There are many reasons behind it. It is safe and secure for babies at the time of travel. There are two seats in this stroller.

One is for the old baby, and the other is for the newborn. It has a three or five points harness for the safety and security of the child. Each seat has a footrest.

The stroller comes with UV protective sun canopy to save the child from the sun and rain. The stroller is convenient for babies. Babies enjoy the stroller most.

What people say regarding Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller

When I saw the stroller first, I thought it looked pretty high-end. Besides, the fabrics of the stroller arsayt cheap, and the metal frame and the wheels are not cheap. The price is low, but they look high quality.

This one is the most affordable stroller on the market. It does not compromise with the other strollers on the market, but the quality is very high. This is the most plus point for this stroller. The mamas like the stroller much more than the other strollers.

graco duoglider lx stroller review

To fulfill the demand of one kid may be difficult. If you have two kids what will happen? If I have twin babies, I need to make a complete budget.

Lastly, the stroller offers me a social life. I am presently not afraid to go to the park or to go to the mall. I have full freedom to spend time with my friends. I have bought it, and my child spends time inside it. I do not need to run behind the stroller.

The seats are spacious like the stadium, and my older son’s raised seat is a bit higher than the front. So he can see all the things.

Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller Review

Product Info – Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller Review

Product Size    35.5 x 20 x 40 inches

Item Weight    30.3 pounds

The maximum weight recommendation is 40 Pounds

ASIN    B001GQ2PA0

Graco Duoglider assembly

The DuoGlider is a dual stroller made and marketed by Graco. Both of those stroller seats are equipped with a detachable canopy and bite. The stroller needs first to be constructed before it may be utilized. It is important to find out the appropriate directions to guarantee security and be certain proper locking mechanisms are set up.

Switch the stroller upside down to put in the wheels and basket.

Align the stroller basket together with both basket bars. Push the basket securely on the rear of the stroller. Snap the fastening straps on the bar and on the basket to be sure that the gasket remains in place.

Align front wheels with the front feet of this stroller. Push the bike securely in place. Pull back on the wheel to make it secured; do so to both wheels. Both bigger wheels move on the back along with both smaller wheels run on the front.

Recline the rear seat, pull on the back lever and pull back. Twist the rear wheels on the brake pub. Use a hammer to fasten the bike set up together with all the axle caps.

Flip back the stroller into the normal operating position. Snap the bite tray on the front chair and, if wanted, one about the rear seat. The stroller is currently prepared for use.

Final Verdict

Customer who has already bought the Graco DuoGlice LX give excellent reviews about it. They like the simple maneuver or the easy folding system.

Another addition is the easy assembly—other people like it as they can keep it in any sized car’s trunk. Most of the consumers are happy with the service of the stroller.

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