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How to Fold a Mockingbird Stroller

Mockingbird strollers are becoming increasingly popular for their sleek design and easy maneuverability. If you’re considering purchasing one, or have already made the purchase, learning how to fold it correctly is essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that:

Start by unlatching the stroller’s frame from the seat. You can do this by pressing down on the release buttons located on either side of the seat. Once the frame is released, pull up on the handlebar until it locks into place, then push down on the footrest until it clicks into place.

  • Remove the stroller from the packaging
  • Unfold the stroller and extend the handles
  • Push down on the extended handles to collapse the stroller
  • Lift up on the seat to fold in half length-wise
  • Fold in the wheels so that they are flush with the rest of the stroller

Introducing The Mockingbird Single Stroller – Instructional Video

How to Fold Mockingbird Stroller Rear Facing

Mockingbird strollers are designed to be ultra-compact and lightweight, making them perfect for travel. But did you know that they can also be easily converted to rear-facing mode? Here’s how:

1. Start by folding the stroller in its usual manner. 2. Then, unclip the two side panels and fold them inwards towards the center of the stroller. 3. Next, locate the small silver tab on the back of the seat and push it downwards to release the seat from its upright position.

The seat will now recline all the way backwards, creating a flat surface. 4. Finally, reattach the side panels in their new positions using the Velcro strips at the top and bottom of each panel. And that’s it!

Your Mockingbird stroller is now ready for use in rear-facing mode.

How to Fold a Mockingbird Stroller


Can You Fold the Mockingbird Stroller?

Yes, the Mockingbird stroller can be folded. In fact, it’s designed to be easy to fold so that you can take it with you on the go. Here’s how to do it:

1. First, make sure that the stroller is in the upright position. 2. Then, locate the two handles on either side of the seat. These are called the “folding handles.”

3. Grab each handle and pull up until the stroller is in a half-folded position. At this point, you should see a locking mechanism engage. This ensures that the stroller stays in place while you finish folding it.

4. Next, push down on the handlebars until the stroller is completely folded. Again, you’ll hear a locking mechanism engage to keep everything in place. 5. Finally, grab hold of the carry strap (located at the top of the folded stroller) and lift it up so that you can easily carry your Mockingbird around with you!

How Do You Pack a Mockingbird Stroller?

Assuming you have a Mockingbird stroller, the first thing you want to do is remove the seat. To do this, simply press the two buttons on either side of the seat near where it meets the stroller frame and pull up. Next, fold down the stroller by pulling on the latch located in front of the right wheel.

Once that’s done, use the provided straps to secure everything in place. And that’s it! Your Mockingbird stroller should now be packed and ready for travel.

Can You Fold Mockingbird Stroller With 2 Seats?

If you have two small children, a double stroller is an essential piece of gear. The Mockingbird Twin Stroller lets you take both kids along for the ride while keeping them safe and comfortable. But can you fold this stroller with two seats?

The answer is yes! The Mockingbird Twin Stroller features a quick-fold design that makes it easy to fold up, even with two seats attached. Simply lift up on the handlebar and the stroller will fold in half.

Then, use the built-in strap to secure the folded stroller for transport or storage. With its lightweight yet sturdy construction, the Mockingbird Twin Stroller is perfect for everyday errands or longer outings with your little ones. And when you’re done using it, simply fold it up and tuck it away until your next adventure!

Can You Fold Mockingbird Stroller With Carseat Adapter?

Yes, you can fold Mockingbird stroller with a carseat adapter. Here’s how: 1. First, remove the carseat from the adapter.

2. Next, fold down the stroller’s handlebar. 3. Then, fold the stroller in half at the hinge point located behind the seat. 4. Finally, close the latch to keep the stroller folded during transport or storage.


Families who are on the go will love the Mockingbird stroller. This stroller is perfect for running errands or taking a walk in the park. The Mockingbird stroller can be easily folded up and stored in a car trunk or closet.

To fold the Mockingbird stroller, first remove the seat from the frame. Then, fold down the sun canopy and push down on the handlebar to collapse the frame. Finally, lift up on the front wheels to lock the stroller in place.

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