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How to Fold and Unfold The Mockingbird Stroller

There’s no denying that the Mockingbird stroller is one of the best strollers on the market. The stroller folds and unfolds in less than two minutes, making it the perfect stroller for parents who don’t want bulky strollers. It’s also the only stroller with a fully integrated play system, so you can carry your child while they play using the stroller. However, the Mockingbird stroller might not be the right choice if you’re looking for a stroller that can be used as a playpen and baby carrier.

What is the Mockingbird stroller?

Mockingbird is a stroller designed for active parents (such as new moms and dads running with their children). The stroller is built for parents who love to exercise and want to keep doing so after their little one is born.

Mockingbird strollers are designed to keep the baby comfortable and safe while their parents get a great workout. The stroller is lightweight enough to be carried and maneuvered easily, even when folded. In addition, it features pivoting wheels and an adjustable handlebar to adapt to several terrains. Children can also benefit from the bike-inspired design, which has several features that make this stroller fun and safe.

how to fold and unfold the mockingbird stroller

How to fold and unfold the Mockingbird stroller?

The Mockingbird stroller is easy to fold and has a small tradeoff for the one-handed push. However, the folding mechanism is in the handlebar’s middle, sometimes making one-handed pushing tricky. Also, you cannot fold it with the seat facing you – you need to rotate or remove it for a flat fold.

The Mockingbird is easy to push with one hand and has reversible seating that allows you to face either direction when using it. In addition, the Mockingbird stroller has a folding mechanism that requires just one hand and is located on the handlebar. The fold can be done with both seats attached – just make sure they’re facing forward.

The folding mechanism is not compact, but it’s easy to use. Unfortunately, you cannot fold the Mockingbird stroller when either seat is facing the rear (towards you). You’ll need to rotate the seats to face outward (or remove them altogether) to fold them into a more compact shape for storage. You’ll need to remove the seat(s) to fold it flat.

How to fold the Mockingbird stroller?

The Mockingbird stroller doesn’t come with a manual, but it is very easy to fold.

The first step is to open the stroller. Next, take the handles and lift them upwards. In the next step, you must pull the canopy up and unfold the stroller. Then, you can open the folding stroller mechanism by pulling the red strap on both sides of the stroller.

The next step is to push the canopy down. Then, you need to take the storage basket and pull it out. Finally, you should put it back in its original position. Now, you can open the stroller frame and pull it until you hear the clicks.

The final step is to lean the stroller towards you and pull the footrest out. Now, you do not need to unfold the stroller anymore.

how to unfold the mockingbird stroller?
How To Fold And Unfold The Mockingbird Stroller 6

How to unfold the Mockingbird stroller?

This stroller can be easily folded and unfolded as a single or two-step process. However, the two-step process is recommended. For the single-step process, simply follow these steps:

Here are a few options for you:

1) Simply grasp the silver pull handle at the back of the stroller and pull the stroller backward. This should unlock the stroller and allow you to fold it down.

2) For added ease and convenience, you may purchase a stroller strap made specifically for use with the Mockingbird stroller. The strap is tied around the stroller, and the stroller can be opened or folded in one motion.

3) We also offer a stroller wedge which makes unfolding the stroller even easier by using a wedge under the front wheels to help lift the stroller open.

How to use the Mockingbird stroller?

For the Mockingbird stroller, the ideal age is from newborn to a year and a half. The stroller should be used with a baby from birth when the baby is a newborn and facing you. When the baby is facing outwards, it should be used when the baby is able to sit up on his or her own.

Nonetheless, the stroller should not be used when facing outwards when the baby is a newborn. Instead, the baby should be put in the stroller with the bottom straps. The top straps should be snapped in as well.

The bottom straps should be snapped into the slots on the frame. The baby should be strapped with a red waist strap. The baby’s waist should be at its smallest while the baby is in the Mockingbird stroller.

The baby should be secured with a white strap, and the buckle should be at the baby’s waist. The handle of the stroller will vary in height depending on your height.

what are the benefits of the mockingbird stroller?

What are the benefits of the Mockingbird stroller?

The benefits of the Mockingbird stroller are:

1. It is a single product that works as a travel system with infant car seats.

2. It is simple to transform from a travel system stroller to a stand-on stroller and comes with a removable bassinet for newborns.

3. It has a large storage basket.

4. It has a large canopy with a peek-a-boo window.

5. It has a one-hand recline.

6. A footrest is included to keep feet and legs in a natural position.

7. It has a one-hand operated parking brake.

8. It comes with a parent console with two cup holders.

9. It has smooth-rolling wheels and suspension to absorb bumps.

10. Setup is a breeze, and it folds quickly.

11. It has a quick-release fold for storage.

12. It has an adjustable handlebar.

13. Some colors are available for this stroller.

14. It has an optional bassinet.

15. It has a canopy that can be added to the stroller to protect the baby from the sun.

16. The seat can be changed to face the parent or the world.

17. It has a leg rest that has different positions.

18. It has a standard-sized canopy (not a mini external one).

19. The car seat adaptors are sold separately.

How to care for the Mockingbird stroller?

The Mockingbird stroller is a high-quality, sturdy stroller. However, there are certain things that you need to take care of it. I will divide this into two categories, general and specific.

General: To ensure that the Mockingbird stroller stays in good condition, you need to make sure that you clean it regularly. The fabric may be machine washable, but I would recommend using a damp cloth and warm water with mild detergent to clean it. Air-dry it as well. Avoid using hot water and washing it in the dryer.

Specific: If you want to clean the fabric seat, use a damp (NOT wet) cloth or a baby wipe to wipe down the seat and then air dry. Avoid using any other cleaners as they could damage the fabric. If you have a stain, avoid rubbing it and then try to remove it with a mild detergent.

how to store the mockingbird stroller?

How to store the Mockingbird stroller?

Mockingbird strollers are among the most compact and easy-to-store strollers on the market. With some planning, you can easily fit the stroller into tight spaces and out of the way when it is not in use.

Mockingbird strollers come with a rear-wheel lock that allows you to swivel the front wheel. To fit the stroller in a smaller space, you or your child can sit on the seat while you spin the wheel until the stroller is in a position you can still push.

If the wheel is locked, the front wheel will swivel freely, and the stroller could move in a little difficult way to control. The wheel lock can be activated once you have the stroller in place. This will allow you to easily maneuver the stroller. The front-wheel does have a brake to keep the stroller from moving unexpectedly.

How to troubleshoot the Mockingbird stroller?

If you cannot push the stroller smoothly, you need to check the following things:

1. Are the wheels lock?

2. Are the front wheels adjusted properly?

3. Is there something stuck in the wheels?

4. Are the front wheels properly inflated?

If the wheels are locked, unlock them and try pushing the stroller again.

If the front wheels are not adjusted properly, then raise them a bit and see if that fixes the problem.

If the stroller is not moving smoothly, something might have gotten stuck in the wheels; try cleaning the wheels. Lastly, inflate the tires again if all else fails and nothing is stuck in the wheels.

How often should the Mockingbird stroller be used?

The Mockingbird stroller is a versatile, high-quality stroller. It can be used as a tandem or a single stroller, making it convenient for any family. In addition, you can use the stroller with or without a car seat and then convert it to a travel system if you need to use an infant car seat.

If you have twins or are expecting another child, you may want to go with the Mockingbird Plus, a double stroller that can accommodate kids up to 50 pounds.

how to clean the mockingbird stroller?

How to clean the Mockingbird stroller?

A mockingbird stroller provides a clean, safe, and convenient world for your child while providing superior comfort, quality, and style.

To maintain the quality of your stroller, the fabric should be cleaned using a damp rag with mild detergent. In addition, the frame and wheels should be cleaned using a damp rag with mild detergent.

Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach, petrol, or alcohol to clean your stroller, as these could damage the material. Instead, use a soft brush to remove any dirt or stains. Also, do not use harsh chemicals like bleach, petrol, or alcohol to clean your stroller, as these could damage the material.

What is the warranty for the Mockingbird stroller?

Mockingbird strollers come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. We want everyone to feel confident using their Mockingbird strollers because we stand behind them.

If you have any issues with the stroller, simply contact us by email or phone, and we will assist you with replacement parts. Please note that we do not provide warranty coverage on products that have been damaged by misuse or negligence. The warranty is only available to the original owner on purchases made directly from Mockingbird.

How to contact Mockingbird stroller customer service?

Mockingbird strollers offer consumers high-quality, innovative products that are safe, durable, and easy to use. One of the top brands in the industry, Mockingbird strollers provides long-lasting strollers that make parents’ lives easier. Contact Mockingbird’s customer service by phone at +1 646-933-1290 or by email at if you need assistance with your Mockingbird product.

An introduction to the Mockingbird Single Stroller – Instructional Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fold the mockingbird double stroller?

The Mockingbird stroller can be folded with one hand in a single motion. The process is actually very easy. First, fold the child tray under the stroller, then pull the lower handlebars towards you until the stroller is almost folded. Next, fold and tuck the front wheels underneath the stroller; this will cause the stroller to fold into a small, neat package.

Does the Mockingbird Stroller lay flat?

Yes! The Mockingbird Stroller converts into a bassinet and a flat, full-size stroller. It weighs only 13 lbs, is compact, and its seat reclines. The front wheels also lock, and it has a handlebar fold. The Mockingbird is a good stroller for travel and a great option for parents who want something affordable and lightweight.

Does the Mockingbird stroller fully recline?

The Mockingbird stroller does indeed recline fully. It reclines completely so that when the baby falls asleep in it, the baby will remain asleep for a long time. We tested this stroller in our office, and when some employee’s baby in it fell asleep, the baby stayed asleep for about an hour! We then tested it again, and he slept for 2 hours! This stroller is very comfortable, and my baby loves it. The Mockingbird stroller is a quality stroller and a very good bargain.


In conclusion, the stroller is designed to be folded and unfolded by hand, so you can do it easily without any tools. It’s very easy to fold the stroller. Just pull out the handle, pull down the footrests, and fold the stroller in half. You can also fold the stroller in half from the top. Again, just pull out the handle, pull up the footrests, and unfold the stroller to unfold the stroller. You can also unfold the stroller from the top.

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