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How to fold the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller

The Mockingbird stroller is an excellent choice for parents who want to get out and about in style but don’t want to spend a fortune on a fancy stroller. This foldable, lightweight stroller is the perfect option for families looking for something that will fold up small enough to fit into a car trunk. We’ll show you how to fold the stroller and demonstrate the steps involved.

How to fold the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller?

The Mockingbird “Single-to-Double” stroller is an excellent option for parents with two young children. It’s easy to fold and comes with a rain and insect cover. The only downside is that you must purchase the second seat separately for an additional $219.99.

You will need additional adapters to buy the Mockingbird double stroller in the desired configuration. The cost of the adapters totals $24.99. The total cost of purchasing the Mockingbird double and the UPPAbaby Vista V2 in the desired configuration is $595.

Mockingbird stroller is a convenient, stylish, and portable single-to-double stroller for parents of twins. This single to double stroller folds down to easily fit in a trunk, and a carry bag is included for convenient portability.

It’s super easy to switch from one seating arrangement to another. The seat back adjusts to three positions, and the seat bottom adjusts to four positions, so your child can have a comfortable ride. In addition, the stroller can be folded using the single handle located on the right rear side of the stroller.

Step 1: Fold the stroller and place it on the ground.

Step 2: Twist the anti-tippers on the front wheels to the left and pull the wheels toward each other so that the stroller is folded.

Step 3: Tilt the stroller with the backrest and the handles facing down.

Step 4: Turn and pull the backrest up and down to lock the stroller in the correct position.

Step 5: Wheel the folded stroller in your desired space.

How to fold the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller quickly?

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller is one of the most innovative strollers you can find for urban parents. Unlike other products, it is extremely easy to fold, weighing not more than 21 pounds, making it a perfect travel companion.

Moreover, it comes with a self-stand design, which means you can keep it in the corner of your room when not in use.

To fold it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pull up the handlebar and push the release button.

Step 2: Fold the seat back by pulling it towards the bottom and then go for the stroller’s sides.

Step 3: Fold the stroller in half.

How to fold the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller easily?

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double stroller is a finely crafted stroller that is lightweight and easy to transport. It also has several components that can be used in multiple ways. In addition, it can easily be folded down and brought along when traveling.

First, you must remove the seat from the frame to fold the stroller. The seat can be detached from the frame by pulling it upwards and removing it from the clips. Now you need to pull up the handlebar from the rear of the seat to remove the brake bar from its location on the frame.

How to fold the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller in detail?

The Mockingbird Double stroller is rather easy to use. It is adjustable, so the child on the front seat can be accessed without any hassle. The back seat is a bit larger and can easily accommodate two children.

The back seat has a bar to hold the children so they are not rolling around in their seats. The back seat has a sun canopy with a visor to shield your child from the mid-day sun. The Mockingbird Double stroller can easily be folded.

It takes just a few seconds to fold. The front wheels lock when folding the stroller. The fold is compact and can be easily stored. The stroller can be easily opened when ready to use it again.

How do you set up a Mockingbird double stroller?

The first thing you need to do before setting up the Mockingbird double stroller is unpacked it. After unpacking it, you need to fix the stroller’s wheels. Firstly, you need to lock the wheels and then unlock them. The next step is to unlock the rear wheels and the front wheels.

Also, you need to adjust the front wheel. The next step is to fix the canopies. You need to fix the right canopy first, then the left one. Adjusting the leg rests is the next step. You must ensure that the leg rests are the same height as the seat backs. The next step is to adjust the seat belts.

You must adjust the seat belts when the children sit in the stroller. Adjusting the footrests is the next step. Finally, you need to adjust the footrests for the children.

Also, you need to adjust the footrests for the parent. The next step is to adjust the handles. Remember that the handles should be the same height as the seat backs. The next step is to adjust the canopies.

Adjusting the canopies is important as it will protect the children from harsh sunlight. The last step is to remove the caps from the wheels.

Can you fold the Mockingbird Stroller with two seats?

The Mockingbird is primarily a single-seat stroller with a detachable second seat. The second seat is compatible with the first, but it is always necessary to have the first seat properly put in place before the second seat is put in place.

One must first detach the second seat for the Mockingbird to fold with both seats attached. On the left side of the stroller, you will find a button that releases the second seat so that it may be removed. After detaching the second seat, we recommend that you remove the first seat before folding the stroller.

How do you pack a Mockingbird stroller?

Step 1: Remove the wheels.

Step 2: Before removing the seat, place the stroller on a flat surface like a bed or floor.

Step 3: Place the seat on the stroller frame in an area where the wear and tear of the stroller are less likely.

Step 4: Fold and roll the stroller to place it in the bag.

Step 5: Place the bag on the stroller frame and fasten the two straps together.

Step 6: Place the stroller wheels in the bag.

Step 7: Lift the bag by the loops on each side of the bag, and place the wheels on the bottom portion.

Step 8: Pull the bag cloth over the wheels.

Step 9: Fold the flaps from the bag over the wheels until the bag is tightly wrapped.

Step 10: Place the bag straps over the wheels and fasten them near the top of the bag.

The Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller in a Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mockingbird stroller lay flat?

Yes, the baby stroller does lay flat. The wheels on the back can move into a position where the baby can lay flat comfortably. Furthermore, the baby is always facing forward, and there is nothing between them and their parent.

How do I know if my Mockingbird Stroller is single or double?

The first thing to know is that the Mockingbird stroller can be used in single and double strollers. The Mockingbird Stroller also helps you to increase your walking radius so that you can explore the outdoors with your new baby.

Can the Mockingbird stroller convert to a double?

The Mockingbird stroller can convert to a double by adding a second seat. The process is fairly simple and can be done in just a few minutes. To convert, simply remove the seat currently in use, unzip the cover on the back of the stroller, and replace it with the second seat. You can then zip up the cover and ready to go.


In conclusion, in order to fold the Mockingbird stroller, you must first pull out the wheels. This is done by pulling out the two black plastic wheels on either side of the stroller. Next, you need to pull out the black handle and the wheel that connects the handle to the stroller. Pulling out these parts allows you to remove the two black wheels from the stroller.

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