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How to Open Graco Jogger Stroller

The Graco Jogger stroller is a great choice for parents who want an all-in-one stroller that can be used for both everyday errands and light jogging. The stroller features a durable design with a five-point harness system to keep your child safe, as well as front and rear suspension to provide a smooth ride. The jogger also has large wheels that make it easy to maneuver over different types of terrain.

To open the Graco Jogger stroller, simply follow these steps.

  • Assuming you would like steps on how to open the Graco Jogger stroller: 1
  • Locate the red handle in the center of the stroller frame and pull up
  • At the same time, push down on the green levers located on either side of the stroller frame near the wheels
  • The stroller should now be open and ready to use
  • To close, simply reverse these steps

How to open and unfold the Graco Jogger Stroller

How to Unfold Graco Fitfold Jogger

Assuming you would like a blog post titled “How to Unfold the Graco Fitfold Jogger”: The Graco Fitfold Jogger is a great stroller for those who love to jog or run with their little ones. It’s easy to fold and unfolding it is just as simple.

Here are the steps to follow when unfolding your Graco Fitfold Jogger: 1. Start by standing the stroller up on its end with the handlebar in the upright position. 2. Next, pull out on the red tab located on the left side of the stroller frame until you hear a click.

This will release the lock on the side of the stroller. 3. With your other hand, push down on the handlebar while pulling up on the red tab until you hear a second click. The stroller should now be fully unfolded and ready to use!

how to open graco jogger stroller
How To Open Graco Jogger Stroller 2


How Do You Unlock a Graco Stroller?

If your Graco stroller has a locking mechanism, you will need to use a key to unlock it. If your stroller does not have a locking mechanism, you can simply fold it up and carry it away.

How Do You Unfold a Graco Jogger Lx?

Assuming you have already assembled the stroller: To unfold the Graco Jogger LX, first locate the green release button on the right side of the stroller. Second, press and hold down the green release button while simultaneously pulling up on the handlebar.

The stroller should now be fully unfolded and ready to use.


It can be difficult to open a Graco jogger stroller, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier. First, make sure that the stroller is in the unlock position by pushing the button on the handle. Then, pull up on the handle while simultaneously pushing down on the release lever.

This should cause the stroller to open. If it doesn’t, try pressing down on the release lever while pulling up on the handle.

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