Instep safari double jogging stroller reviews

You are thinking to respect the safety of your child; there are no alternatives to choose the Superb Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger stroller. This is the cheapest stroller on the market now than the other double strollers.

The stroller comes with a double trigger mechanism that is an ideal for ensuring safety.There is a slip resistance system along with adjustable rubber handle and provide comfort at the time of handling. The stroller is top listed one and comes with exposed spring suspension.

It gives smooth rides. The other features are Mp3 speakers, the Faux Lambskin seat pad for keeping the child warmth, entertained and most comfortable. The other things are twelve inches front, and sixteen inches rear pneumatic tires, two seats, remote lock with the front swivel and so on.

The overall view of Instep is 3.5, after 144 reviews on online. 3.5 is much lower compared to the internet, but this has more reviews compare to other such as Summit x3 and Bob Ironman.

There are many features, but InStep has some features that are wanting. The handle is made of plastic and comfortable at the time of handle though you are sweaty. The price of the stroller is not very much higher.

InStep Weather Shield Double for Swivel Wheel Jogger/Stroller

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  • The sunshade is very excellent as it will ensure that the baby is safe inside of the stroller. The lights of the sun cannot enter inside the stroller but keep inside warm.
  • You can adjust the handle, so the stroller is a great one for the taller people.
  • The front wheels are very useful for the users. There is no need to hassle for going ahead of the jogger for this features. Only you should press the button, and the swivel will lock or unlock automatically.
  • There is an Mp3 audio option with the stroller. So the baby can hear some good music inside the stroller.
  • The stroller is very easy to keep in store.
  • The stroller is simple to transport. You need just push the handle and enjoy the convenience of holding grips the stroller moves fairly well.
  • The exposes spring shock confirms the soft stroll for the users.
  • You may simply shift the stroller from swivel to fix.
  • The pneumatic tires ensure good performance of the stroller. Besides, the model rims make the stroller more stylish.
  • There is the proper maintenance of the stroller with the jogger. You can bring the total items to wash. The pads and removable fleece are possible to wash by the machine.
  • The seats are reclined so you can give more space to the stroller for the baby.
  • The price of the thing is very reasonable


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  • The materials of the stroller are not adjusted for the ideal composition. You may have a rash after using many times if you can not maintain it well.
  • The handle is made of plastic. As your hand is sweating, it is difficult to deal with the stroller. The bar of the stroller will difficult to maintain as it becomes obnoxious. So there is need of streamlined as the problem creates for using stuff like zippers or foams.

Instep Grand Safari Double Jogging Stroller Features

The mentioned features are the best features of the Instep Grand Safari Double Jogging Stroller

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  • The stroller appears before you with open tray, dual cup holders.
  • The rear tires are 12 and 16 inches, with molded rims which ensure excellent style and performance.
  • The stroller has safety features with remote locking wheel along with handbrake.
  • The remote wheels permit easy transport having a swivel to fix mode.
  • The Grand Safari swivel jogger has adjustable handlebars which are designed to yield incomparable relax for the users.
  • The inclusion of exposed spring shock assures smooth ride for the users.
  • Another attractive feature of the stroller is the presence of speakers with the canopy.
  • The detachable seat pad and fleece is possible to wash by machine
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Handles, Wheels and Brakes

The Grips have a rubberized grip, Which Makes It Slide. It’s an instantaneous lock switch which converts it by a jogger into a swivel stroller at an instant. The wheels with polished iron rims imply they’re air-filled, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on just about any terrain.

The front tire is 12″, although the back tires are 16″. The stroller can be equipped with a quick-release feature for those wheels, which makes it effortless to keep in smaller spaces. The back brakes lock in place quickly and easily by merely pressing back on the levers along with your foot   no bending required.


You’re able to head out to get an hour or even a complete day. There’s a huge storage bin beneath that may hold diaper bags, bags, or other big items. There’s also a molded tray for parents with two cup holders that can hold smaller items such as keys, wallet, mobile phone, along with other personal products.

The cup holders are fantastic for bottles of water or even people early morning lattes. If it comes to strollers, there’s absolutely no such thing as a lot of storage area; this version appears to have gotten the sign and supplied lots for parents.


The polyester chair fabric is washable and removable with Mild Detergent. This is far better than merely being in a position to spot-clean the cloth. Though they are side-by-side, they are just two distinct chairs, so when the children are fighting, they can not get too near one another.

The most they could do is hit on their toes together. The chairs recline individually, therefore if a person needs to sleep and another does not, it will not create a ruckus. While they do not recline all of the ways back, they move far enough for the kid to have a cozy break.

Each chair has a 5-point harness, which makes it a safe alternative for parents. The harness is fully adjustable to accommodate your growing package of pleasure.

Size, Dimensions, and Weight

This jogging stroller weighs in at 37 Pounds, with Measurements of 49″ from 32″ by 40″ (L x W x H). Once folded, the measurements are? 33.5″ x 32.25″ x 20.5″ (L x W x H).

For each kid   in complete, 100 lbs. Additional recommendations include a Minimal age of 6 weeks. The shipping weight is just over 42 lbs.

How Easy to Fold & Carry?

instep safari double jogging stroller reviews

The Instep Safari has a double trigger mechanism, first pressing the release button and the button is located on the handle side to collapse the stroller.

You can keep the stroller in a small storage or keep in the trunk of the car. I suggest to buy a stroller with having traveling bag and perfect safety for the infant; transport is very easier and simple to store.


The safety issue is the most important factor in selecting a high-quality stroller for your baby. The Grand Safari has five points safety harness for the security of the child.

There is a safety strap for the parents to keep the hand at the time of running or jogging. The strap will resist the stroller from being rolled away, and you must trip at the time of jogging when you fail to lock the stroller.

Moreover, the handlebar is made of slip-resistant rubberized materials for comfort and grip.

Baby Comfort Features While you jog

instep safari double jogging stroller reviews

There is safety system of the Instep Grand Safari Jogging strollers. The riding is smooth and pleasurable. The seats are well padded and have faux lambskin having cozy nap warm. The parent’s trays are good for keeping your desired things.

The other features that you will get from the Instep Grand Safari Jogging strollers  are as follows:

Molded child tray has two cup holders within effortless reach of the baby for drinking. The tray is set to the best position for the baby. It has exposed spring suspension so smooth riding on rough terrain or over bumps trains. The rear wheel absorbs shocks prior they reach the baby.

The baby who is not able to support the head without any help from other may choose Instep Grand Safari Single Stroller.

The stroller is made with safety features designed and has a cushion, saves the babies without support from others who cannot ride on the seat of the stroller.

There is five points safety harness for the baby to save from the rough weather. It has a large carriage pocket under the seat to keep spare clothes, drinks, foods and other necessary things for going outdoors.

What the media says on instep safari double jogging stroller reviews

instep safari double jogging stroller reviews

It is running and jogging stroller. There are two seats with the stroller. It has recline so it can sit and stand. The weight of each seat is fifty or more pounds. The baby frame is metal. It has different colors and three wheels.

There is air in the wheels. The backward wheels are big and possible to remove on the car. There is a super suspension. There is parking brake with the wheels and has an emergency brake. Under the seat, there is shopping basket.

The canopy of the stroller is big enough to cover the whole stroller. On the cover of the canopy, it has a viewing window. The stroller has five points safety harness and back support. The total system has proper ventilation.

User review on instep safari double jogging stroller reviews

instep safari double jogging stroller reviews

Great Stroller for the Price

We have no such stroller, but we love this stroller. We have four months and twenty-one month’s kids, and they like the stroller much. The stroller is easy to push and smoothes on the road for the girls.

The color is very attractive. The footrest is very small. The seats are narrow, so it is best for the young girls. There are lots of rooms for the girls.

The stroller is narrow so you can keep it any place. The basket of the stroller is medium size. It is perfect for the young children of the family.

The kids may enjoy it, and mom and dad can adjust the stroller according to their needs. This is great for the cold and warm weather. We are happy with the stroller.

I love this stroller and so do the kids

I have read many reviews and agonized for buying it. There is a lot of room for my little child within the stroller. He can take rest and sit well in the stroller.

My four-month child also sits and ride well in the stroller. There is five points safety harness with the stroller. With a little effort, you can handle it.

I like the sunshade and the reclining seats. The cupholders are very excellent. The stroller is very durable, and I am happy with the money that spends on buying the stroller.

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Product Info – instep safari double jogging stroller reviews

  • Shipping Weight:     50.8 pounds
  • Product Size:     28.2 x 15.7 x 31.5 inches ; 37 pounds
  • ASIN:             B002QDMPT8
  • Domestic Shipping:     Item can be shipped within the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Instep Safari Double Jogging Stroller

Question: Could I place a baby car seat on either side of this stroller?

Answer: Yes, this stroller is compatible with several Typical Automobile seats, including Britax, Graco, and Chicco brands.

Question: Once I get this stroller, is it constructed?

Answer: Some assembly is required. A couple of screws to attach the trays and you pop up the wheels directly on, and you are all set to go.

Question: what’s the weight limitation of the stroller?

Answer: The Safari Dual is rated for 2 50-pound kids, or two children weighing a total of 100 lbs united.

Final Verdict

The InStep Double Jogging stroller is very convenient to use. The stroller is not the top rated stroller in a sense, but there are some attractive features of the stroller. The stroller has MP3 speakers and great canopy to save from the sunshade.

The adjustable canopy of the stroller is very excellent I can say it. The Double Jogging Stroller is a right kind of stroller that you are looking for. The stroller is not pretty heavy. The price of the stroller is reasonable; I give four out of five.

Razaul Karim

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