Awesome! Jeep Cherokee Stroller Review

The Jeep Cherokee Sports Stroller is a super choice for the kids and parents who like to go outside or remain outside. The stroller is rigid enough to move over any terrain such as dirt, gravel, and uneven asphalt.

The stroller will take you any place where you like to go. It may be at the indoor playground in the afternoon of fun, move to a store for milk and eggs. The stroller has one hand fold feature, so it is very simple to keep things in the garage, closet, and trunk. It is very simple to use in outdoor and indoor navigate.

There is a lot of space in it, so the stroller is an excellent choice for the kids and parents. The Large stroller is not always good. If you make a trip in the part, go outside for some days by yourself, this may be a great addition for you.

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Moreover, it has the juice box, two cup holders. The stroller comes with three tire canopy to save the baby from the rough weather and sun.

It also has a peekaboo window to see the mom and dad. The other feature is the five points harness, and capacity of the stroller is 50 pounds. The Jeep Cherokee Sport is a beautiful umbrella stroller.

Parents like this top five umbrella stroller as they are the best of the bests. The strength of the stroller is appreciable, and it will last for a long time. The stroller is simple to use and has the easy folding option.

Simple to store in a little place. So you may take it as your consideration of buying it. For your baby, this is a great stroller to start with.


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  • The bright red is favorite for the babies. Moreover, the dads and moms like the stroller more.
  • With one hand you can maintain the Jeep Cherokee stroller on the smooth surface. The stroller is a great thing for the users in a mall or the airport.
  • The stroller is made to fold and lift with one hand through the baby is inside it. It could stand on its own if you fold it rather than falling same as some other strollers in the market.
  • The cover ensures more shade for the baby and has a little plastic window to see the baby.
  • The wheels make no jerkiness, simple to use and very comfortable for the babies.
  • The big basket is more for a diaper purse or a bag, keep your arms free from moving forward.
  • As it does not recline flat, the stroller does not lean back for ensuring space for the napping babies


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  • To have a healthy toddler in the stroller, you need to remove the snap or the tray it back on.
  • The child is not safe enough inside the stroller without any safety feature.
  • If you keep the stroller over the shoulder, it would not strap for simple carrying.

The feature that you have to consider on Jeep Cherokee Stroller

Wheels, Handles, and Brakes

The handle is not adjustable, but people found it comfortable. I am a man of six feet and my wife is only five inches. Both found the stroller is comfortable. If you fold the stroller, you will find it is 38 inches.

If a person over 6.1 inches uses it for a long time, will find the stroller is uncomfortable. The front wheels of the stroller are shock absorbing so can move smoothly over any terrain.

It has the total of six wheels and two sets of double wheels ahead and two in the back. The front wheels are swivel so do not lock in place. You may handle the stroller by using one hand only.

The rear brakes are simple to maintain with the simple press of your foot. Only one brake is perfect to handle each back wheel.

About the sun canopy?

Jeep Cherokee Stroller Review

The sun canopy saves your child from the sun and shades the faces, especially at the time of sleeping. I like the Cherokee sunshade most.

This has a peekaboo window which helps to make eye contact with the baby, ensures security for the baby.

The sun canopy is adjustable and folding all the way back, fully expanded or halfway.

The stroller has a sun visor, and it has been upgraded for more shading. Is your baby tall?

He or she may fit under the sun canopy as it has the 3-inch adjustable height up or down. The frame is right for the baby.

What is the fold like?

The folding of Cherokee is simple and has the self-standing fold. There is a large red latch to protect the frame. I prefer the features of the stroller as it can stand upright on its own and need not lay on the dirty ground while keeping your baby inside the car.

The design is compact and needs only small space to preserve it, leave much room for the groceries.


We have just used it vertically, up to now. However, the multi-position recline is ideal for days when you’ll be on the move outdoors for a very long period. Mainly if your infant will nap while you are out. Ours is fearful she will overlook something, so that she moves to the I wish to sleep but that I would miss something if I do” routine. Fennville.

The three-tier canopy provides sunlight protection that’s unique and has a glimpse through the window so that you may check in your child when you want to. They can also see you!


Jeep Cherokee Stroller Review

The Jeep Cherokee Sports Stroller has two canvas bags that are fine for keeping small items. The bags are easily removable.

You may keep wallet, store keys, wipes, cell phones and some extra diapers.

There is a parent tray having two large cup holders and has a small storage area for keeping wallet and keys. You can remove the parent trays.


The plate remains in the back box. There are no belts in the safety harness. It has five points harness enough safety issue. Some buyers report that the kids leaned forward and the total stroller with the kids strapped in the pitched face first to the earth.

It has no padding on the side bars for the security of the kids. On the top, it has no clip or Velcro strap to keep it far from flopping forward when the stroller is folded up. It is lightweight and portable.

Size, Dimensions, and Weight 

The stroller’s measurements are 32″ x 18″ x 39.5″ when folded, the stroller’s measurements are 18″ x 12″ x 34″ (width, depth, height); the total amount of this stroller is 12.4 pounds. According to the manufacturer’s directions, the maximum recommended weight for a kid to utilize this stroller is 50 lbs.

Thirty-six weeks they provide an age of approximately 12. It isn’t that much larger than an umbrella stroller but is considerably sturdier and includes more features. It is like getting the best of both worlds: a mild stroller but all the storage and characteristics of a larger one.

Once folded, it can? Readily fit into a midsize automobile such as a Grand Prix or perhaps economy-sized car such as a Ford Focus.

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What the people think about Jeep Cherokee Stroller

Jeep Cherokee Stroller Review

My FAV stroller

I had bought a stroller for my oldest daughter when she was six months old. I had done it as I was tired of the travel system. I like it. I have again purchased the same stroller for my youngest daughter (19 months old).

I use this stroller more times than the umbrella or jogging stroller. I love the other features of the stroller like the recliners, harness, extended canopy, lightweight, folding system, cup holder, trays, etc.

The stroller is simple to use. You may use it only with one hand. Under the seat, there is a good storage basket. I wish bit deeper storage. The stroller is bit less price than the other strollers. I always suggest you buy a good stroller.

Excellent Stroller

I love the stroller very much. The stroller is lightweight and much simpler to use. The price of the stroller is not flat. The stroller is fit for the babies, and they like it very much.

The stroller is beautiful to look at. What one complaint is that the parent bar is somewhat small. I am 5.7. And the stroller is perfect for me to use.

Why this is special

It helps to add stability to the stroller. If the stroller is stable, it is safe for the baby. You should never more compromise the safety of the stroller.

The frame of the stroller is very hard, and it can carry 50 pounds without breaking it. You can keep all the necessary things within it except thinking.

The weight of the stroller is 11.8 pounds. Meaning that the stroller is simple to carry from one place to another.

So it is convenient at the time of day’s travel. The folding of the stroller is simple. It may not take much space for the storing of the stroller in the car or the house.

Media review

Jeep Cherokee Stroller Review

The weight of the stroller is light. It is also a portable stroller. Jeep Cherokee Sport is fit stroller for the baby and the parents. It can stand on its leg and much convenient.

The removable parent tray has two cup holders. Besides it has multi-positioned recline seat. Trail child cup holder is much convenient. The canopy is adjustable and has a viewing window.

It comes with a large storage bag and two side cargo bag gear. All the necessary feature are added to this 11-pound stroller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Jeep Cherokee Stroller Review

Question: Can you maintain the stroller with one hand?

Answer: One hand folding option is the most attractive feature is the gift of the manufacturer. You can put it in the trunk or keep it folding when your hand is full of things.

Some say that there is no locking mechanism with it. But other said there is some locking mechanism with it. I may assume that some new models have this, and the other old model does not have.

Question: What is the length?

Answer: The weight of the stroller is 12.4 pounds. The stroller’s dimension is 32” x 18” x 39.5” if it is folded or the other dimension is 34″ x 18″ x 12″ (height, width, depth).

Product Info – Jeep Cherokee Stroller Review

ASIN            B004HO5866

UPC            031878029336

Product size 32 x 18 x 39.5 inches

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Final Verdict

The Jeep Cherokee Sports Stroller is dear to the parents and for the kids who like to on the go. The design is compact and small. It is sturdy enough to move on any terrain such as rough gravel, uneven asphalt or dirt.

You may take the stroller where you like to go. In the afternoon, you may take it to the indoor playground or on a quick trip to take milk or eggs. The stroller has one-handed feature, simple to store in the trunk, garage, and closet. It has big storage and a reclining seat.

So the stroller is the great choice for the parents and the child. It is easy to navigate indoor and outdoor. You may take it to the park or the malls. I have no such model in my house.

I had got a chance to use it when my wife and I went to visit our relative and we forgot to take our stroller. But I can say that I would not forget to buy it if I need a new stroller for my baby in future.

The Jeep Cherokee Sports Stroller is a good stroller for the parents who like to go out. The design of the stroller is compact, and it can quickly move on any terrain even on the rough gravel, uneven asphalt or dirt.

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