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Joovy Groove Ultralight Review: Is This The Ultimate Stroller For Parents On The Go?

The Groove Ultralight Travel Umbrella stroller is made from aircraft aluminum, and the non-pinch pivots have strengthened side support. The construction of the stroller is excellent and will remain for a long time.

It can support a baby’s weight is 55 pounds. The Groove does not flex inward. We suggest you read the reviews of other lightweight strollers and then you will be capable of finding the best stroller for your baby.

The Groove is the most expensive umbrella stroller and will aid you daily by high functioning.

The weight of the stroller is light at the time of carrying it. It has a side-mounted carry strap you can simply carry it easily. If you fold the stroller, it will not hit the back of your knees.

joovy groove ultralight lightweight travel umbrella stroller

Features of Joovy Groove Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller

  • The stroller is heavyweight and lightweight. Meaning that you may get more really less.
  • Has a good balance of sturdiness, functionality, and comfort for all front
  • The stroller is right for the urban ride and weight is lightweight and baby, as well as parents, are happy with the stroller.
  • The design of the stroller is compact, and folding is much simpler.
  • The stroller of the price is reasonable. Though the price is not big, it is wonderful


  • Large canopy setting with a peekaboo window.
  • Much sturdy. It did not tip over as I hand my heavy diaper bag.
  • The recline is flat enough
  • Good adjustable footrest
  • Handles are high enough
  • The sleek design is charming
  • Weight is light (13.9 pounds)
  • The seats are elevated much, like the Maclaren stroller
  • Huge storage and the simplest access


  • Massive for an umbrella stroller. The stroller is enormous. The stroller is still big though you fold it. It will take more space to keep it in the stem

What Have You Consider On Joovy Stroller

More significant, Better Canopy

Among the critical updates for your New Groove is your bigger stroller canopy. It is removable, flexible, water-resistant, and reflective. There are a few other fantastic features worth making a new version for.

UPF protection. It’s to do with the quantity of UV light which may undergo the fabric and get to the epidermis. It is famous for outdoor clothing and gear, and now it is getting more popular for baby equipment.

This pram includes a UPF 50 canopy. Not only will the baby be dishonest, but you will not need to worry about some additional beams reaching them even when you’re out in sunlight for quite a while.

Peek-a-boo window. I don’t feel that I possessed a stroller with no window that is peek-a-boo and that I do not believe I really will. Nothing can be said for having the ability to spy on your infant. The most trusting of parents take action.

The excellent thing about this window is that it is in a handy place. Among my other strollers had a window that had been positioned so strangely that I needed to lean over the stroller to check into it. This spy is right next to the handlebars so that I could certainly see my mischievous small man and he will see me, also.

Roomy seat

joovy groove lightweight travel umbrella stroller review

The size of the stroller is 14X19X26. It has a one-hand strap recline system. You need to use both hands to the seat back up. It is a deeper recline so not suggested for the newborn.

The seat of the stroller has the right angle to the upright position. The stroller is fit for a child from three months, and its weight is 55 pounds.

It has lighter nylon fabric instead of heavier 600 materials. Like the other Groove models, it has no travel system capabilities.


5 point harness.

The stroller has five points harness to ensure safety for the child.

Window in the back

There is a wide opening in the back to circulate more air during the hot summer day. You may cover the weather with the attached closure if the weather is windy. I love the option more without attaching the canopy to the back seat.


There are four harder rubber wheels with the stroller having the 4.5-inch diameter. Do not hope to handle the terrain. The stroller is made to move on the flat ground. The front wheels are swivel but may be locked instantly.

Parking brake

Each rear wheel has a foot parking brake on the top. You may lock the wheel individually. They are not flip flops as they are simple to unlock if you flip flop. You can fold it easily.

The stroller has a compact umbrella fold. Moreover, it has an automatic locking system. The small package is fit to keep in the trunk of any place. The size of the stroller is12.5″ H x 13″ W x 40″ L.

Incredible Lightweight

joovy groove lightweight travel umbrella stroller review

The weight of the Joovy Ultralight is less than 13 pounds. The stroller is easy to fold and has an automatic foot lock system.

There is a side clamp that preserves the stroller shut. Moreover, it has a carry strap on the side to keep it on your shoulder.

I like the stroller very much as folding is simple than the other two strollers or functionality as well.

Masses of Storage

To the reverse of the stroller, it has a mesh cup holder and a small zippered pocket. I love the storage least of the stroller. The zippered pocket is flimsy, and the cup holders are not as good as it could be.

To solve the problem, I suggest a cargo tray or a new stroller organizer. Besides, it has a big storage basket on the beneath of the stroller and two mesh kids pockets at the side seats. We love to keep the stashing snacks sippy cups and toys for the little one.

Stand up straight woman

As you are a savvy mama of tall stature, you are aware that it is difficult to find high handlebar.

The aerodynamic design of the stroller let you stand tall at the time of shopping or explore the city. The two different handlebars allow you to simple maneuver just with one hand.

How Comfortable is it?

joovy groove lightweight travel umbrella stroller review

We are now talking about the stroller. So one thing we should not compromise that is the comfort of the stroller. Just move ahead.

Here is your baby and we are talking about it. Would you like to keep your child in an uncomfortable place for a long time? Surely, you do not like so.

Joovy has guaranteed that all the products they offer are comfortable.

Then think about other features of the stroller. They are attempting their best to keep their promises.

This is the best stroller on the market today you will find among them.

The people who will go through this article will check the best Umbrella Stroller.

Overall Comparison

The Joovy Groove Ultralight is made of lightweight aluminum. It can hold a weight of the baby up to 55 pounds.

The constructions of the stroller are robust. So the frame does not flex inward when your kids become heavier. Some ultralight stroller inclines to do so.

joovy groove lightweight travel umbrella stroller review

If your child’s age is three months, the deep seating will adjust to an infinite number of positions.

So your child can sit it comfortably if you go out. For more protection, this stroller has a big canopy. For ensuring security the stroller has a sun visor to save the child from the rays of the sun.

In a rainy day, the stroller has rain cover like the Joovy Groove Ultralight to protect the child. Click here to know more about the stroller.

You will find the stroller is collapsing and folding to be straightforward as it has compact, two steps and an umbrella fold. It has pinch hinges.

It is designed with mesh holder to keep bottles and lower storage baskets and two extra mesh pockets for stuff. Along with these, the stroller has a parent pocket with a zip protection.

The stroller comes with adjusted dual brakes settings. The brakes ensure safe parking for your baby. Besides, the wheels have a suspension to ensure more safety; your child will feel comfortable and enjoy it.

What do people think about Joovy Groove Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller?

joovy groove lightweight travel umbrella stroller review

Excellent lightweight, yet substantial stroller w/ well thought out features

I have done a lot of research and finally came to the conclusion that I would buy a stroller to replace Maclaren Volo. I have got the chance to see it to the people.

This is the review of the previous models of the stroller that sold me on the stroller. I am not much happy with the Joovy Groove Ultralight. I am trying to find a new stroller that I can keep in my car and can use it for my travel. The name of the stroller is BOB, and I have bought it. L like the stroller much.

There is no noticeable difference between the Maclaren and the Uppababy stroller. I narrowed it down to the Groove Ultralight, G-Luxe, and UppaBaby G-Lite.

Joovy Groove Ultralight is more substantial and has more features. The weight of the stroller is very light. The frame of the stroller is stable enough; the handles height is nice and has a comfortable grip. With one hand, I could push the stroller, unlike the other strollers.

The seats of the stroller are reclining and the best advantage of the Maclaren Volo. My daughter nicely naps inside the stroller and feels comfortable. The canopy is large to ensure sun protection. It has a peekaboo window and effortlessly closed or open.

joovy groove lightweight travel umbrella stroller review

Two big pockets are large enough inside the stroller. You may keep a water bottle and snacks in it. You may only clean the stroller’s materials, which are thicker than the Maclaren or Uppababy.

The storage basket is enormous, and you can keep heavy things here. The two brakes are quickly disengaging or engage. There is enough space to maintain the foot for the babies. The thing that I like most about the Maclaren is the big wheels of the stroller.

The Groove Ultralight wheels are somewhat clunker. The reason is that it is simple to push. After all, I am happy with the stroller as helps me a lot. This is the perfect thing that I like to have.

I have bought the stroller on BBB with a twenty percent off coupon. I love all the features of the stroller. It has a great value to me.

Joovy groove ultralight accessories

A Baby’s stroller is a very important thing for the parents and babies also. It saves your child from rain and the sun. Besides, the helmet protects your baby. If you have a desire to buy a stroller, you must consider some factors. At first, you must be familiarized with the wide accessories found with the strollers.

Rain and wind shades are more important things to save your baby rather than a canopy or other things.

Most parents desire to get a washable seat cover as they do not like to keep it dirty for a long time. Accidents are spills a must. They like to keep the seat cover in a washing machine that makes the life easier.

Remember that your baby must be able to support its head to ride safely in your strollers. You have to buy a helmet that can accommodate an infant’s head support.

They have made a helmet having a great place to keep keys, beverages, phone, wallet, etc. Joovy will give a new experience if you take your baby outside with it. You do not need to stir the whole stroller with one hand while you can balance a cup of coffee on its handle.

At first be familiar with the accessories found in the Joovy stroller, then consider the needs of your child and for yourself. You must give importance on a budget, space though you can maximize the necessity of the strollers.

Joovy Stroller Accessory List

Accessory NameNotable Features
Caboose Too Rear SeatHas 5 points safety harness and full sized seats for the child
Capacity up to 45 pounds
Normal age six months
Super for fitting on rear platform
Super useful for toddlers who cannot yet ride on the platform
Ergo Deluxe Seat Coverfront seat and Covers rear
super padding
Is made with 600 denier washable nylon fabric
Designed particularly for the Joovy Ergo Caboose
Big Caboose Rain CoverSimple to set up and easy to use
Saves from rain and wind
sound ventilated
Opening gives chances to pass items for children except lifting cover
Construct easily for the Big Caboose Stroller
Caboose Rain CoverSimple to install as well as easy to apply
defends from rain and wind
super ventilated
Except lifting cover you may pass items to your child
Designed particularly for the Caboose Stroller
Kooper Rain CoverSimple to set up and easy to use
Resist from rain and wind
Comes with a storage bag which hooks with the stroller
Super ventilated
Adjust well with the JoovyKooper Stroller
Ultralight Rain CoverSimple to set up and easy to use
Saves from rain and wind
well ventilated
Manufactured for the Caboose Ultralight Stroller
Caboose Sun FilterSaves from harmful AVB or UVA rays
Easily enter into zipper in front
Simple to take off and put on
Constructed only for the Caboose Stand On Tandem
Cocoon Bicycle Trailer AttachmentChange stroller from a bicycle trailer
Particularly manufactured for the Joovy Cocoon and CocoonX2
Cocoon Bicycle Trailer ConnectorAdd an extra connector with a second bike so your bike Trailer can go with parent
Simple connector added with the bike
Cocoon Fixed Jogging Wheeltransfers the stroller to a jogging one
12.5 inch wheel replaces 2 front wheels on stroller
Great for soft footing
Made particularly for the CocoonX2 and Joovy Cocoon
Cocoon Parent Organizerstays open, Sturdy, does not incline with haphazardly weighted items
Holds 2 drinks
falls down with the stroller
Made from durable neoprene
Ergo Parent OrganizerZippered pockets put valuables out of sight
2 cup holders
completed mainly for the Joovy Ergo Caboose
Caboose Parent OrganizerManufactured for neoprene
having zippered pocket and a cup holder
Fit for the Caboose Stand-On Tandem as well as the Big Caboose Stand-on Triple Stroller
Snuggin GoDetachable base bar resists slouching
Shoulder bars and side keeps the baby to the fixed place
Completely adjustable
Weight up to four pounds
32 inches tall and capacity up to 30 pounds
Having removable washable cover
Compatible with chairs, bouncy, strollers, swings, car seats and high chairs.

Joovy groove ultralight rain cover

The Joovy Groove Rain Cover is made for Groove ultra-light and the Groove strollers. It keeps your little one dry and warm for the whole day.

The stroller is very simple to set up and has a good ventilation system. Two useful side openings permit parents to pass cups, bottles, snacks, cups and so on for the child without lifting or removing the cover.

What does the media review say

The weight of the stroller is twelve pounds. When it comes first, they come with nylon lighter-weight fabric. The Joovy Groove is soft. The design of the stroller is slim, so it is lightweight.

The seat of the stroller is 14 inches and the seat back is 19 inches. The first groove may keep weight up to 55 pounds. To keep feet comfortable, the stroller has underneath space for the babies.

The manufacturer changed the reclines of the Groove to some extent. There is a difference between the wheels of the original groove and the groove ultralight. For using the taller kids, you will feel no problem with the ultralight stroller. The ultralight has small wheels, so the weight is now taken off.

The groove is designed with 4.5-inch wheels. In front of it, there are swivel wheels. The mother can lock it up instantly to train with it. On the smooth surface, the stroller moves well.

You should not hope the stroller will save from heavy rains. The groove comes with flip-flop wheels.

There are four different colors of Groove namely purple, blueberry, charcoal and black. The Groove has a big seat, great handles, high weight capacity large canopy. By saying this, she closed the reviews.

Video review of the Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Joovy Groove Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller Review

Does a short person between 5.1 to 5.4 able to use it quickly and comfortably?

Yes, indeed. The stroller may seem tall, but the reality is that all sizes of people easily use it.

Are the accessories of the Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller available?

The answer is no. in the original Joovy, there are no added accessories for some reason. To keep the weight of the stroller light, they do not add accessories.

Does the latest version of Groove Ultralight version weight is about 13 pounds?

Yes, the model of the Joovy is the newest and the latest stroller on the market today.

How simple is this stroller?

Like many strollers, the Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller is considerably simpler when your kid is lighter, and you are on a level surface compared to once you have got a bigger child on an irregular or unpaved surface. However, this is a superb balance of the finest high-end and umbrella strollers.

Is that a fantastic stroller for traveling?

The lightweight and compact fold layout means it fits nicely in a car or back and is small enough to take care of huge crowds.

Final Verdict

The Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller is the best kind of umbrella stroller on the market nowadays. The Joovy made their best Joovy Groove in 2013. The weight of the ultralight stroller is 13.9 pounds, along with small footprint.

The stroller is very simple to carry and take with you to travel around. The price of the stroller is reasonable but featured lots of things. The first l like about the stroller is the reclining seat and the second preferred thing is the big canopy coverage.

To reduce weight, the company makes the Joovy Groove smaller than the Joovy Grove 2013. The stroller moves smoothly on the surface and possesses excellent maneuverability. After all, the umbrella stroller is a great stroller for your everyday use.

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