Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

The stroller is very excellent to travel, so it is called travel stroller. The weight is only twelve pounds. The weight is light, and you can handle it with one hand only. The folding system is very compact, and this is the most important feature of the stroller.

The dimension of the stroller is 18″w x 12″d x 34″h. The All-terrains and the front suspension are excellent to ensure safety smooth for the users.

Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

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The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is the most durable stroller. The stroller is made of polyester and steel. It has got JPMA certificate, and the manufacturer has given a one-year limited guarantee.

The model is excellent for keeping 50 pounds. The little infant will feel comfortable inside it. The stroller has multiple seat recline features. There are five points safety harness with the stroller to keep the baby safe inside of the stroller.

It has 3 tier extended canopy, is the best sun protection. The peekaboo window helps to see the baby inside the stroller. This is an excellent addition to the stroller. Moreover, it has two cup holders and the parent tray. It also has a child tray.

91 customers have given a post for the stroller on Amazon. Among them, 74 have given four or more. The overall rating of the Kolcraft umbrella stroller is 4.3 from total 5.


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  • The table and other substances don’t touch the floor when dropped.
  • Massive stockpiling bin. Additionally, a baby nibble plate along with parent plate too.
  • It’s a sun shade for optimum coverage from sunlight.
  • Massive plastic window guardians can see in the overhang
  • Rear wheel brakes, as well as the front wheel, stuns.
  • Can suit around 50 Pounds of weight


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  • There’s not any excess cushioning on the chair.
  • The chairs cannot be assessed for cleaning.
  • The wheels are only.

Features of Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight stroller

The lightweight is not always good for the stroller of any brand. The company has an idea about this, and so they give brilliant support to the original one. In this part, you will know more about the exciting features of the stroller.

Lighter and Sturdy

My lightweight double stroller seems great and handles nicely. So, I anticipated this stroller to feel much milder; and it didn’t fail to impress. I suggest this buggy for parents benefitting in the bulky and massive strollers.

Longer travel-friendly that buggy must settle with you. Using its Weight registering about 12 lbs, the lightweight plus cloud is genuinely a

It is Made from Lightweight polyester and steel framework; equally solid and light. It would amaze You just how much weight that this buggy can consume. With its weight and Dimension, this buggy provides all essential full-size stroller attributes.

Cozy & Functional

The stroller has a pick a boo window for the infant to see from inside out. The window makes the stroller a great look, and you would not get it in the previous one. The seats are reclined to the lowest position. This will give overall comfortable and cozy feeling at the time of riding it.

Huge Amount of Space Inside

Space is also important features for the stroller. As you are parents, you should consider the space. The positive sides are that you can keep the child inside and also keep the necessary thing inside it.

Thanks for having all this with the stroller. You are just holding the stroller with your hands and does not have the spare one to keep a cell phone or a bag. The stroller has no more space so you can not carry extra things with it.

One Hand Folding Option

Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

Folding is a significant thing for any stroller. Folding helps to move the stroller better on any terrain as this is not a difficult task as you are using the Cloud Plus. There is a one hand folding system of the stroller, and this is the best stroller on the market.

To keep the stroller for travel with the vocation, one hand is enough to fold the stroller. The stroller would not take much space; this is very efficient, and you have a good experience.

Compact Standing and Maneuverable

Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

A single stroller is simple to maneuver, though the roads are busy and crowded. I got the stroller is smooth to ride on. Even in the busy park, the stroller moves smoothly. You will feel comfortable though you carry the stroller amidst the crowd in the park.

The Full-size stroller is pricey, comfortable, rides smoothly on the road. The Cloud plus single is compact, and the weight is light. It ensures smooth rides and comfortable pushing everywhere you like.

We got the first stroller Kolcraft Stroller; We put them together and my one year infant took a seat in it. I pressed it around the kitchen; the baby was going in a circle, and I was wondered to see each handle. I was hurried to take it to the park.

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Why Kolcraft Lightweight Stroller is best

Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

The stroller is best in the sense that it is compact in design and lightweight. The features are just like the full-size stroller on the market. The stroller is convenient and comfortable, so it is the best choice stroller for the users.

It has multi-position recline seats and child feel relax. The other features are removable child tray with the cup holder and juice box holder, with the go snacking.

This has extended peek a boo canopy to keep the child protected inside the stroller. The wheels are all terrain and have front suspension, so the stroller ensures smooth rides for the infant anywhere.

For the features, the stroller is not favorable to the parents, but there are other things for which the parents like it most. Nobody said the stroller is easy. That is why the stroller is different from the other strollers.

Along with some attractive features, the stroller is fit for the child as it has five points harness for the safety of the baby.

So you should not feel worried by keeping the child inside the stroller. There is baby tray inside the stroller under the seat in which you can keep a snack or drink holder. There is a big basket under the seat to keep the necessary thing for the babies.

User review On Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

Perfect for the price

I have decided to buy a stroller for my child whose weight is 25 pounds. Carrying him without a stroller is difficult. The price of the stroller is very reasonable. It has a very easy assembly, folds up in one motion, very lightweight.

There are three cups holders, two up with a small tray, one child seat, and another front wheel. All are removable and replace. There is a good size basket under the seat with two pockets on each side of the cab. The visor folds almost all the front tray and three different positions it has. The seats are reclined.

This is simple to navigate. There are three-way straps. The only issue is crotch strap, is a strap, instead of large piece, aim to slide into the thigh crotch creases and seems very uncomfortable. I read but I like to buy the best stroller for my baby. I would suggest buying the cheap stroller.

Great little ride

I took the stroller in the park. My old granddaughter once used the stroller for Disney World Trip. It is very sturdy and simple to assemble. My granddaughter instructed verbally and the stroller assembled well. One hand is enough to fold the stroller or collapse the stroller. You have not struggled to open the stroller.

The cup holders and the tray are simply removable; there is some ventilation around the head to get enough air for the baby. Either side of the inner seat there is small compartments.

My granddaughter kept her breakfast inside the tray, and she felt very comfortable. To move it little effort is needed. Handling it is a dream. I am very wondered to see the low price of the stroller.

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What media says about Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

The weight is light. It is 19 pounds. Four-wheel stroller. You can remove the wheels so simple to store within the car. Under the holder, there are three parts. There is foam over the holder. The weight is 80 pounds.

The seats are adjustable. There is a medium size canopy with the stroller. On the top of the canopy, there is a viewing window, has five points safety harness and back support. The stroller has a parking brake.

Product Info – Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

Item Weight                                                 11.8 pounds

UPC                                                              031878045527

Product Dimensions                                    31.2 x 18 x 39 inches

ASIN                                                              B017ERMTUK

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Review

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On Kolcraft Cloud plus Lightweight Stroller Review

Q: Are the Jeep stroller and Kolcarft made by the same company?

A: Yes this is. The same company manufactures the Jeep stroller and the Kolcraft.

Q: Can the stroller fold at the time of child tray is added?

A: Yes, it may fold without any difficulty.

Q: How much weight can it carry?

A: The capacity of the stroller is fifty pounds. The weight of the stroller is under twelve pounds and an excellent stroller no doubt.

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Final Verdict

Carrying your baby in your hand is a great experience and most babies like this, this is very tiring. If the child is light enough, you can carry it with the help of the arms or shoulder with aching joints or muscles.

On the contrary, people like to bring baby outside. This is excellent as this will make the child be acquainted with the outer world. This allows the child to see the external world and would gather more experience from the very young age.

Now the question what will give you the assurance of safety, security or comfort for your child outside the home? Most parents will agree with it, and they said that no such thing will ensure safety for the child.

There is only one way that will guarantee the safety of your child that is the Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight stroller for many reasons. Most of the reviews of the stroller have depth explanation for this, and this will ensure your trust.

You are looking for a great stroller for your baby, and this must be safe and sound, and you would like to spend more time with the stroller outside your home.

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