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Very Useful Top Quality Stroller! Kolcraft Sprint X Stroller Reviews

The Kolcraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller is designed with twelve-inch air-filled wheels that may lock instantly at the time of jogging. The wheels are connected with precision ball bearing and have dynamic rear suspension giving a comfortable ride for the babies and simple to push for you.

The big basket holds everything that you need at the time for a quick jog or hikes for the long day with the baby. The free stand fold stands upright to a fixed position. The stroller has multi-recline seat with five points harness.

Padded with the restraint sleeves, removable baby cup holder, padded nipper bar, two deep cup holders, parent’s tray, and big storage area.

Ample canopy design with visor full of coverage. The handle height and safety tether are convenient for jogging.

kolcraft sprint x jogging stroller

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  • Rear inflatable tires sixteen inches along with reflectors
  • Under the seat, there is a large basket
  • Suspension system spring-loaded
  • Swivel wheel, forward locking front wheel for everyday use
  • Suitable free stand and simply folded
  • Peek-a-boo window, sun canopy
  • Child cup holder and padded bumper bar
  • Three-position height adjustable padded handle along with safety tether.


  • Not at all

Features of Kolcraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller

What do you know about the folding system?

The Sprint X stands alone and folds easily; freely you can attend to the other things. Pull the back release tabs as well as it will fold them.

The buggy is heavy in the sense that it has big rear tires. If the scope is tight, remove the bumper bars and the rear tires, you will get more space to move.

Some say that the stroller is large, but some say it is super easy. There is enough space to bring the stroller. This is the feature of all-terrain three-wheelers.


kolcraft stroller reviews

For the wonderful canopy, the stroller has got some extra comments- one mom from Southern California told that the canopy might come down fairly far and offer shade for babies up to eleven months from the heavy sun rays.

The canopy is very big and added with flip out visor as well as a peek a bow window. There is no cover with the window. If you like to resist the light come, you have to get something according to your need.

Storage & other amenities

You will be pleased to see the storage basket of the stroller. The basket is big to bring your necessary things. Simple you can admission your good by the front and the back. When the seat is fully reclined, there is less space inside the stroller. The Kolcraft Sprint X has more space to keep the feet of your babies.

One mom reported that her son kicks off his blanket. It directly goes to the storage area. Luckily toys fall right into the basket.

She likes it because she has not picked those toys from the ground, or lost some toys at the time of walking by. It has a parent’s trays with cup holders, and there is a storage cup between the holders.

Safety & comfort

kolcraft stroller reviews

The stroller is made for the infant whose weight is up to sixty pounds. There is an infant car seat for major brands of The Kolcraft Sprint X stroller. If your baby can stand up, he will feel comfortable with having a multi-position reclining seat.

You can seat the position where you like. The seat does not lie completely. The stroller goes for about a 45-degree angle.

You have to use two hands if you like to incline the seats while your child is ready to sit up. The side view of the stroller will help you to see how far your back seats go.

The stroller’s seats are reclined; on the top, it has a mesh panel. It is not open air, which gives a barrier having circulation.

I like it very much for having more security for my baby especially at the time of sleeping. The Sprint X has a handle decorated with a foam pad, comfortable for moving. One mama told that the lowest settings have a three-year-old small helper. It is nice for involving older siblings to help out at the time of your stroll.

What is the performance like?

The Kolcraft Sprint X has air filled tires to ensure a super ride on the road. You can easily handle the stroller on the grave, wood chips, the sandy beach, boardwalk, or grass. The stroller has sixteen-inch rear tires, giving a smooth ride on the road.

kolcraft stroller reviews

You will see the spring-like mechanism to the top of the photo. The air-filled tires and the suspension system easily floats over the ground.

Kimberly in her four stars reviews told that she likes the Sprint X stroller in her village over the gravel roads.

At the time of jogging, you need extra stability to move over the rough terrain, and flip a lever under the front wheels.

The color is yellow-green same as the suspension; so you should not miss it. You can use it for your everyday walk and use; flip the stroller back to the swivel mode.


The Cloud stroller is very cheap in comparison with other strollers on the market. The padding of it is minimal. We assume that the padding adjusts with the fabric and rapidly become misshapen.

It feels flimsy with collected fabric that may not be there, and there are connectors and exposed rivets everywhere. The fabric of the stroller feels slick such as not being breathable and plastic.

The user review on Kolcraft stroller

kolcraft stroller reviews

This stroller is a good stroller if you’re only planning on walking with it

The stroller is great if you like to use it for walking or planning to go out. Like other moms, I would like to use the stroller for my child as I like to take it at the time of going to jog.

There is no way to jog with the stroller. It draws to the left. The wheels lock at the time of jogging so impossible to move in the semi-straight direction. A month ago, I called the customer cares to solve the problem.

They are doing work in such a way that they have never seen such type of problem. They saw the comments of various people and come to know the same alignment issue. I would now like to buy a new stroller.

Possibly I like to buy Bob most. There are lots of positive reviews of this stroller. The harness system of the stroller is cheap. The storage basket under the seat is pretty hard to keep items for the construction and location.

Easy to assemble, sturdy as an Ox.

The stroller is very simple to assembly, I have ever found. You need no extra tools to install it. It has only two screws and two nuts to be installed and tightened. You can assemble it by hand.

The wheel locking system is not complicated like the other strollers in the market. It has a very positive mechanism. The wheels of the stroller are sturdy; this has a good suspension to absorb jolts or shocks.

The folding system is very simple. My wife can fold or unfold easily without taking help from others. The size is 52 inches.

The construction of the stroller is very hardy, and all things last for a long time. My wife was able to get the SUV without any trouble. The front wheels are very nice to look at.

Product info – kolcraft stroller reviews

  • Item model number.KJ002-BLK1
  • Item Weight 37.4 pounds
  • UPC 031878043479
  • Product Dimensions 43 x 34.5 x 44 inches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Kolcraft Stroller Reviews

Does the Kolcarft Sprint X longer holds a car seat to adjust the stroller, or is it available online?

We are giving you thanks for asking such a type of question about the Kolcaraft Sprint X Jogging Stroller. You will get this stroller now only online. There is much information about infant car seats. We hope it will help you more to know the details.

What is the Safety Harness?

Five-position safety harness and multi-position reclining seat with padded restraint sleeves.

Final Verdict

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