Very Quality Stroller Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller Review

Have you got a meager budget for your new baby stroller? Are you currently unsure and tensed which product is going to be the very best? I adore the stroller much since this stroller may be used for just two kids. How? Allow me to clarify. This means you’ll have the ability to carry two kids within this stroller.

Joovy is an American business, and it’s popular due to high-quality products. It’s designed with cloth for longevity. There are no hazardous elements in the elements of the stroller.

That means it’s possible to remain secured regarding your child’s health problem. Most of the present clients of the stroller are tremendously delighted with the quality. Consumers have given favorable reviews concerning the stroller, which prove it isn’t the worst merchandise. Here I will provide an honest discussion regarding the stroller that will assist you to make the last choice.

The Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan is offering a house like suspension for its fantastic frame and suitable for a smooth and stable ride.

The stroller is famous all over the world, and people like to buy this stroller without any hesitation. The frame is made of high graded aluminum, so it is lightweight.

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller With Rain Cover

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Features of Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller


The capacity of the stroller is 44 pounds; the tray holds 22  pounds and A three mode convertible seat for the newborn.


Five-point safety harness ensures safety for the child, three positions one hand reclaimable seat and one height handle bar acclimatize to each parent.

Well Designed

Soft cotton interior, extra-large canopy, easy zippered system, peekaboo window, extra coverage and breathability, dark blue denim, simple cleaning, etc.

Great Structure

The frame is spacious but not enough for the standard doorway. It has eight inches EVA lockable wheels and twelve inches Aerotech wheels. The wheels are full swivel.

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  • Joovy caboose ultralight stroller is among the very lightweight strollers
  • Very easy to fold the stroller to take in a car back or store in a little distance
  • Accommodate two kids flawlessly, and both of your kids Stay secure
  • Substantial storage space to carry all the necessary Items of Your Kids
  • Rubber gripped handlebars to push the stroller with less attempt to maneuver on the tough surfaces
  • Contains Parent Organizer along with a Universal Car Seat Adapter together with the stroller, which satisfies most of the manufacturers
  • Durable wheels with suspension to provide vibration free ride into the stroller
  • Users may get two Decades of guarantee with this stroller
  • Does not have the suspension of a jogging stroller
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  • Recline of this stroller Isn’t the top notch
  • Chair for the younger Child could be made
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What you need to know before going to buy Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller


Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller Review

The seat of the stroller is made with great design. If you click the button, the position will be changed from normal shape to a lie-flat position for your newborn. The seats are reversible so that you can see the face of your child.

The seats are reclining, and you can make it to a flat position. If the seats of the stroller become a lie-flat bed, it will recline fully to a flat.

The elements of the buggy are soft and have high quality. The materials are like denim which you will find in Turquoise, Stone, and Chili. The materials are glossy with a brushed matt aluminum frame. The stroller has five points safety harness for the safety of the baby.

The belly bar opens widely; the baby can enter into it easily. Moreover, it is removable. The bar is covered with denim materials as there is no chance of foam being bitten off.

The height of the footrest is well and holds rubber. Meaning that it is simple to clean, less slippery if wets or show little wear and signs. We like it as this is very simple to clean.


Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller Review

We are aware of the size matter, for this the Mountain Buggy is designed the Cosmopolitan having 3-panel canopy.

If you do not need a large canopy, you can make it into a two-panel canopy. The center panel of the stroller is made of dark mesh to circulate air from all directions.

Besides, you can see the baby inside the stroller. The stroller comes with a large peekaboo window, a cover that is made without noisy Velcro.


The folding system of the Cosmopolitan is very simple. It is just folded; there is no knack with it. Keeping the seat in position, you can put it upright position. There are two gray buttons on either side of the handlebar.

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller Review

Hold the handle at the center and draw the button that sits within grasp. Press the handle forward into the frame and the handle may be lower or will collapse the frame. The auto lock on the system will be engaged, and the pushchair is folded.

If you like to open it, push your foot on the pad positioned to the back position. The pushchair of the Cosmopolitan is 95 x 64 x 35cm.

There will be the change of height if you fold it or do not fold it. The chassis of the Cosmopolitan may snap to its position with the resounding click.


Much thought is given to make the design of the Cosmopolitan, and the stroller is full parent-friendly features. Under the seat, it has a big storage, and you can keep 10 kg of stuff. There are two steel bars for ensuring extra support.

The additional weight of the stroller would not affect the maintenance of the stroller. We can store the stroller in the groceries, and we can enjoy a smooth riding.


The footrests are rubberized and very simple to clean. To adjust the footrest just pull it up and it will click up to the next level automatically back both sides of the buttons on either side. At the same time push the footrest down.


Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller Review

The stroller has five points harness. It holds super-duper mountain buggy clip that means you should push two red buttons at a time as you like to squeeze each side of the clip. It is excellent size clip and crotch strap.

The padding is well, and it is the little bit higher while you keep your baby away from the chubby legs. It has three levels and button style attachment. Push the button through the button hole to raise it up to the next level and simple.


Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan has under mentioned accessories which may be bought separately: sun cover, car seat adapter, foot muff, rain cover, carry-on bags, organizer, rider board, umbrella/ parasol, tire pump, bottle holder, travel bag, cup holder and seat liner.


The Nano made a 7 10 for maneuverability, and it is a beautiful score to get umbrella merchandise. This stroller goes and works just like a bigger stroller with greater wheels. We had no problem turning and pushing on horizontal surfaces, using a small drop in performance once we hit harder roads. However, setting and pushing grass and gravel remains better than almost all the rivalry. Even negotiating curbs is simple with a longer handle and much less bounce.

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How Comfortable Is Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller?

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller Review

The seat is lathered; the fabric is gorgeous. Moreover, the harness is padded well. The Ave looked and seemed happy. The tires are the suspension made for the smooth ride. I undertake the cobbles as Ava is sleeping state as she does not stir.

The pushing of the Cosmopolitan is very simple and does not seem very heavy. One of the most important features is the fuss-free handlebar.

The bar is above 102 cm from the earth. The height is perfect for me; my partner said it is not slightly short. If you are small or tall, it is important to select the best one for your height.

Safety warning

The system is made for the baby aged from newborn to up to four years. The capacity of the stroller is up to twenty kg or 44 pounds.

The maximum height of the child up to 39.4 or 100 cm. One can ride on it easily. If the seats lie flat position, a child who cannot sit up without help may take the seat here. On lie flat position, it can hold a child up to nine kg.

What do people think about Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller stroller?

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller Review

Perfect shopping partner for busy mothers

I have gone to different stores to buy a stroller. At last, I have bought it. This is perfect in design and fits for the doors. I have bought a Graco. The drawback of the Graco is the seats are very heavy, so I have purchased separately.

I think the Baby seat of the Graco is convenient as I need not wake the baby when I keep him to pushchair. Then it becomes heavier and tough to the wheel to maneuver on the road afterward.

I do not think it is a matter if I take out the baby with the care as they have learned to use it I think. The stroller is the best. The wheels are working for a long time. The appropriate system is wonderful.

I can do it. It moves very fast on the way. The stroller is very useful for the busy mothers. They have no time to spend for. The folding and storage system of the stroller is very good. I love the weight of the stroller.

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Bought for travel

I have a big stroller for my baby. I have also bought this stroller for my baby. If I think the past one is inconvenient, I take this one with me for the destination.

It has no packing limitation like the other one. The full recline seats are wonderful. I use this one for my newborn. The basket under the seat holds many things though it is difficult to get into.

I do not like to use the stroller for my everyday use. I like the stroller having upright handles as my size is 5.2 inch and I kick the wheels. The handles are extended but not enough extended. I may wheel it with one hand, but it is not easy.

At the time of drinking coffee, you need full attention to push it. I do not like to use it regularly. But I take this with my tour as it is simple to fold. It needs small space to keep it. The stroller is very fine when the baby needs to sleep on it.

Media Review On Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller 

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller Review

The most important feature of the stroller is that it ensures safety smooth on the road. The Stroller has rear suspension. The stroller is the very amazing stroller. The stroller has superb safety option for the baby with fully compatible.

You may take the stroller with you wherever you like. The stroller has a large space to keep the necessary things for your baby and you. The space under the seat is enough, so the baby does not feel uneasy at all.

Product Info – Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller

ASIN                                 B00BZO1O2S

Product size                      34 x 25 x 41 inches

Item Weight                     26.2 pounds

Item model number         MB2-COS21_200_USA

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller

Question: Could taller parents adjust the handlebar height? I Don’t Want to push stroller hunched over!

Answer:  the handlebar isn’t flexible. But, I am 5’8,” and I push the stroller. My husband is taller at 6’2,” and he doesn’t complain. Nor do I find him hunching over.

Question: Does this stroller fit in a smaller car back?

Answer: Yes, possess a scion, and it fits well although I had to Take the canopy off. But it rolls in absolutely, and I have had no trouble with it like that.

Question: Would this stroller fit a chic-co infant car seat?

Answer: Manufacturer claims it fits most car seats.

Final Verdict

The Cosmopolitan Stroller is a kind of style of buggy for Mountain Buggy. There are some extraordinary features with the Cosmopolitan stroller. And for, this I like the stroller much. The stroller has a stylish model, so people love it very much.

There are three positions in it like the rear facing, front facing and the reclined. The stroller is useful for the child from birth to age up to four years.

Finally, I like the buggy most. There are many important and attractive features with the stroller. The stroller is simple to use indeed. The configuration of changing the system is very easy. The stroller is attracting the people much.

The construction of the stroller is very fine, so it is fit for town buggy. The stroller is not suitable for the rough terrains but is sure it is good to use it.  I think the stroller is fine for the users.

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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Strollers

  • 26.2 pounds
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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Luxury Stroller

  • 42 pounds
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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan Stroller

  • 21 pounds
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