A Very Useful Step By Step Guide On How To Clean A Stroller

The Important Aspects of Cleaning a Stroller

The stroller is a great thing for your kids and you also. They will aid you to do many things with the little ones.

For this reason, they like to get dirty pretty fast. In summer, you like to take your kids to the park, and sandy beaches; a petting zoo is going to indicate mark to the stroller.

Wheels are also parts of the stroller and collect lots of sand and dirt. It depends on where you use the stroller. If the area is not dry, the dirt will attach more.

The fabrics and the seats become dirty quickly over the use of a few months. Think about the food your kids like to eat while sitting in the stroller.

It is general that the crumbles may get all over the fabrics. Some other foods like chocolate and sweets make the fabrics dirty as well. We cannot be sure of it, but it may happen.

You need to know the time to clean the stroller to make all the difference in the world. The task is painfully hard; do not think about it at all.

The Right Time

Strollers are made of various types of materials. So they get dirty in different ways. Most of the parents like to clean the stroller very late. For wrong timing, it is tough to clean it.

Different materials need different techniques to clean them. You have to spend more time cleaning it untimely. The result is that the stroller loses its get-up and seems to be worn away.

When you go home from outside or if you are in your home, see the different parts of the stroller.

When you see your kids have let crumbles fall on the seat or dirt build up on the wheels or some other kind of declaration change for the worse in the situation of the stroller be sure the time comes to change it.

Cleaning the Fabric

Vacuum the materials of the stroller. Start by vacuuming scrubs or loose things from the stroller.

how to clean a stroller

By an adjustable nozzle use a handlebar vacuum and be confirmed to obtain all of the crannies and nooks of the stroller, including storage and pockets areas.

  • The dirtiest spot is the place where the seat is adjusted with the back since this is the place where all the crumbs are gathered. Run the vacuum to the areas many times to obtain all the crumbs.

If you can, remove the fabrics from the stroller. See the stroller’s owner’s manual to be confirming if the seat and padding seats are possible to remove from the frame. There are some strollers that have fabric pieces that are very simple to remove from the frame.

  • Suppose, the Bugaboo stroller may simply remove the fabric area, while the Graco and the BOB strollers may be removed by unscrewing their bolts around the frame. You can remove the fabrics of the Britax stroller with the frame of the stroller.
  • When you can remove the fabrics of the stroller, see the owner’s manual’s instructions to clean the stroller.

Find out which one is suitable for the fabric, hand wash, or machine wash. Some fabrics are made to wash with a washing machine while others are made with hand wash. You have to determine which one is the best for your fabrics.

  • A good way to ensure the accurate washing method is to notice the owner’s manual or contact the stroller manufacturer two strollers designed with the same type of fabric may have totally different washing instructions relying on the sewing patterns and styles of the stroller.
  • How much the fabric is cleaned is not matter at all. It must hang to dry so it may not shrink. It is better not to use the dryer.

Take your stroller outside to clean it. If you fail to remove the fabric from it, clean them while adding to the frame. Carry the stroller outside and apply a hose to wet and wash the total stroller.

how to clean a stroller

  • If you have no hose to access, bring the stroller to a big open park or space and use buckets of water. You may apply baby-safe laundry detergent and a sponge to rinse the total stroller.
  • The stroller is made in such a way that there will be no scrubbing on it. If you keep it in wet weather, there is no reason to think of it. Strollers are made to remain erect for all-weather conditions.

Keep your stroller outside to make it completely dry. If the area is wet, unsafe and cold, carry the stroller inside your home and leave it to dry. You can use a small heater to gear up the system.

Cleaning Toys

how to clean a stroller

Step 1

Fill a tank with one gallon of warm water and 3/4 cup of bleach or a little amount of antibacterial soap.

Submersible toys and soak plastic in the sink for 10 minutes to kill germs and after that completely scrub. Complete the washing process and make it completely dry.

If there is a dishwasher, save your time by keeping the plastic toys to the top of the dishwasher rack and place it to the regular cleaning cycle.

Apply disinfecting wipes on the plastic toys which hold electric parts or batteries.

Step 2

Clean stuffed animal carefully. Suppose you have no direction of washing tag, cornstarch, or baking soda into the fur and keep the animal in a plastic bag outside.

The following day, remove the stuffed animal from the bags and brush well. It removes stains and makes the toys fresh.

As the tag refers, the stuffed animal is washable, keep the toy in a pillowcase and wash it with the soft cycle. Tumble dry on the line or low dry.

Step 3

Take out both toys from the bathtub and notice for mildew. Bath toys sometimes get slimy or mildew from soap scum if you do not clean them after every bath session is finished.

To clean or disinfect the toys, fill the kitchen sink with warm water and three or four cups of bleach. Scrub the toys with a rag or brush, wash with clean water and make them dry.

Other Useful Maintenance Tips

how to clean a stroller

Keep in mind that you have to dry all the parts well of your strollers since the metal parts may rust. The fabrics may build up mold.

  • You can do this good option of cleaning as it may take only 15 minutes. So you have not spent more time to do the job. There will remain to do dirt build-up.
  • If you clean the stroller regularly or keep it in a safer place, there will be no effect on it. We suggest you keep the stroller inside your home, in a dry and safer place. If you keep the stroller in a high humidity place, the plastic and the metal degrade faster. Besides, the fabrics may build up mold after sometimes. The whole things are important to keep the stroller in a good condition. If you do not follow it well, it may jeopardize all of your attempts.
  • Watch the video to know more details about the way to clean and care of the baby jogger city mini. If you get a different type of stroller, you will get more advice that applies universally.

Watch: How To Clean A Stroller

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