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How to [Wrap a Stroller Box] for a Car Seat, Gift, or Bag

How often do you get a stroller box for a gift? If you don’t, you should consider wrapping it.

When buying gifts for friends and family, you want to give them something they’ll love. That means giving them a gift that is useful, practical, and unique. One way to go beyond the typical gift card is to wrap it in a beautiful stroller box.

Wrapping presents has become a fun tradition for kids and adults alike. This tutorial shows you how to create a stroller box using scrapbook paper, ribbon, tape, and glue.

What is the size management for the wrapping cover box for a car seat?

When wrapping a stroller box for a car seat, you will need to measure the seat first. To ensure that it fits properly, it should be the right size. You can either buy a ready-made cover or make your own cover.

Try to buy a fabric slightly larger than the seat itself, so it will be easy to wrap. The Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat is a great option because it grows with your child and can support up to 50 pounds when rear-facing. The product dimensions are 21.5″x19.5″x23.5″, and it weighs 19 lbs.

The Extend2Fit 4-position adjustable extension panel provides up to 5″ additional legroom when used with the Graco ProtectPlus Engineered; Simply Safe Adjust no rethread headrest and harness adjust together. This car seat is sure to keep your child safe and comfortable on their journeys!

Here are ten steps to easily wrap a stroller:

1. Choosing And Preparing The Wrappers:

Material that will cover the entire box and be sturdy enough to hold the box up will be needed to make a box. Depending on what you have lying around, you can use old newspapers, wrapping paper, magazines, or any other paper you have on hand. To add color and design without anything like that, you can use markers.

2. Making the Box:

Making a box is a breeze. All you need is a regular-sized brown paper bag from the supermarket. You can use a ruler to trace the bottom of the bag onto the cardboard. Cut out the rectangular shape of the bag. Fold it up into a circle. This is how you make a simple box.

3. Putting The Bottom Sheet On:

To put the bottom sheet on:

  1. Start by folding down the corners of the box and taping them together.
  2. Fold up the centre flap and secure it with tape.
  3. Fold up each corner again and tape them closed.

4. The Top Part:

The top part of the box is the trickiest part. You want to ensure you cover every inch, so there are no gaps. Start by cutting out a rectangle large enough to wrap around the box. Fold it in half lengthwise and tape or glue it to the inside of the box. Then take the bottom edge of the box and fold it up over the top edge of the piece of cardboard. This will form the top part of the box. Repeat this step for the second side of the box.

5. Placing And Joining The Stroller Box:

To attach your box to the baby stroller, first, place the outside edge of the box against the stroller frame. Then, slide the box into the stroller. Pull it down over the front wheel and up around the rear wheel. Tape or glue the corners together.

6. Positioning the Handlebars:

To attach your box to the front of the stroller, first, slide one side of the wrapper into the stroller box. Then, pull the wrapper through, leaving enough room for the handlebar at one end. Tape or glue the ends together, making sure there are no gaps. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on the handlebar while taping it down because you could damage the bar.

7. Giving The Box The Shape With Care:

Before giving the box the shape you want, ensure both handles are already in place. To do this, slowly bring one side of the box towards you while holding on to both handles. Be careful not to let the box fold over itself; otherwise, you won’t achieve the perfect shape. You’ll notice that the bottom part naturally goes downwards, while the top part stays up. This is what makes the box stand upright.

Now, gently pull the top part down and start glueing or taping each corner, so they don’t move around anymore. If you’re wondering why I’m telling you to use tape or glue, it’s because you shouldn’t put too much pressure on the corners since doing so could damage the cardboard. So, just stick to the sides and hold everything together firmly. When you’ve finished, go ahead and check whether the box still stands properly. If it doesn’t, try again until you find the perfect combination of weight and force.

8. Positioning The Rests:

Make rests from your wrapper material by cutting small rectangular pieces and putting them underneath the space at each corner. Your stroller will not tip over if you don’t have them since they keep it balanced. To keep them in place, you can either use tape or glue.

9. Making The Basket:

To make the basket, take out enough masking tape to coat one side of your box, cut it into strips and place it on the bottom of the stroller frame. Tape should not be separated from the stroller’s sides. You want to keep the tape tight against the frame because the tape will stretch once you start pushing the stroller. This will help prevent the stroller from moving around. Once you have placed the tape down, cut off any extra pieces of tape and trim away any edges that stick up. Now you are ready to decorate the stroller.

10. Decorating Your Baby Stroller Box:

The final step to making your stroller box look like a real baby stroller is decorating it. You don’t want it to look plain and boring, so go ahead and use some markers and draw designs on it. Ensure the design doesn’t come off when you touch or wash it. After doing this, you’ll be able to see how much fun it can be to play around with different colors and patterns while giving your baby stroller box a unique appearance.

Here are some wrapping tips to help you with:

1. The handle should be around 30 inches long when choosing the right paper bag size for this project.

2. Work against a straight edge when folding and cutting paper wrapping.

3. 10 inches by 12 inches by 24 inches is the size of the stroller box. To get the desired length, cut the wrapping paper half an inch shy (i.e., 11×24).

4. Stick some tape on the backside of your gift wrap before cutting it if you are concerned about tearing it.

5. Two sheets of wrapping paper will be used to wrap some strollers since the stroller box has four sides.

6. Even though you may be able to decorate both sides of the box, you will still have enough wrapping paper if you wrap it carefully (and mirror images).

7. It is not necessary to cut a perfectly square gift box when cutting it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make A Box?

Choosing And Preparing The Wrappers: To make a box, you will need a piece of material that is big enough to cover the entire box and is sturdy enough to hold itself up.

How do you add color and design?

If you don’t have anything like that, you can try using markers to add color and design.

How do I wrap my box?

To wrap your box, simply insert one of the long sides inside the box and tape it to the side of the box.

How do I attach my box to a stroller?

To attach your box to the stroller, place one side of the wrapper inside the stroller box.

How do I make a box?

Trace the bottom of the bag on the side sheet to get a perfect circular shape.

How do I make a box with the top part?

To make it easy, cut out a rectangular sheet larger than the box and fold it in half longways, then roll it into a cylinder shape that will fit on top of the box.


It would be best to keep a few things in mind when wrapping a stroller box. You need to ensure that the tape you are using is secure and won’t come undone in the future. Keep your box’s information readable by not covering it up. Make your gift extra special by adding colorful ribbons or bows.

These simple steps will show you how to wrap a stroller box for a baby shower so you can impress all your family and friends with a beautifully wrapped stroller box.

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